Monday, December 11, 2017 | 11:6 a.m. ET     
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New Allies in Asia?
TOKYO China and Japan have been reliable enemies for a thousand years. Their leaders have always been able to count on each other to stir nationalist anger and distract their followers from other problems by trading insults, threats or at times ..

Best-Selling Global Fictions
Iraq is a sovereign country that makes its own decisions. Zimbabwe's dictator will be brought into line by someone else. Protests over Tibet mar the noble ideals of the Olympics. And only a few poorly chosen words by Barack Obama about bitternes..

Global Fervor
Americans should broaden their primary-season debate about religion and politics. This debate is not just about Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee, and it is not limited to our shores. Religion has again become, for better and for worse, a far more visi..

Gates-Style Thaw
``We are going to do something terrible to you," one Kremlin insider frequently told Americans in the 1980s as the Soviet Union was crumbling before the unbelieving eyes of U.S. intelligence. ``We are going to deprive you of an enemy."

Sarkozys Grand Bargain
Think of it always. Speak of it never. Conceived for very different circumstances, Leon Gambetta's old formula about Alsace-Lorraine serves as a guide today for foreign powers watching the Bush administration fade fitfully from office.

Republican Role Reversal
Republicans are acting like Democrats this year in three important ways: They have (1) humbled their once front-running presidential candidate and left him for dead in a scrambled field of eager strivers who regularly (2) violate Ronald Reagan's co..

Outsmarted by Sudan
UNITED NATIONS Murder, arson and rape do not suffice as weapons in Sudan's campaign against the civilians of Darfur. Khartoum also plays the race card to block outsiders from coming to Darfur's rescue.

Musharraf Goes Splat
Pakistan is an unusual country a nation capable of looking into the abyss, pausing briefly to consider its options and then jumping headfirst into darkness. The willingness to go splat has been the backbone of Pakistan's national survival strate..

How to Rein in Iran Without War
Iran is working to produce a 20-to-50-pound stockpile of enriched uranium that it can use to build atomic weapons within eight to 10 weeks, once it decides to do so and has consistently lied to the United Nations about those efforts.

Putins Guessing Games
MOSCOW Put Iowa and New Hampshire on the back burner for a moment: Election fever also grips Russia, which chooses a new Duma in December and a president in March.

Britains Lost Sunshine
LONDON _ Political squalls have drenched Gordon Brown this October, already as cruel a month as the new prime minister hopes ever to encounter.

North Korean Mystery
Two big questions hang over the new agreement to contain North Korea's nuclear weapons program at its current level _ whatever that level is.

Small Outbreak of Mideast Hope
NEW YORK _ Hopes for an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal that will isolate the Hamas radicals who control the Gaza Strip have brightened measurably in recent days, according to European officials visiting here.

From Hope to Fear in Iraq
Dreams of spreading democracy through the Arab world shaped President Bush's decision to invade Iraq in 2003. But nightmares keep him _ and U.S. troops _ ensnared there.

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