Friday, November 28, 2014 | 2:11 a.m. ET     
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[ed] Disrupted by drones

It’s time to calm down, check defense preparedness

Three small, crashed drones presumably sent by North Korea have touched off a noisy but inconclusive controversy in the South. Tracing back the course of debate over..

[ed] End of Windows XP
Microsoft has ended its security update and other technical services for Windows XP, its longest-running operating system for personal computers.

[ed] Human rights body's fall
Korea's human rights organization, once the object of envoy among new democracies, has become a disgrace to the nation.

[ed] Upgrading overseas aid
The news that Korea's overseas assistance grew at the fastest pace among major donor nations over the last five years is touching enough to recall that Korea is the world's first and only country that has advanced from a recipient of aid to a donor.

[ed] Two-faced neighbor
Japan's historical whitewashing reached a new low Friday when Tokyo expanded their targets of distorted education to include elementary schoolchildren.

[ed] GM Korea's decision
In 1999, General Motors' Korean offshoot introduced the annual pay system for its office workers, replacing the previous salary step system. On Friday, GM Korea said it would return to the seniority-based pay system from the current performance-bas..

[ed] Arrogance of ruling camp
The arrogance of the ruling camp is sky-high. Cheong Wa Dae remains silent to repeated requests from the co-chairman of the main opposition party. The floor leader of the governing Saenuri Party interrupts a speech at the National Assembly hall by ..

[ed] Reform of public pension
The subsidy for government employees' pension plan hit an all-time high of nearly 2 trillion won last year, but the figure seems meaningless given that the subsidy is destined to set a new record year after year.

[ed] Arms export by Japan
Step by carefully calculated step, Japan is moving toward becoming a military power - as it was 70 years ago. Nothing shows this better than Tokyo's decision Tuesday to throw away its 46-year-old ban on the export of weapons and military hardware.

[ed] Privileged officials
It's no doubt that Cheong Wa Dae, the nation's most powerful executive organ, must get tough on irregularities by its officials, but the reality is not always what it should be.

[ed] Threat of drones

N. Korea should stop this new type of provocation 

The military has tentatively concluded that two unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) recently found near the border with North Korea came from the impoverished state. The ..

[ed] Spy chief must leave
Koreas spymasters, who often work for their bosses more than for their country, have a hard time when political power changes hands. Nam Jae-joon, the incumbent director of the National Intelligence Service (NIS), will likely be a rare spy chief ..

[ed] Pay at the top
In a capitalistic society, people get rewards according to their ability and contribution to companies. So some CEOs can receive salaries a thousand times higher than the median wage of employees. What matters is whether the performance of business..

[ed] Scaling down probe?
The prosecution indicted a National Intelligence Service (NIS) agent and his civilian collaborator on Monday on charges of fabricating evidence in an alleged espionage case involving a "defector."

[ed] Pyongyang's provocations
North Korea has responded to President Park Geun-hye's Dresden initiative with live-fire drills and threats of a fresh nuclear test.

[ed] Tilted election ground
What would it be like if, in a football match, one team played with 12 players while the other is forced to do so with only 10? The result is predictable in most cases. If political parties fail to agree on an election rule, however, local polls in..

[ed] Groundwork for unification
President Park Geun-hye last week unveiled a package of proposals aimed at spurring national unification during a speech delivered in the German city of Dresden.

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