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Thu, March 23, 2023 | 20:06
Korea urged to adopt open immigration policy
For decades, Korea was a country that sent its people abroad, creating a Korean diaspora of nearly 7 million scattered across the globe. But the nation began accepting immigrants in the 1980s in line with its economic progress. In 2020, they're often seen in restaurants and shops serving at tables or washing dishes. Near university campuses, convenience store counters are sta...
Korea Times 70th Anniversary ceremony in photos
The Korea Times Chairman Seung Myung-ho, third from left, and guests applaud during a ceremony to mark the newspaper's 70th anniversary at the Lotte Hotel Seoul, Thursday.
Ambassadors appreciate paper's role in meeting global demand
Foreign dignitaries participating in The Korea Times' 70th anniversary reception said the English-language newspaper's influence is growing in a globalized world when more people around the world search for news related to Korea. More than two dozen international dignitaries who joined the ceremony, including 22 heads of diplomatic missions, said The Korea Times has been fait...
Dignitaries recognize Korea Times' role in linking Korea, world
Distinguished guests at the reception held to celebrate The Korea Times' 70th anniversary complimented the nation's oldest English language newspaper, Thursday, recognizing its role in delivering information on Korea to the world.
Korea Times celebrates 70th anniversary with much fanfare
The Korea Times celebrated its 70th anniversary, Thursday, with a group of big names from the political and business sectors speaking highly of the English language newspaper, praising it for its long-standing role as a bridge connecting the world with news about Korea.
President lauds Korea Times' 70 years of exceptional journalism
President Moon Jae-in praised The Korea Times for its exceptional contribution to informing the world about the country in a congratulatory message for the nation's oldest English daily, founded 70 years ago on Nov. 1, 1950 during the 1950-53 Korean War.
Time has come for constitutional amendment
Since the first Constitution was established in 1948, it has undergone nine revisions. The latest amendment was made in 1987 after the June 10 pro-democracy movement that year, introducing a direct presidential election system in which the president serves a single five-year term. Thirty-three years have passed since then, but no additional amendments have been made to the Co...
Media's role critical in protecting human rights
I extend my warmest congratulations to The Korea Times on the 70th anniversary of its first publication. As Korea's oldest continuously published English-language newspaper, The Korea Times has been serving as a bridge linking Korea and the world.
COVID-19 pandemic facilitates hospitals' digitization
For patients with an infectious disease such as COVID-19, receiving proper, timely treatment is of the utmost importance. Amid the prolonged pandemic, people around the country are becoming anxious about the national healthcare system as various problems have come to light.
Where is education headed in post-COVID-19 world?
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought sweeping changes to everyday life. Faced with the shifting pandemic landscape, the education authorities strove to provide uninterrupted learning opportunities to all students by introducing wide-ranging approaches, including postponing school reopening schedules, introducing full-scale online classes and making both on- and off-line learning...
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