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Wed, June 3, 2020 | 03:48
TEDxSeoul Salon event(5/2)
Date : 2015-04-27 / Hit : 2583
We are inviting you all to this May's TEDxSeoul Salon event where you can listen to many different stories and experiences about traveling on the topic of 'Uncertainties of Traveling.'
Many of you have already responded to past postings about this Salon with some sense of excitement. In this Salon, you can encounter insightful messages by a series of speakers, view TED Talks and even have time for interaction amongst each other. This will all bring eye-opening experiences.

Additional Information and Registration Form:
Date: May 2nd, 1:30pm
Place: Seoul NPO Center
Registration Fee: 15,000won

*Please be advised this event does not offer Korean to English interpretation.