Posted : 2012-10-15 16:47
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LG claims lead in battery lifespan

LG Electronics executive Ma Chang-min, left, answers questions from reporters during a media briefing on key features of the company’s Optimus Vu 2 smartphone at its headquarters in Yeouido, downtown Seoul, Monday.
/ Courtesy of LG Electronics

By Kim Yoo-chul

LG Electronics is claiming that its smartphone batteries have a better lifespan than those of Samsung Electronics.

The latest attack against its local rival came at a press conference designed to show the key features of LG’s Optimus Vu 2 smartphone at its headquarters in Yeouido, Seoul, Monday.

It officially claimed the recently-released Optimus G smartphone is far better than Samsung’s Galaxy S3 in terms of battery life.

``LG Electronics is confident about the battery life among a lot of smarpthones that have been selling in the market. Yes, LG want favorable responses from consumers about that,’’ said an LG Electronics executive Ma Chang-min during a media briefing.

The hour briefing was aimed at promoting the advantages of the Vu 2, however, 30 minutes were spent comparing the battery life of the Optimus G and the S3.

``It is rare for a company to criticize a sensitive feature of a rival’s product in a media briefing. LG wants to send a message to consumers that its Optimus-branded Web-connected devices are worth buying and that they no problems with battery life,’’ said an LG official.

LG Electronics is aggressively promoting the Optimus G phone, believing the handset, a collaboration between LG Group’s technology affiliates, can become a game changer in the global smartphone market dominated by Samsung Electronics and Apple.

But the Optimus G’s short battery life is cited as a major weak point in reviews by leading technology outlets such as CNET.

Viewing quality and battery life are commonly regarded as the two main features consumers look for when choosing a smartphone. A long battery life allows users to email, text and surf the Web longer, while improved viewing quality avoids serious eye fatigue.

An LG-organized comparison test shows, the Optimus G lasted seven hours and 52 minutes, while the S3 ran for seven hours and 15 minutes when playing non-stop real-time video clips.

When it comes to real-time video recording, the LG test showed its handset worked for seven hours and one minute before the battery fell to 15 percent, while the S3 took six hours and 46 minutes to reach the same level.

The Optimus G, which also supports advanced fourth generation (4G) long-term evolution (LTE) compatibility, lets users talk for 15 hours and 51 minutes non-stop, while the S3 lasted nine hours and 39 minutes.

``As the Samsung Galaxy S3 is leading the market in terms of battery life, LG Electronics just picked the S3 as the right test comparison. LG doesn’t have any plans to launch noise marketing,’’ said Ma.

Samsung Electronics spokesman Park Han-yong said his firm has no official comments about the results of the test conducted by LG. ``But the bottom line is Samsung won’t respond to any claims (by LG),’’ he said.

Separately, LG said its Vu 2 has improved in terms of hardware specifications and user-interface and Ma stressed the company is becoming more powerful as LG has been investing further in software-related features.

The Vu 2, available via LG Uplus from September 27, has a 5-inch display and 4-3 contrast ratio, while the LTE device is using Qualcomm’s dual-core application processor.
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