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Marketing expert for your product(service) in Seoul
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Hi All,

Plan to expand the business on the Korean market?
Find the top marketing expert on the Korean market? We offer the marketing service with the 13 year's digital marketing and PR insight.

# Step 1 Consulting on your brand, product and company
- Research, Consulting and business operating process&flow(if necessary) on the Korean market
# Step 2 Marketing strategy to fit the Korean market
- Portal site( Naver, Daum), SEO, SNS, Viral marketing, Creative contents, etc
# Step 3 Marketing Implementation
- Bring the great brand awareness and sales up!

* Online Marketing Consulting
We do the online marketing consulting to expand your service or product tothe Korean market.

1 Project (about 10~12 pages) / About 7days

- Research your product or service on the Online Korean market
- Research competitors' activities
- Requirements on your side( Up to 10)
- Online Marketing Strategy
- Consulting(how to do the marketing on the Korean market) etc.

* Naver Viral Marketing

Powerful marketing to promote the products naturally and positively

1 PROJECT / 2weeks

- Create the SEO contents(10EA)
- Post the contents on the powerblog on Naver (10EA)
- Spread the contents (Forward(10EA)
- Bonus 1: Promote the service to the Facebook page which has 1,000,000 Korean users
- Bonus 2: Promote the Naver knowledgable person(네이버지식인) (5EA)

* Online PR

Users read the articles through the internet. 80% of users read the articles through

1 PROJECT, 1 week

- Create articles
- Distribute the brand & SEO articles on the 4 online media channels on Korean market
(Naver, Daum and popular Korean press release channels)
- Bonus: Promote the service to the Facebook page which has 1,000,000 Korean users

About Gracecomm

TOP(1%) Online Marketing Expert on the global brand for 13 years on the Korean market

2013 to present Consulting the online marketing on the Korean market
CEO at the Skill marketplace platform and Gracecomm

2011 to 2013 Led the digital marketing at CJ

2009 to 2012 Took charge of the digital marketing at BC Card

2007 to 2009 Led the integrated marketing project on HP, Intel and Apple

2005 to 2007 Led the digital marketing project on Tourism of Western Australia, Volvo Korea, Emirates Airlines, Jackdaniels, Audi Korea and J&J Neutrogena

2002 to 2007 CEO at Myenglish(online business platform)

If you have the further questions, please feel free to contact me by email or on skype
* Skype: graceyang020
* email: