Posted : 2012-02-19 11:27
Updated : 2012-02-19 11:27

15 volleyball players under probe in match-fixing scandal

DAEGU (Yonhap) -- Prosecutors have questioned 15 former and active volleyball players about their alleged role in match fixing, prosecution sources said Sunday, in their widening investigation into the sport's first match-rigging controversy.

Thirteen male players, current and retired, from three teams and two current female players are under suspicions of playing a role in match-rigging attempts during games in the 2009-2011 seasons, according to the prosecutors in Daegu, 300 kilometers southeast of Seoul.

In addition, five gambling brokers and one financier were under investigation on charges of paying the players to deliberately make mistakes during games, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors said the number of players is expected to increase as they expand the investigation into those who colluded in the scheme.

This is the first match-fixing scandal to hit the V-League, which was launched in 2005 in place of a popular industrial league.
Match-fixing allegations have also surfaced for baseball, the nation's most popular sport.

A broker arrested for his volleyball ties has testified about his dealings with baseball players, and the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO), the operator of the top league, has asked teams to do internal inquiries into the allegations.

관련 한글 기사

`프로배구 승부조작' 국가대표 등 선수 15명 가담

프로배구 승부조작에 가담한 혐의로 대구지검의 수사를 받는 전ㆍ현직 선수가 15명에 달하는 것으로 확인돼 충격을 주고 있다.

특히 이들 중 2명은 국가대표로 뛰기도 했으며 수사대상에 오른 다른 선수들도 대부분 소속팀의 경기 승패에 결정적인 역할을 하는 주전급으로 속속 드러나고 있다. 형제 선수까지 수사를 받고 있는 것으로 확인됐다.

검찰 조사결과 지금까지 수사대상은 브로커, 전주를 포함해 모두 21명에 달하고 경기조작은 15건 이상으로 밝혀졌다. 여기에는 여자배구 선수 2명이 1건 이상의 승부조작을 한 것이 포함됐다.

남자선수만 보면 현재까지 3개팀 13명이 수사를 받고 있으며 이 숫자는 수사가 진행됨에 따라 더 늘어날 수도 있다.

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