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Mannam's Open Mic Cafe: Share the LOVE
Date : 2012-02-08 / Hit : 3252
Mannam’s Open Mic Café: “Share the Love”

WHEN: Saturday, February 11th
TIME: 3pm – 6pm
VENUE: Seocho Simsan Cultural Centre near Gubanpo Station 구반포역 (line 9) Exit 3 (Please see map)

COST: free :)

DESCRIPTION: “Share the Love” is the theme of Mannam’s Open Mic Cafe this month. Come bring your friends and let us introduce them to Mannam’s cultural programs in a laid back atmosphere. Each cultural class and club will prepare something special to showcase their program. As usual, our main focus is the OPEN MIC. We have a great line up of performers and there's still room for more~

OPEN MIC RESERVATIONS: Amateur or professional, anyone is invited to share their love through their talent on stage. Please contact with your name, number, and talent. Put “Share the Love: Performance” in the subject box.

DIRECTIONS: Come out exit 3 of Gubanpo subway stn (line 9). --> Cross the street south towards BBQ chicken and the clothing shop ‘OJE’ and walk towards the left. --> Walk about 100 meters and turn right at the first street. (You will see ‘Blue Club’ the men’s hair salon.) --> Go straight through the apartment complex (about 750 miles or 230 meters) and turn left after building 25, the second to last building. --> Turn right at the next street and you will see stairs for a bridge. --> Go over the bridge and turn left. --> The second large building on the right will be Simsan Cultural Center.

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