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NK Damages South Koreas Global Image
As awareness of Korea spreads around the world with the country's growing importance, so too do negative perceptions.

English Key Tool for Promoting Korea Worldwide
WASHINGTON - How does one present Korea's image to the world?

De-Branding Revolution for Korea
``Branding Korea'' is the new catchphrase for bureaucratic busybodies, PR-hustlers and advertisers. The idea is to sell Korea as a brand, like Coca Cola. Every Korean city or province is trying to come up with a catchphrase or logo that sets it ab..

Lack of Information Barrier to Koreas Image Abroad
Korea has a lot to fascinate foreigners, but limited information in other countries sets a barrier to them being more knowledgeable about the country, the German ambassador to Korea said Thursday.

Korean Hidden Champions Going Global
The administration is searching for ``hidden champions,'' the little-known but powerful small firms equipped with the world's best technologies, to promote them abroad as part of a nation branding campaign, the project manager said Tuesday.

Improve Koreas Brand at Home
Marketing guru Philip Kotler, in his book ``Marketing Places,'' tells us how we can gauge the success of a place's marketing efforts. ``Place marketing succeeds when citizens and businesses are pleased with their communities, and meet the expecta..

Seouls Frustration With National Branding Initiatives
For several years now, government officials have been trying to improve Korea's international reputation with overseas investors and tourists by adopting branding strategies that we more commonly associate with companies and products.

Minister Says Ramsar Convention Will Spur Green Growth
Environment Minister Lee Maan-ee said the largest gathering of 2,000 environmentalists from 158 countries in Changwon today will be a major catalyst to spur sustainable ``Green Growth'' in Korea.

Korea Sets Out Vision for Economic Dynamism
Every government has its own think tank that sets the direction of national policies and addresses social and economic needs.

Will Euh Yoon-dae Polish Koreas Image Globally?
Thirty to forty years ago the notion of a hotel owner receiving government assistance for the promotion of a region or a country was laughable in many countries. Today virtually every country hosts a government agency or ministry tasked with touris..

Korea Ranked 17th in National Branding Index
The latest Nation Branding Index produced by East West Communications ( ranked South Korea in 17th place globally in its third-quarter results, which is up from 28th place in the second quarter of this year.

Hyundai Heavy Sets Standard in Industrial Peace
Labor issues and more specifically militant unions are often cited as a key barrier to foreign investors who want to do business in Korea.

Differentiation Is Missing Element in Branding Korea
Branding is powerful, and reaches beyond the obvious. Diverse concerns of modern Korea can all be traced back to the weak image Korea projects globally.

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