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** Travel in Jeju wih me, the local tour guide **
Date : 2014-02-26 / Hit : 5829
Hi, I'm Daniel Na.
I moved from Cheongju city, Chungbuk province to this beautiful Jeju island in 2003. Now I'm a father of 2 lovely daughters and teach young students English and Chinese as a home tutor.
(If you feel more comfortable speaking in Putonghua Chinese, I will speak in Chinese for you.)
Since I moved here, I have guided many guests from around the world to a lot of good places to visit.
Some of them are very famous ones like Sunrise peak, Cheonjiyeon waterfalls and others are almost hidden places from the public.
I recommend you to try latter ones for excitement.
If you let me know some places you want to visit in advance via email and I make a plan for you.
After you arrive in Jeju, I guide you with my car- it is insured for all the passengers.
The ideal number of your group member is 3 and I suggest you book a room around the Seogwipo city area.
Fee of guide is 10,000 won per hour including gas.
If you are interested in my offer, please visit my blog at http://blog.naver.com/cbluo , read more and email me at cyuma@hanmail.net.
Just come and enjoy your holidays! Thanks!