Posted : 2013-08-25 16:39
Updated : 2013-08-25 16:39

Samsung, LG to roll out new phones, TVs at IFA

LG Electronics' 55-inch organic light-emitting diode (OLED) TV with a curved display is among new products that will be rolled out at an upcoming IFA exhibition, which will open next week in Berlin.
/ Courtesy of LG Electronics

By Kim Yoo-chul

The country's top two electronics makers ― Samsung and LG ― will feature their latest mobile devices and TV technologies at this year's IFA ― Europe's biggest technology exhibition that will kick off next week in Berlin, sources said Sunday.

The show will provide a glimpse of their new products that should capture the attention of consumers ahead of the crucial Christmas shopping season. That's also a big opportunity for the Korean duo to increase their presence in Europe.

Samsung will unveil its first smartwatch using non-flexible display. It will also unveil its updated Galaxy Note II, along with its expanded TV lineup.

LG will promote its latest G2 smartphone and a new tablet tentatively named "G Pad 8.3" during the exhibition, as the firm is desperate to increase its presence in the growing mobile market.

"Amid the industry's convergence and the popularity of mobile devices, smartphones and tablets have been major items at the annual IFA during the past few years. This year, we will focus on appliances and televisions," said a Samsung official.

In a statement, Sunday, Samsung said its consumer electronics division, led by co-CEO Yoon Boo-keun, has high hopes about the upcoming IFA and confirmed a more expanded TV lineup will be exhibited.

"Samsung will display premium TVs including those that support ultra high-definition (UHD), OLED technology and other Web-enabled sets. With televisions, our ambition is to become one of the most-trusted home appliance makers in the world," the statement said.

Lee Sun-woo, an executive vice president at Samsung's visual display division, said the IFA exhibition will become a turning point for its TV business. Samsung has been the world's top TV maker for eight consecutive years, and aims to continue holding onto its number one position.

Yoon will unveil the company's new business strategy in home appliances and TVs during a meeting with the Korean media on September 5 in Berlin, said the company.

"Samsung's smartphone business has matured in terms of volume and external size. We need to hedge our heavy exposure of smartphones by shifting our focus toward new businesses that are relatively weak. That's the reason why Samsung is gearing more towards TVs and appliances," said a Samsung official.

Samsung reported 9.53 trillion won in operating profit during the second quarter of this year. Its smartphone business only generated 6.28 trillion won.

Samsung is seeking to steal the limelight by revealing its first smartwatch. "Our smartwatch will not use flexible display," said an unnamed official.

Unlike Samsung, LG plans to focus on mobile devices during the show.

"This year's IFA will be the first venue to check out our appetite for tablets. LG plans to exhibit ‘G Pad 8.3' at our booth in the upcoming exhibition as well as ‘LG G2' smartphone," said an LG official.

In 2011, LG released its Optimus Pad, but exited from the market after the Pad failed to impress consumers.

On a related note, LG is heavily increasing its spending on the G2 to further the gap with their Chinese rivals and to catch up to Apple for second-place in the global smartphone race. LG is the world's third-biggest smartphone maker.

"Demand for traditional PCs is falling significantly, while we are seeing huge and consistent demands for tablets. If we miss our timing to enter the market, then it's going to be difficult to effectively compete with our fellow rivals in the mobile segment," said the official.

LG Electronics CEO Koo Bon-joon will meet executives at LG's European affiliates.

During the meeting, Koo will check out their mobile strategies and order them to implement updated strategies in order to improve appliances, televisions and smart-devices, according to LG officials. But Koo won't be meeting the Korean media as he has done in previous years.

While its main focus will be mobile, an LG spokesman said the firm will also display appliances for refrigerators, washers and robot cleaners.

관련 한글 기사

삼성전자, 상반기 세계 TV시장 독주…30분기 연속 1위

삼성전자가 올해 상반기에도 전 세계 TV시장에서 선두 자리를 지켰다.

    25일 시장조사기관인 디스플레이서치에 따르면 상반기 매출액 기준 삼성전자의 평판TV 시장 점유율은 27.1%로 1위를 기록했다.

    삼성전자는 2006년 1분기부터 30분기 연속 점유율 1위를 유지해 올해 8년 연속 세계 1위 달성이 무난할 것으로 전망된다.

    LG전자가 16.3%로 2위를 차지했으며, 일본 소니(6.7%), 중국 TCL(5.5%), 파나소닉(5.0%)이 뒤를 이었다.

    삼성전자는 상반기 LCD(25.9%), PDP(45.2%), 3D(31.4%) 등 TV 부문별 점유율에서도 모두 1위를 기록했다.

    삼성전자는 하반기에도 울트라HD(UHD·초고해상도) TV, 초대형 TV 등 프리미엄 제품의 판매 확대와 글로벌 협력업체와의 유통 협력 강화를 통해 시장 지배력을 강화해나갈 계획이다.

    아울러 다음 달 초 독일 베를린에서 열리는 유럽 최대의 가전 전시회 'IFA 2013'에서 다양한 프리미엄 제품과 차별화된 스마트TV 서비스를 선보일 예정이다.


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