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Wed, June 3, 2020 | 01:25
US Revive Japanese Militarism?
Date : 2015-05-05 / Hit : 2422
US Revive Japanese Militarism?

North Korea, an enemy of South Korea? an enemy of US?

Korean consider US to be number one friendly nation.
Then is the enemy to US an enemy to Korea too? Is the friend to US an friend to Korea? And Is Japan, a friend of US, a friend of South Korea? Is North Korea, an enemy of US, a enemy of South Korea? Is it an exception of "blood is thicker than water"?
Japan was an enemy to US during the World War 11, but now they are the best friends. Why should North Korea be an enemy to South Korea. They are brothers.

Seeing Abe's visit to US, it comes to my mind that South Korea should reexamine whether North Korea is an enemy to South Korea or not, since North Korea is an enemy to US.

Japan under the culture of Samurai, just follow the mighty, when the mighty is weaken, they leave.

Japan becomes one of best friends of US, even though Japan was devastated by atomic bombs. US may ask Korea a question. Why isn't South Korea friendly with Japan? An apology for comfort women is not a big deal comparing with the pain by atomic bombs.

My answer is as follows. Korean and Japanese cultures are different.
Korea had been governed by confucian scholars while Japan by Shogun/Samurai for hundreds of years. Korean believe 'the power of justice' while Japanese 'might is right'. Accordingly Korea like nations of justice, dislike nations of injustice like Japan while Japanese just follow US as number one nation of might, and Japan will leave US when US might weaken.

It is now Korean turn of question.
Why did US destroy Japanese militarism dropping atomic bombs? What is the reason why US revive Japanese militarism?
Where is the justice of US?

I entirely agree on "the unification of Korean Peninsular is a jackpot",

South and North Korea should seek the way of coexistence by ourselves.

In these days when Japanese militarism is revived, what about South Korea hire North Korea as a warrior bodyguard?
A skilful warrior, but hungry, North Korea; a rich coward without sword, South Korea; are they a good match of coexistence?

S.J. Kim