Tuesday, July 26, 2016 | 7:17 p.m. ET     
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[ed] President's impatience

New approach may break labor reform deadlock
President Park Geun-hye has become impatient about the lack of progress in the National Assembly to pass key bills regarding labor reform, terrorism and the service ..

[ed] Labor leader in temple
Han Sang-gyun, the leader of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, has refused to leave Jogye Temple in central Seoul. In a statement read by other officials of the labor umbrella group on his behalf Monday, Han said he would stay in the temple..

[ed] Doubtful fiscal health
The Ministry of Strategy and Finance has forecast that the nations debt-to-GDP ratio would reach 62.4 percent in 2060 if current tax spending practices remain unaddressed. The figure compares with the 42.3 percent forecast for next year.

[ed] Redistricting deadlock
There is mounting concern among voters about next years general election scheduled for April 13 because the rival parties have still not reached an agreement on where to redraw constituency boundaries on the electoral map, which is being readjust..

[ed] For ex-sex slaves
Japan's Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, is betting that his government can wait until all the remaining elderly former sex slaves - who his ancestors forced to serve frontline soldiers during World War II - die out.

[ed] Psycho dates
A major controversy was triggered at Chosun University last month when a medical student beat up his girlfriend, also a student at the school, for two hours, but was merely fined. Gwangju District Court ridiculously decided not to jail the perpetra..

[ed] Moon-Ahn rivalry
The main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy's leadership crisis is denting its credibility among voters in this critical pre-election period. The largest opposition party has continued to engage in power games and factional feuding rath..

[ed] Decision on bar exam
The government has decided to hold off on its plan to abolish the state bar exam until 2021 amid growing controversy over the three-year law school system. The Justice Ministrys decision would enable those studying for the highly competitive bar ..

[ed] Hero back on feet
Army Staff Sergeant Kim Jung-won jumped up and down to the cheers of a small crowd at a veterans' hospital in Seoul, Wednesday. If anybody detected a bit of a limp, it's because the 23-year-old stood on an artificial limb, having lost the lower par..

[ed] First foreign art director
Korea's art community has been divided over the first-ever appointment of a foreign director for the nation's flagship contemporary art museum. Some have protested the appointment of Spanish museum director Bartomeu Mari as chief of the National Mu..

[ed] Yuan as reserve currency
The International Monetary Fund has added the Chinese currency to the special drawing rights (SDR), its reserve currency basket. The yuan will join the U.S. dollar, euro, Japanese yen and British pound in the SDR reserve assets next year.

[ed] Uniqlo lesson
Koreans just can't get enough of Uniqlo of Japan. Despite the deteriorating relationship between the governments of the two countries, whatever Uniqlo offers in its stores often turns out to be a hit in Korea and around the world.

[ed] Approval of China FTA
After many twists and turns, the National Assembly approved a free trade agreement with China, Monday, which will eventually remove most tariffs on goods traded between Seoul and Beijing. The pact is expected to take effect this year, following the..

[ed] Illegal alien control
Three factors have combined to show that the government should no longer delay reviewing its policy on illegal foreign residents and promptly implement steps to forestall the inevitable challenges that are expected by a rise in the number of immigr..

[ed] Forced labor panel
It took 60 years after liberation from Japan for the government to start properly researching the victims of forced labor during the Japanese occupation (1910-1945). But after only a decade, a sole state research center for indentifying and support..

[ed] First Internet-only banks
For the first time in 23 years, the financial regulator has issued preliminary licenses permitting the establishment of new banks. This time, the licenses are intended to launch the nations first Internet-only banks amid harsh criticism of the sl..

[ed] Time to ratify China FTA
The ruling and opposition parties will hold a plenary session Monday to discuss ratifying the Korea-China free trade agreement, which has dragged on for more than six months. Representatives from the parties continued negotiations Sunday, but it is..

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