Sunday, February 14, 2016 | 5:8 p.m. ET     
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Distance Between Two Allies
Almost every day, major American newspapers print serious articles on North Korea. From President Barack Obama to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and to former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, North Korea has been depicted as a dangerous cou..

Gender Equality in Korea
Many women have been elected to the Korean National Assembly. Most notably, Park Geun-hye has become one of the most important female political leaders in Korean politics.

For Regime Change in N. Korea
The North Korean nuclear blast made headline news on the Washington Post's front page on May 26. As a matter of fact, it drew global condemnation.

From Xian, China
I have made many trips to Beijing, Shanghai and cities along the Yangtze River, but I had never been to Xian, historically known Changan, the oldest capital of China, including the Zhou, Qin, Han, Sui and Tang dynasties and the current capital of S..

Fate of Ex-President Roh
The Korean prosecution may or may not indict former President Roh Moo-hyun for his suspicious or circumstantial involvement in a family corruption case. I am just a curious observer of this.

Ulleungdo and Dokdo
Finally I made a trip to Ulleungdo and Dokdo as a special member of the Korean-American Pharmacists Association in the last three days of April. Two nights and three days were not enough to see Ulleungdo and Dokdo.

April is beautiful in Korea. Orchestrating white, pink and yellow colored flowers with the green leaves is artwork from the creator and to mankind who appreciate the aesthetics. White and pink cherry blossoms are making this world fluffy and beauti..

Conservation From Recession
Inside the economic crisis, I see something good and valuable. That is the conservation campaign of our precious resources. Affluence is generating more waste and the destruction of our resources.

Cherry Blossoms
Washington, D.C. is usually beautiful with cherry blossoms in the last week of March and the first week of April. Cherry blossoms are great. Pink. Fluffy. A harbinger of warm days ahead.

Water Resources Policy
Spring is coming. Spring means the dry season in the rivers, reservoirs and dams, and wildfires in the mountains in Korea. The Nakdong River's bottom is revealed. One dam in Gangwon Province cannot supply drinking water to residents. This is a crit..

Korea and Baseball
The Korean baseball team is one of the world's best, even though it was defeated by the Japanese in the 10th inning in the 2009 World Baseball Classic final, Tuesday.

Koreas Treasure Obama Knows
South Korea has generated conflicting images both in and outside of the country. Some see Korea's beauty and treasure from outside, not from inside. Some see more ugly things inside Korea.

US Board on Geographic Names
Former U.S. President George Bush did one thing correctly during his eight-year reign of the White House. He put Dokdo back as Korean territory after the U.S. Board on Geographic Names (BGN) strangely listed the rocky islets as undesignated soverei..

Edgar Allan Poes 200th Birthday
This year, many American people are celebrating Abraham Lincoln, because 2009 is the bicentennial year of his birth in a log cabin in Kentucky. Many American people are also celebrating Edgar Allan Poe this year, because he was also born in 1809.

Hope, Courage and Determination
NEW YORK The calamitous decline and fall of both the economy and the stock market has laid waste to markets of every asset traded by man except gold.

Comparative Politics
The president wields enormous power in the United States and South Korea. Such presidential power is considered a mandate from heaven. But there is no such thing as a mandate from heaven in a democratic society.

Korean-American Power
Korean-American power is now emerging to correct the name of the sea between Japan and Korea and the sovereignty of Dokdo islets. Power is measured by influence.

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Additional Patriot missile systems deployed in South Korea
South Korea, US agree to expand cooperation to sanction North Korea
South Korean FM warns further NK provocation will lead to its complete isolation
US Congress approves North Korea sanctions bill
Chinese FM urges caution from US on deployment of missile shield in South Korea
Seoul unlikely to receive 3 trillion won in outstanding loans, interest from North Korea
North Korea leader promotes general officers ahead of late father's birthday
Imported chocolates far more expensive here than abroad
'US Congress approves North Korea sanctions bill'
Korea's quality competitiveness in Europe is between Japan, China