Thursday, April 17, 2014 | 4:27 a.m. ET     
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[ed] Fall of military academy
A string of scandals involving its cadets has tainted the reputation of the Korea Military Academy (KMA), the state military training school. The Army authorities came up with a package of measures aimed at preventing the recurrence of KMA cadets c..

[ed] Restoration of relations
Following their accord to reopen a shuttered joint factory park, the two Koreas agreed to hold a reunion of separated families next month, after a three-year hiatus.

[ed] Chaebol's counterattack
The business community is pushing back hard - much too hard - against the Park Geun-hye's administration's policy for "economic democratization."

[ed] President's leadership
President Park Geun-hye marks her first six months in office on Sunday. She is now enjoying solid approval ratings - mid-50 to early-60 percent.

[ed] Tackling social conflict
It is said that South Korea is in a class of its own when it comes to division caused by social conflicts, and this was proven true once again in a study conducted by the Samsung Economic Research Institute.

[ed] Preventing contagion
Asias emerging markets, including India, Indonesia and Thailand, are wrestling with financial turmoil as America's tapering has become a fait accompli. The Federal Reserve's minutes of its July policy meeting released on Wednesday showed that mos..

[ed] Support for returning firms
Few Korean companies operating both at home and abroad have expressed willingness to bring their overseas factories back home. This is quite disappointing, given that a new law will go into effect in November to help spur the return of domestic com..

[ed] Housing woes
Alarmed by President Park Geun-hye's repeated instructions to combat the latest housing problem, the administration is busy mapping out new and viable measures. As this page pointed out earlier, however, there is no magic solution to the problem ar..

[ed] Student suicides
It's well known that South Korea has the highest suicide rate among the members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Sadly, the number of children who commit suicide is believed to be no less dire than those by adults.

[ed] Fighter project in limbo
The nation's next-generation fighter project is in limbo because the Eurofighter Typhoon touted by EADS, a European defense consortium, has been eliminated from the bid. This left Boeing of the United States as the sole bidder for the 8.3 trillion ..

[ed] Compensation for slave labor
Nippon Steel, Japan's steel giant, has reportedly expressed willingness to pay compensation to forced South Korean wartime laborers if it loses a legal battle at Seoul's Supreme Court. This position is notable in that it goes against Japan's offici..

[ed] Moving toward thaw
After months of high tensions, inter-Korean relations appear to be thawing, apparently boosted by an agreement between Seoul and Pyongyang last week to reopen the suspended joint factory park in Gaeseong.

[ed] Massacre in Egypt
Egypt's political turmoil is getting increasingly out of hand with the number of deaths from the violent standoff between Islamists and security forces soaring across the country.

[ed] Doubt about hearing
In recent memory, the parliamentary hearings have hardly produced fruitful results as the ruling and opposition parties usually engage in a fierce battle and fail to dig deeper into the truth. Friday's hearing into the state spy agencys alleged m..

[ed] Unjustifiable strike
Hyundai Motor and its affiliated carmaker Kia Motors have voted to go on strike for a second straight year after talks with management over increase in pay and other demands broke down.

[ed] First six months
Popular views are mixed on the performance of President Park Geun-hye, who has been in office for almost six months. In terms of foreign policy, including the inter-Korean relationship, the nation's first female president appears to be doing far be..

[ed] Change of factory park
Despite the dramatic, last-minute agreement Wednesday to reopen the Gaeseong Industrial Complex, the inter-Korean factory park has a long way to go before returning to normal. It also has a much longer and winding way to "internationalize" its oper..

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