Friday, October 9, 2015 | 8:36 a.m. ET     
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IKEA-bashing shows it is time for consumer rights
The front-page revelation last week that some products of the recently arrived Swedish furniture-maker are expensive may seem like just another half-interesting business story. But the lack of newsworthiness should not put readers off.

Govt isnt responsible for everything
In separate cases, courts this week ruled that the state was not responsible for the death of a Christian proselytizer killed by Islamic militants in Afghanistan or for distress caused by the presidents position on Dokdo.

When victims need to apologize
When the son of Koreas first president, Syngman Rhee, this week tried to pay his respects and apologize at the graves of students killed in the April 19 protests in 1960 that ended his fathers rule, he was jostled and blocked from entering the ..

Is it right to reject aid for NK?
When Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, suggested last week that South Korea ``positively consider food aid for North Korea, the reply was NGOs, yes, but government, no.

NK back on US terror state list?
Were the torpedoing of the Cheonan and the shelling of Yeonpyeong Island last year acts of terrorism?

Dangun diaries?
SEOUL, April 1 The diaries of Dangun, the founding king of Korea, have resurfaced some 2,000 years after their unexplained disappearance from a library near Mt. Baekdu.

Your country doesnt trust you
Heres a riddle: If all men under 35 with dual citizenship must do national service, who among them may choose not to without being punished?

Gods warning to Rev. Cho
After the devastating earthquake and tsunamis last week, the world became Japanese. And, I might say, that in becoming so, people felt improved. No population on the planet, it seemed, could respond to tragedy and chaos on this scale with such self..

Does God support Islamic bonds?
When two religions clash, which side is God on?

Attack with instant noodles
North Korea issued two warnings last weekend. The first claimed this weeks military exercises in the South were a rehearsal for an invasion. It threatened ``merciless counteraction to turn Seoul into a ``sea of flames.

Punish the thieves
The whole country, it would appear, is now convinced that the mysterious intruders who broke into the Seoul hotel room of a visiting Indonesian official last week were from the South Korean National Intelligence Service.

Koreans should be proud
In an interview in this newspaper this week, National Assemblywoman Song Young-sun said her goal as a politician is to make Koreans proud of their country.

Wind of democracy in Egypt
Protests against repressive rule in Tunisia and Egypt have sparked global excitement about the possibility of democracy in the Arab world.

Any point in talking with NK?
This week, officials from South Korea and the United States with the misfortune to be assigned to talk with North Korea, talked among themselves about restarting talks.

Being cruel to animals
The government last week admitted that authorities struggling to stem the spread of foot-and-mouth disease had buried animals alive.

When grandparents want to adopt
In a case that highlights the stresses on modern Korean families, the Supreme Court this month rejected an appeal by a couple wanting to improve their daughters re-marriage prospects by adopting her child as their own.

Korea and popular foreign press
During the G20 in Seoul last month, a British journalist scooped his rivals with a story claiming that security forces were on ``red alert because of a ``bizarre North Korean plan to attack the summit with ``balloons filled chemical and biologi..

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