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Wed, June 3, 2020 | 03:18
Korean court's decision without hearing? Barbarian?
Date : 2014-09-20 / Hit : 5095

There are 14 justices of South Korea supreme court(only one supreme court in Korea). The 14 supreme court justices may manage 3 thousand cases per year, but 36 thousand cases are appealed to the supreme court per year.

South Korea Supreme courts dismiss most of suits appealed without hearing every year. No kidding!

They made a bad law which a decision may be made without
hearing. However instead of such a bad law, one solution is to increase the number of justices of supreme court.

However the supreme court oppose the increase of the number of justices. The reason why the supreme court oppose is, by one of criticism, that the justices want to keep the scarcity value of supreme court justices. After they retire, practicing law, they will make a lot of money(with 10 times higher lawyers fee) through relative connection with scarcity value.

I am one of victim of that, my copyright(multi-million dollars worth) case was lost, I was not able to hire one of lawyers, retired supreme court justices, paying 10 times more fee.

There are Korean old saying "With money no guilt, No money guilt".
What a system of a barbarian! (free business consulting site)