Saturday, October 22, 2016 | 6:57 a.m. ET     
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Thinking of Two Gandhis
``What would Mahatma Gandhi do?" was the first thing that occurred to me when I heard the news that the national police were considering using tear gas against protesters. The answer was apparent. Gandhi wouldn't do anything violent even if with hi..

Waiting for Good News
``Seollal' used to be a day of bittersweet feelings, when annoyance stemming from aging one year for a bowl of Tteokguk! was mitigated by the happy laughter of a family reunion. This year, however, one couldn't laugh out loud, as there was to..

Minerva and Gaza
``Minerva" is making headline after headline in Korea. I am one of the tens of thousands of supporters of the Internet-grown economic pundit, but I wonder if we are forgetting something more important, engrossed in the verbal war over ``the nation'..

With Hammer and Chisel
Sometimes it's good to leave your problems instead of struggling to solve them, I was telling myself as I accepted an invitation to visit Taiwan during the last week of last year. I felt surrounded by high-rise stonewalls and wanted to get away.

All Will Be Fine in Ox Year!
I was in a room full of pain. There wasn't any blood, IVs or other graphic elements. Just a number of people crouched on the floor with their backs to me. Still, their pain permeated through me and I didn't know what to do. Then a man came in and p..

Sojourn in a VIP Life
She heard something in her sleep. She got up instantly to find her husband writhing. He had been famous for his perseverance but this time his body seemed to betray him.

In Memory of Park Kun-woo
November is a season of parting. Leaves fall from trees and go back to the earth

I Envy You, America!
Congratulations and thanks, Tom and Judy. Congratulations on voting for change despite the fear pumping by the Republicans, Jan and Brenda. Thanks for restoring hope within your borders and beyond, Bob and Liz. I envy you all.

A Lovers Concerto
I believe in the power of love, whether amorous or platonic. For friends, I would choose men and women who fall in love and live through the consequences rather than those who settle safely in the land of no love. Of all the people in love, adulter..

Remember Long March, China!
Scores of Chinese living in Korea got together in a small church in Seoul last Sunday. The meeting wasn't for a premature celebration of the Double Ten Day or the Xinhai Revolution anniversary that fell on Friday, but a prayer session for Park Kyon..

Learn from Us, America
When I sent an electronic September greeting to an American friend recently, she responded immediately. ``Your greeting was like fresh orange juice in the morning!! We have become so depressed and cynical after watching part of the Republican Natio..

Death of Politician
If you are famous or notorious enough to make news headlines, so will your death. If you are over 60 years of age and have a history of illnesses, chances are that you are already dead in writing. I mean, your obituaries are there in the computers ..

Power of One
I have lived in Seoul for ages, but I have never seen such a spectacle. Tens of thousand Buddhist monks and their followers milling around the heart of the capital city. If I lived 100 years, it would still be my first time to see such a sea of men..

Ode to Motherland
Anger had almost departed from me in recent years but instantly came back surging when I read a couple of China reports. They were on the seven-year-old Yang Peiyi who sang the ``Ode to the Motherland'' during the opening ceremonies of the Beijing ..

Tips for President
Welcome back, Mr. President. Though your vacation was short and marred by a string of unfortunate events that forced you to make phone calls to officials from where you were supposed to be resting, you've at least had it. There are thousands of oth..

Thank You, Mr. Fukuda
Happy birthday, Yasuo Fukuda! And thank you for giving us a great gift when it's us that should be giving you one. Yes, you've had a busy life ever since you became one of the oldest prime ministers of Japan last year and I hope you will have a ful..

Tale of Two Mulberries
J is not a great fan of rain, but he welcomed the drizzle that morning. The moment he woke up, he wrapped himself in the biggest shirt he saw and went up to the rooftop garden. There, ``Ppong One" seemed to be thriving in her new home while ``Ppong..

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