Wednesday, July 8, 2015 | 9:5 a.m. ET     
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[ed] 'Abenomics' hits a snag
Few recent Japanese leaders have given more headaches to Korea in historical, territorial and economic matters than the incumbent. Like it or not, however, Koreans may likely have to put up with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's historical revisionism, t..

[ed] Launch of safety agency
It took a tragedy for the government to finally acknowledge an almost total lack of awareness regarding safety issues in society, which in no small measure contributed to the sinking of the Sewol ferry that caused the deaths of more than 300 people..

[ed] Young women's health
Korea is becoming an increasingly intriguing society. It has risen from Japanese occupation (1910-1948) and the ruins of the Korean War (1950-53) to become one of the strongest economies in Asia. Yet, various studies conducted show that Korean peop..

[ed] Overhaul of state test
The nations standardized college entrance exam is in doubt yet again because of another dispute over the accuracy of its questions, following a big brouhaha about last years College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT). Its dumbfounding that the Kor..

[ed] What FTA means
The latest free trade agreement (FTA) signed between South Korea and New Zealand may not be remarkable because the exchange of merchandise and services between the two distant countries is rather limited.

[ed] Sexist job interview advice
"You should be broadminded enough to retort with a joke questions that smack of sexual harassment." "Make sure you're ready to run small errands, like serving coffee or photocopying documents." "When asked about marriage and childbirth, just say yo..

[ed] Huge waste of taxes
The Lee Myung-bak administration poured 30 trillion won ($27.3 billion) into chopping the nations four largest rivers into 16 divided sections. Opinion polls show that eight in 10 Koreans regard the four-river project as a big flop. Still the ..

[ed] A trilateral summit
President Park Geun-hyes call on Thursday for a summit of three Northeast Asian nations was a rare necessary, meaningful and even timely diplomatic move. It was necessary because the leaders of South Korea, China and Japan, who have got together ..

[ed] Ruling on layoffs
With the Supreme Court's ruling on Ssangyong Motor's 2009 layoffs on Thursday, the workers wish to return to the automaker through litigation has evaporated. After the ruling, plaintiffs and labor activists reacted furiously. One of them called t..

[ed] Army reforms not enough
The defense ministry on Thursday reported to the National Assembly a draft reform package aimed at improving human rights in Army barracks across the board. The 25-point package includes giving extra points to excellent draftees when applying for j..

[ed] 'Real' jobless rate
Koreans have long wondered why the nation's unemployment rate is so low while there are so many jobless people around. The government's statistical agency explained part of the reason on Wednesday. Statistics Korea said the "official" unemployment ..

[ed] Push for political reform
The ruling and opposition parties held a nationally-televised debate on the subject of political reform Wednesday. During a two-hour exchange, the heads of political reform committees of the parties agreed in principle on the need to remove or weak..

[ed] An unfinished tragedy
Seven months after the Sewol sank off the nation's southwest coast drowning 304 people, the first phase of the ferry tragedy ended on Tuesday. Officials formally announced that the search for the nine people that remain unaccounted for would end, a..

[ed] Japan's entry ban
Ripples created by Japan's denial of entry for singer Lee Seung-chul are spreading, provoking Koreans already bad national sentiment toward their Asian neighbor. Officials from the Korean Embassy in Tokyo asked Japan on Tuesday to explain why the..

[ed] Trade accord with China
A new era of free trade has been opened up for Korea and its largest economic partner, China. The settlement of bilateral free trade talks on Monday will give Korean exporters unfettered access to the $5-trillion market with a population of 1.35 bi..

[ed] Uproot bidding collusion
The anti-trust agency has uncovered more evidence of collusion on bid rigging among large construction companies when they were seeking to win contracts offered for the four-river refurbishment project.

[ed] Foreign policy checkup
This will likely be one of the most hectic weeks of diplomacy for the leaders of countries in the Asia-Pacific region. However, few of them might start the week with hearts as heavy as that of President Park Geun-hye: South Koreas two most reliab..

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