Posted : 2012-09-12 16:52
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Samsung goes after Apple's iPhone 5

Shin Jong-kyun
Samsung Electronics’ mobile chief
Shin Jong-kyun confirms plans to countersue rival

By Cho Mu-hyun

Samsung Electronics’ mobile chief Shin Jong-kyun said Wednesday that there will be “no agreement” with Apple, a likely indication that the technology giant will sue its rival over long-term evolution (LTE) patents used in the iPhone 5. (See front page, Sept. 11 edition)

“We negotiated (with Apple) following the San Jose court’s instructions for the top executives to meet numerous times but it was no use,” Shin told reporters at the firm’s headquarters in Gangnam. “An agreement seems to be out of the question.”

Tim Cook
Apple CEO
When asked by reporters of the likelihood that the iPhone 5 will be violating one or more of Samsung’s patents if it features fourth generation LTE, he nodded in consent, but added: “We are cautious of LTE patents. Considering the relationship between the finished-goods market and component industry, it is hard to do as we please.”

The Monday edition of The Korea Times was the first to report that Samsung would sue Apple over its LTE patents.

He added “We are not worrying much about the iPhone 5. We are focusing on making our products well.”

Shin predicted that sales of the Galaxy S3 will top 30 million within this year, while it will eventually sell over 60 million in total.

On the upcoming Galaxy Note 2, he said that “it will be released in October as planned. I think we will sell twice as many as the Galaxy Note.”

Samsung lost a major case against Apple in a patent trial at a San Jose court Aug. 24 and was ordered to pay $1.05 billion in damages.
관련 한글 기사

삼성 “애플과 합의 없다”

신종균 IM 담당 사장 LTE 특허 소송 시사

신종균 삼성전자 IM(모바일커뮤니케이션) 담당 사장이 수요일“애플과의 합의는 없을 것”이라고 밝혔다.

한국시간으로 목요일 새벽에 공개될 애플의 아이폰5(가칭)이 LTE 기술을 지원할 것으로 업계가 관측하고 있어 이에 대해 LTE 특허를 보유하고 있는 삼성이 법정대응을 할지 관심이 집중되고 있다.

신 사장은 수요일 서초구에 삼성 사옥에서 기자들과 만나 “법원에서 양측 최고 경영진들에게 수차례 합의를 하도록 강하게 요구해 협상을 벌였지만 소용이 없었다”며 “합의는 어려울 것”이라고 말했다.

아이폰5에 대해 “별로 생각하고 있지 않다”며 “우리 제품을 잘 만드는 일에만 신경쓰고 있다”고 밝혔다.

그는 아이폰5가 LTE 기능을 지원할 경우 삼성전자의 특허권의 범위를 벗어나기 어렵지 않겠느냐는 질문에 끄덕이면서도 “LTE 특허에 대해서는 조심스럽다”고 말했다.

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