Posted : 2008-09-22 16:42
Updated : 2008-09-22 16:42

Web Site Targets Fans of Celebrity Style

Korean celebrities are endorsing fashion brands available on online shop Starvista. From leff are Han young, Lee Sun-jin, Hwang Bo and You Ho-jung. / Courtesy of Starvista

By Cathy Rose A. Garcia
Staff Reporter

Celebrities are undeniably today's style icons. Everyone looks at what stars like Jennifer Lopez, Lindsay Lohan and Rhianna are wearing, to see what's hot in fashion this season.

Korean stars are also known for starting fashion trends that everyone follows. It's no wonder why many fashion companies are always after celebrities to promote their brands, and why many celebrities are also starting their own fashion brands.

A new Web site ( was launched last Friday, as a ``celebrity-based premium brands select shop.'' Starvista encourages shoppers to ``create your own style with the stars,'' through several new Korean clothing brands.

Celebrities such as Hwang Bo, Han Young, Lee Sun-jin and even B-boy team Gambler are endorsing Starvista's brands for women and men's clothes. It also has a line of kids' wear endorsed by celebrity couple Lee Jae-ryong and You Ho-jung.

Hwang Bo, who appears in the hit MBC reality television show ``We Got Married, appears to be the perfect model for the Beaucomb. On the Web site, Hwang Bo is seen wearing the season's trendy balloon shorts, trench coats, ankle booties and European leather bags.

Beaucomb, designed by Lee Bo-mi, has two clothing lines: career and casual. The career line is described as young, chic and classic modern clothes, while the casual line features London-style, hip and layered clothing.

S170, endorsed by Lee Sun-jin, is another brand that will catch any fashionista's attention. S170, designed by Cho Soo-youn, it features sexy drape dresses, frilly organza tops, silk jackets and ribbon skirts.

For a more casual but still sexy style, Kiss & Emilie would probably be the brand to go for. Designed by Hwang Bo (not the celebrity) and Rachel Yeum, Kiss & Emilie is a ``French chic and trendy casual brand.''

Endorsed by a perky Han Young, Kiss & Emilie's fall collection features hand-stitched T-shirts, slim tuxedo jackets, Swarovski-embellished denim jeans and open-backed one piece dresses.

The different pieces from the Beaucomb, S170 and Kiss & Emilie brands can be mixed and matched depending on one's style. The Starvista Web site recommends several ways to coordinate one's outfit.

Starvista also has a brand for men's wear called Freezeburn, which caters more to fans of urban street style. Popular B-boy group Gambler was chosen to model for Freezeburn, featuring a line of denim jeans and vintage T-shirts. Caps, sneakers and backpacks from other brands are also available.

Young mothers would love the cute and stylish outfits for children by IKKS, 3pommes and Jeanbourget. Celebrity mom You Ho-jung even gives advice on how to dress up children in a fun way on the section ``Mama's Styling Tips.''

Mothers can dress up their daughters in colorful printed tops, tunics, pants and skirts, and boys in denim jeans, plaid polo shirts and comfortable T-shirts.

As for the price, Starvista offers vintage T-shirts that start at 70,000 won, one-piece dresses at 230,000 won and jackets at 290,000 won.
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