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Wed, July 15, 2020 | 11:28
To Sankei, When in Rome, do as Romans do.
Date : 2014-10-16 / Hit : 5379
My opinion against foreign newspapers' comments on the prosecution of the Sankei News reporter

I imagine that Laws are established based on "justice" and "freedom". However the definition of the "justice" and "freedom" could not be same every country, since every country has different culture.

Shogun and Samurai had governed Japan for many hundred years, it seems to me that Japan has the "culture of samurai" or "culture of sword", accordingly Japanese may believe in “might is right", while Korean believe in "justice is power" due to "culture of pen".

The freedom of sex(free sex) is generous in America, but not yet in Korea. Korea has a culture respecting for their parents and elders. Young Koreans offer their seats for elders in subway cars, while Americans do not.

The king and high government officials are included in the "elders", even so they are young. President Park is the head of Korean government, she is an "elders" in Korea, there is no question, President Park should be respected as an "elders".

Criticizing an "elders" too far is not right under Korea custom. Moreover, without knowing Korean cultures, it is not courtesy to criticize Korean President, and also it is same for foreign newspapers to comment on the prosecution of Sankei News paper reporter.

The Sankei reporter should have remembered, "When in Korea, do as Koreans do".

And also Korean government should try to make foreign reporters understand Korea cultures more than ever. (free business consulting site)