Saturday, July 2, 2016 | 0:14 a.m. ET     
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Reunification with North Korea
Several years ago, I met a Methodist minister, jailed for his religion in the North Korean city of Wonsan, who had survived a massacre of prisoners in the opening weeks of the Korean War. This devout man lived a minimalist life in a dingy apartment..

Time to put the comfort woman statue where it belongs?
The comfort woman, a blue scarf wrapped around her grey neck, sits across from the Japanese Embassy, as innocent as a schoolgirl.

Corporate shabbiness
Whatever criminality may or may not eventually emerge from the humidifier sterilizer tragedy in which hundreds of consumers died, the response of Oxy Reckitt Benckiser, one of the main companies involved, is the latest example in a long parade of c..

Queen's message to China
A video which catches Queen Elizabeth in an unguarded moment telling a senior policewoman that Chinese officials with President Xi Jinping on his visit to Britain last October had been rude has prompted a slew of commentary.

Why future generations will discount my words of wisdom
One night last week, after I had wobbled home from a meal of braised lamb and too much wine, a question bubbled to the surface of my mind, followed by a thought. First, the question: Just as in our age we look back on the past and wonder how otherw..

What would you do with Panama Papers?
In a job interview with a due diligence firm some years ago, one of its vice presidents told me she had investigated the owner of a firm in New York who her client suspected of having mafia ties.

Why Jeju needs more truth, reconciliation
The people of Jeju this weekend marked the 68th anniversary of the killings in 1948 that shattered their bucolic communities and left scars that, despite a truth and reconciliation approach by modern democratic governments, fester to this day.

A better way to choose candidates
If you follow Korean politics, you will know that last week the ruling party made headlines because Kim who is not a big fan of Park dissed Lee who is and when asked to apologize said, What for? That was considered major news by newspapers.

Korea and possible Trump victory
If, as is looking more certain every week, Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination, political leaders from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe will scramble to analyze what his possible victory in Novembers US presidential election might mean for their c..

Meaning of I.SEOUL.U
The debate over I.SEOUL.U, the new brand logo for Seoul City appears to reflect a rather lopsided reaction from branding conservatives, who expect brands to say something, and branding liberals, who say that the people should give the slogan more t..

IKEA-bashing shows it is time for consumer rights
The front-page revelation last week that some products of the recently arrived Swedish furniture-maker are expensive may seem like just another half-interesting business story. But the lack of newsworthiness should not put readers off.

Govt isnt responsible for everything
In separate cases, courts this week ruled that the state was not responsible for the death of a Christian proselytizer killed by Islamic militants in Afghanistan or for distress caused by the presidents position on Dokdo.

When victims need to apologize
When the son of Koreas first president, Syngman Rhee, this week tried to pay his respects and apologize at the graves of students killed in the April 19 protests in 1960 that ended his fathers rule, he was jostled and blocked from entering the ..

Is it right to reject aid for NK?
When Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, suggested last week that South Korea ``positively consider food aid for North Korea, the reply was NGOs, yes, but government, no.

NK back on US terror state list?
Were the torpedoing of the Cheonan and the shelling of Yeonpyeong Island last year acts of terrorism?

Dangun diaries?
SEOUL, April 1 The diaries of Dangun, the founding king of Korea, have resurfaced some 2,000 years after their unexplained disappearance from a library near Mt. Baekdu.

Your country doesnt trust you
Heres a riddle: If all men under 35 with dual citizenship must do national service, who among them may choose not to without being punished?

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