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Thu, February 25, 2021 | 23:00
Restoring economic relationship between two allies
The United States and Korea should also be proactive about future areas of economic growth. The technologies underpinning the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the digital economy have the potential to significantly alter the economies of the 21st century.
Unlock critical, urgent aspects of North Korea's nuclear program
If you are wise and modern about this you will help unleash mutually-reinforcing economic development, security cooperation, and tension reduction in Northeast Asia.
US leadership crucial for regional peace
In Northeast Asia, the U.S.-China relationship is also crucial to the management of Korean peninsula issues. Any perceived gap in the respective positions of the U.S. and China will be exploited by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), thus hampering the prospects of a negotiated settlement.
Be bold on North Korea
To avoid an unnecessary crisis with North Korea, it is time for you to take a bold step by declaring the Korean War over after nearly 70 years, and to begin negotiating a peace treaty as an important step toward achieving North Korea's denuclearization.
Allies should collaborate to tackle NK riddle
We need to recognize there may be no resolutions to these riddles, but we should also look for answers however remote and difficult they may appear. May we dream the impossible dream in hopes of awakening from the nightmare of a nuclear holocaust and discover reconciliation and denuclearization are here at last.
Pay heed to North Koreans
Make it easier for North Korean refugees to obtain asylum in the U.S. Whereas South Korea treats North Korean escapees as North Korean refugees, the U.S. treats them as “refugees.” From what I have heard, North Korean refugees in countries like Thailand or Cambodia need to decide which country they will go to next.
New Korea-US alliance should tackle global climate emergency
The new alliance also should open the door to local governments. Cities are key contributors of climate change responsible for 75 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions according to UNEP. It is crucial, therefore, to make cities an integral part of the solution in mitigating climate change.
Declare no first use of nuclear weapons
The risks of nuclear war are real and growing. Everyone who lives on the Korean Peninsula is well aware of this. In 2019 India and Pakistan became the first nuclear-armed states to engage in aerial dogfights and launch missiles against each other. Last year China and India were caught in the deadliest military clashes in over half a century.
US needs Korea policy reset
You need to restore the lost trust between the U.S. and South Korea by reviewing and responding on all these issues. More urgently, you must announce as soon as possible that the U.S. will not demand an unrealistic sum from South Korea for stationing the U.S. troops, along with abandoning the “rotational deployment” policy of the U.S. troops.
Repair democracy in crisis
What happens in the U.S. inevitably affects countries around the world, because of it's influence and power, as well as the structure of the global system. But the U.S. is not the only democracy struggling with deep political partisanship, lack of trust in institutions, people who feel unrepresented by politicians, rising inequality, and deep fear of how their social realitie...
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