Posted : 2013-01-17 18:21
Updated : 2013-01-17 18:21

Samsung ranks 3rd in innovation

By Kim Yoo-chul

Samsung Electronics ranked third in the world in terms of innovation, just behind Apple and Google, according to global consulting firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Thursday.

In its annual survey of the world's top 50 innovative companies, the U.S.-based consultancy said that the Korean electronics giant moved up eight places from a year ago. BCG polled 1,512 senior executives in over 20 markets for this year's survey.

Apple retained the top post for the eighth straight year, while Google maintained the runner-up position since 2006. Microsoft ranked fourth, followed by Facebook (fifth), IBM (sixth) and Sony (seventh).

''In such a challenging environment, the key question has become one of how executives can focus their limited attention on a handful of key levers that drive success. The key to being a successful innovator lies not in being great in all aspects but rather in identifying which ones are critical to your innovation strategy,'' BCG said in a report.

It admitted that major technology companies have locked horns over intellectual property issues, with billions of dollars at stake and identified three strategies that top innovators use to deploy intellectual property as a weapon to support, accelerate and capture value from their innovation agenda.

''Define the optimal intellectual property value equation to measure value. Develop the required skills, techniques and tools to adjust this equation as realities shift. Design clear organizational decision rights, role charters and metrics across the intellectual property life cycle.''

The rise in Samsung's ranking indicates that the firm's zeal for product innovation and to leapfrog hardware technology has paid off.

The Korean company welcomed the result as the ranking means it has been credited for its efforts to become a market creator from a fast-follower, according to officials.

'' Although we have been entangled in a patent battle with Apple, we've been heavily investing in product innovation. Last week's technology show in the United States proved Samsung is the first to realize a real evolution in future devices using bendable and unbreakable screens,'' said a mid-ranking executive by telephone.

관련 한글 기사

삼성전자 `2012년 혁신기업'에서 애플과 구글에 이어 3위

삼성전자가 세계적인 경영컨설팅회사인 보스턴컨설팅그룹이 선정한 ‘2012년 혁신기업’에서 애플과 구글에 이어 3위를 기록했다.

16일 보스턴컨설팅그룹이 선정한 ‘2012년 전 세계에서 가장 혁신적 기업’에 삼성전자는 3위를 차지, 이전 조사보다 무려 8계단이나 상승했다.

보스턴컨설팅그룹은 삼성전자의 이 같은 상승 배경에 대해 부연 설명을 하지는 않았다.

보스턴컨설팅그룹은 지난 2004년부터 전 세계 산업계 경영진 1500명 이상을 대상으로 혁신 기업을 선정해왔다. 올해에는 애플과 구글, 마이크로소프트(MS)가 각각 1·2·4위를 기록하면서 이전 조사와 같은 위치를 점했으나 IBM(6위)과 아마존(9위), 도요타(11위)는 전보다 각각 2·3·6계단 떨어졌다.

애플은 지난 2005년 이후 8년 연속 1위를 자리를 지켰으나 삼성전자의 급부상이 눈에 띈다. 

삼성전자는 다른 기업의 아이디어를 빠르게 흡수, 사업화하는 패스트 팔로어(빠른 추종자)의 이미지가 강했다면 최근에는 휘는 디스플레이와 차세대 TV로 기대되는 OLED(유기발광다이오드) TV를 공개하면서 퍼스트무버(선도자)로 변신을 꾀하고 있다.

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