Friday, July 25, 2014 | 2:3 a.m. ET     
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[ed] Assembly normalization
The ruling and opposition parties normalized proceedings in the National Assembly Wednesday in accordance with an agreement they reached a day ago, but there is no guarantee that the parliament will operate smoothly from here onwards, given the hea..

[ed] Disdain for parliament
President Park Geun-hye showed, yet again, that she completely ignores her opponents views, by pushing ahead with three controversial appointments of senior government officials on Monday.

[ed] Time for self-reflection
Rep. Moon Jae-in, a former presidential candidate of the main opposition Democratic Party, is gearing up prematurely to run in the 2017 presidential race, causing a ripple effect throughout political circles.

[ed] Strategy for survival
The initial fears about accidental clashes between major regional powers have calmed down somewhat, but a sensitive situation continues. Both the United States and China have backed away from their confrontational stances over Beijing's unilateral ..

[ed] Decision on trade deal
Korea will start negotiations to join a U.S.-led free trade pact covering 12 Asian and Pacific nations this week. During its bilateral preliminary negotiations with each of the 12 countries, Korea will explore the possibility of joining the Trans-P..

[ed] Parliamentary paralysis
If the National Assembly goes on like this for another month or so, it will set two records in Constitutional history.

[ed] Behind headline figures
The Korean economy seems to be on a roll these days: its growth rate rose back in the second and third quarters; the current-account surplus this year is expected to even top Japans for the first time; and the number of employed increased for the..

[ed] Hope for new politics
Independent lawmaker Ahn Cheol-soo has announced that he intends to create a new political party in what appears to be a move to challenge the existing political establishment. He didn't elaborate on when the new party will be launched, but it is e..

[ed] Tribute to true soldier
Retired Lt. Gen. Chae Myung-shin, the first commander of Korean forces in the Vietnam War, was laid to rest at the National Cemetery in Seoul Thursday alongside soldiers killed in the conflict, as he had wished before his death.

[ed] Strengthening financial sector
It's often said in Korea that the manufacturing industry is first-class, whereas the financial industry is a third-class sector. For this reason, people express doubt if Korea could ever see the birth of a gigantic and well-performing company such ..

[ed] Illegal fishing nation
Following an example set by the United States, the EU has included Korea in a preliminary list of illegal fishing nations. This is quite embarrassing for most Koreans, who take pride in their country's status as one of the top-three deep-sea fishin..

[ed] Diplomatic dilemma
China's announcement Saturday that it would unilaterally expand its air defense zone is leading to an unwelcome shakeup of the security environment in Northeast Asia.

[ed] Income rise and polarization
The nation's per capita income is expected to hit an all-time high of $24,044 this year, up 5.9 percent from $22,708 in 2012. The estimate is based on the Bank of Korea's growth forecast of 2.8 percent for this year and the average won-dollar excha..

[ed] Beijing's unilateral action
The government on Monday protested China's recent inclusion of Ieodo, controlled by Korea, in its newly declared Air Defense Identification Zone (CADIZ) and made clear that it can't accept the air defense zone.

[ed] President's warning
In a strongest tone since her inauguration, President Park Geun-hye made it clear Monday she would "neither tolerate nor overlook" acts that erode popular confidence and cause social division.

[ed] Iran and N. Korea
A day after Iran and Western powers reached an interim agreement to curb Teheran's nuclear programs, North Korea's reaction was closer to that of denial than envy. "The United States is seeking to dominate the world by not allowing other countries ..

[ed] Kookmin under siege
KB Kookmin Bank, one of the nations leading commercial banks, is beset with a string of fraud and corruption scandals involving its employees. Given the magnitude of these wrongdoings that should never occur at a bank, the financial authorities w..

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