Posted : 2015-02-09 16:40
Updated : 2015-02-09 18:00

Samsung establishes product innovation team

By Kim Yoo-chul

Samsung Electronics has established a team to work on hi-tech innovative business projects, officials said Monday.

Its core mission includes projects on virtual reality, robotic telepresence, drones and robots, three-dimensional (3D) printing and unmanned vehicles.

"The team will explore how technologies could help people's daily life for a better future," an official said.

Samsung mobile chief Shin Jong-kyun will lead the team inside the mobile division.

The team, which has no direct links with the company structure and divisions, will operate independently.

"Given the significance of the team, members will have more authority and independence because the main purpose of the team isn't to develop single devices for any imminent results, but to develop solutions to go with Samsung's manufacturing capabilities," the official said.

Technicians, strategists and product managers were assigned to the team.

Samsung has suffered a steep fall in profit in the smartphone business, squeezed by its major American rival Apple and other Chinese competitors, such as Lenovo and Xiaomi.

With Samsung facing growing challenges on multiple fronts, it needs to shift its focus toward becoming a total solution provider.

Samsung officials say that selling products is insufficient for sustainable growth, and tech companies need to put more focus on how people can better use developments that are much more responsive to their daily life.

Samsung Electronics is ideally positioned to outperform its rivals.

In virtual reality, for example, Samsung Electronics is already maintaining a healthy partnership with Facebook and the company has been in talks with to broaden its client portfolios.

Lee Joon, chief communications officer at the Samsung Future Strategy Office, said Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong was briefed on emerging technology trends, such as Internet of Things, drones, wearable and 3D printing.

The briefing was because Lee missed this year's technology exhibition in Las Vegas.

"Samsung's previous success was mostly due to releasing products that are competitive in pricing," another official said. "This is an old business formula. We need to constantly explore new ways to meet the needs of people through innovation and updated technologies.

"This is why Samsung is accelerating efforts to collaborate with governments and is putting more focus on developing solutions embedded with our components and technologies."

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