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Intensive Tai Chi workshop in Seoul, Korea (Seoul)
Date : 2015-02-28 / Hit : 3621
Yin-Yang Gate workshop in Seoul.

Tai Chi workshop in Seoul, Korea
This workshop is for practice Tai Chi as a Martial Art.
What we would practice are:

- Basic footwork
- Tai Chi forms
- Theories and principles
- Applications
- Pushing hands

*** This workshop will be available for at least 5 people. Maximum 10 people.

Date & Time: 11am-5pm. Apr 5, 2015.
Place: On process.
Fee: $120 USD per person.
2nd-4th workshop will be available if minimum 5 people attend again.

Waiver form must be filled out.
Please read the book "The Key of Internal Arts" before joinning the workshop for the best interaction.

Reservation process: Deposit $30 at the donation button at the right side of the web page and send us your name, reciept and waiver via email.
Deposit would not be refunded unless the workshop would be canceled. Please consider it before you make a reservation.

Further information
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