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Thu, March 23, 2023 | 20:14
Future of education in the post-COVID-19 period
How would students, who started elementary school in 2020, imagine a classroom? They might think of the space on a computer monitor instead of the classroom in our generation's minds.
To readers, staff, thank you
The Korea Times was founded on Nov. 1, 1950, only four months after the outbreak of the Korean War. The war had already turned the Korean Peninsula into a giant battlefield, filled with dense smoke and the roar of countless artillery barrages.
Redefining identity, service for next 70 years
A paper borne in the tragedy and ashes of the 1950-1953 Korean War in essence is a shout-out of desperation to the world hoping people will listen and focus their attention on affairs taking place on the Korean Peninsula. That was the beginning of The Korea Times, which also served as a medium, a conduit for Koreans to assert their national identity after decades of subjugati...
K-culture becomes global cultural leader
The year was 2004. I was walking down a street in New York, where I served as the director of the local Korean Culture Center. A familiar tune from a shop caught my attention, and it did not take long for me to realize that it was from the soundtrack of the hit Korean TV show “Winter Sonata.”
Complex geopolitical situation preventing inter-Korean relations from moving forward
The Korea Times conducted interviews with four Korean and foreign experts to ask for their opinions on what Korea needs to do to go beyond the 70 years of conflict caused by the Korean War and usher in a next 70 years of unity. They are Park Won-gon, professor of international politics at Handong Global University; Kim Jung, professor at the University of North Korean Studies...
'Looking beyond 70 years of conflict to 70 years of unity'
Seven decades ago, war broke out on the Korean Peninsula, leaving scars that linger to this day. The continued division of the two Koreas is one of the longest unresolved separations of a people in modern history. For most of the division, the two Koreas have been enemies, but in the last two to three decades the two nations have made some progress in bettering relations with...
Four pioneering ways forward in post-COVID-19 era
“The best way to predict the future is to create the future.” This statement is rightly reflective of our time as we break through the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis while preparing against the uncertainty of the future.
Source of insight into Korea for more than 2 decades: Canadian envoy
Michael Danagher, the Canadian Ambassador to Korea, has been reading The Korea Times since 1993 when he first served in Korea.
'Tech M&As crucial for KB's digital leap forward'
Digital banking platforms will act like a magnet pulling in more and more customers, so developing the platforms with advanced technologies should be a top priority for financial firms' sustainable growth in response to the trend of contactless transactions, according to the digital head at KB Kookmin Bank.
Calling for in-depth exploration of ideas
I have read The Korea Times since 2012. Though it has not been that long, reading the newspaper has become my daily routine now. The Korea Times has been a great teacher for me as I learn how to express ideas in English.
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