Posted : 2010-05-09 18:34
Updated : 2010-05-09 18:34

Girl group Kara to debut in Japan

Girl band Kara is seeking to attract Japanese fans later this year. The five-member group will make its debut in Japan this August. / Korea Times File

By Han Sang-hee
Staff reporter

Girl group Kara is making their debut in Japan this August.

According to the band's agency DSP Media, the five-member group will meet their Japanese fans this fall and hopefully captivate them with their funky music and distinctive styles.

``I never even dreamed of making a debut in Japan. I would like to appear on music shows with Japanese artists I admire, such as Arashi and Koda Kumi. We will all do our best to continue out activities through the end of the year,'' Park Gyu-lee, the leader of the band, said during a press conference in Tokyo, Japan, Saturday.

The group held a showcase in Japan early this year, wowing both fans and music experts with their songs and easy-going characters.

``We will do our best to impress you all, so please give us your support,'' Nicole said.

All of the members spoke in flawless Japanese, surprising the more than 2,000 fans who came to welcome the group.

The Web site Kara Kamilia Japan, the official fan club in Japan, was opened Sunday and to celebrate the group's debut, the fan club will hold the ``Kara Japan Kick Off Meeting'' in Yokohama.

Making their debut here in 2007, Kara have survived in the music industry infatuated with other girl groups, including Girls' Generation and the Wonder Girls, and has created a firm fan base thanks to their unique and distinctive color and music over the years. Some of the members, including Nicole and Park, have also branched out into different areas such as acting and hosting television and radio shows.

카라, 일본 데뷔

소녀 그룹 카라가 오는 8월 일본 무대에서 데뷔한다.

소속사 DSP 미디어에 따르면 이 5인조 그룹은 이번 가을 일본 관객들에게 인사를 올리고 펑키음악과 독특한 스타일로 팬들을 사로잡기를 바라고 있다.

토요일 일본에서 가진 기자회견에서 리더인 박규리는 "일본에 데뷔하리라고는 꿈을 꾸어보도 않았습니다. 내가 존경하는 아라시와 코다 쿠미 같은 일본 아티스트과의 음악 쇼에 나오고 싶습니다"며 "연말까지 활동을 계속하기 위해 우리는 최선을 다하겠다"고 말했다.

이 그룹은 금년 초 노래와 편안한 캐릭터로 팬과 음악 전문가들의 갈채를 받으며 일본에서 이벤트를 가졌다.

니콜은 "여러분 모두에게 좋은 인상을 주려고 최선을 다하겠습니다. 적극적인 지지를 부탁합니다"고 말했다.

멤버 모두가 흠 없이 일본말을 해 이 그룹을 환영하기 위해 온 2,000 여 팬을 놀라게 했다.
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