Posted : 2012-02-09 17:22
Updated : 2012-02-09 17:22

Byun Jun-yeon to lead KEPCO global division

Byun Jun-yeon
By Kim Tae-gyu

Korea Electric Power Corp. (KEPCO) has appointed a pair of top lieutenants to spearhead the Seoul-based utility’s domestic and global businesses.

The outfit announced Thursday that its Executive Vice President Cho In-kook will oversee all KEPCO works in Korea while Executive Vice President Byun Jun-yeon will be in charge of operations abroad.

The step comes on the heels of the firm’s structural revamp earlier this week aimed at strengthening its international initiatives in such potential-laden areas as the Middle East.

``We are striving to raise our bottom lines through profitable offshore projects, which would help the company join the ranks of top global electricity suppliers,’’ a KEPCO official said.

``Byun has been touted as the perfect fit for the tall task thanks to his engineering knowhow and successful track record.’’

He studied engineering at Korea University and headed KEPCO’s offshore businesses in early 2009, which led to a pivotal role in the company winning the $18.6 billion project to build four nuclear reactors in the United Arab Emirates by 2020.

KEPCO aims to secure similar deals in other nations, particularly in the Middle East and Eurasian regions set to embrace nuclear power as a future energy source.

Toward that end, the power company plans to establish branches in the Middle East and Turkey.

Domestically, its top priority is to prevent a recurrence of the blackout last September that caused much inconvenience and financial damage across the country.

KEPCO CEO Kim Joong-kyum took the reins just after the rolling blackout, a measure undertaken after an unseasonable heat wave saw a dramatic jump in power consumption, and has promised a stable supply of electricity.

``Energy supplies are expected to be somewhat tight until 2013 before the capacity is scheduled to jump by a big margin in 2014. By then, KEPCO workers led by Cho will be going all-out to avoid any energy problems,’’ the official said.

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