Thursday, December 14, 2017 | 11:56 p.m. ET     
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Fate of Somali pirates
No chocolate do-rag. No Jack Sparrow charm and splendor. No cute mustache or handsome goatee. No one-legged charismatic men with parrots on their shoulders. Young in age, yet looking old and fatigued, came the Somali pirates into Seoul, devastating..

Church stay for Koristians
Anyone reading the above headline may be tempted to Google for ``church stay while suspecting typographical error of ``Koristians. Googling it would be a waste of time, for there will be no reference to those terms in the entire Google.com, inc..

Insanity or cruelty?
I often wake up in the middle of the night these days and hear the imaginary cries of cattle and pigs. ``Help us! they scream but there is nothing I can do to save them. The nation has buried 1.4 million cows and pigs alive for the prevention of ..

Eat like rabbits
New Years are no longer new to me, but today is the happiest New Year Day I have ever had. It has more to do with the passing of the Year of the Tiger than the arrival of the Year of the Rabbit. I have been jittery about what could happen in 2010 e..

Someone like Peter Aerts
I dont like fighting whether physical or verbal. If I have to take sides with one of the two men, bulls, or political parties fighting, my instinct is to cheer the smaller, weaker one because there must be a good reason for the one to battle desp..

If I were the President
I cant neglect the citrons and leave them wither away, although my heart is on my conscripted nephew and the inter-Korean relations ever since the North Korean attack of Yeonpyeong Island on Nov. 23. My nephew was summoned to his military base fr..

Mother Lee So-sun
The first two weeks of November is the busiest season for Lee So-sun and she has more visitors and interviews than her ailing 80-year-old body can handle. Yet, she never complains, being the mother of Chun Tae-il, the man who sacrificed his own lif..

Calling Jesus in Buddhas garden
If I were a bird, I would fly to Beopju-sa Temple at dawn at least three times a week. I would sit on the branch of one of the two bo trees in front of the main hall and watch a monk in a gray habit leave orderly stripes on the earth by sweeping th..

Dont cry for me, Sudan
When the boy was born as the ninth child of a poor yet pious couple in the port city of Busan in 1962, no one knew what he would do for his fellow human beings later.

Kimchi fear
It was weeks before Chuseok when I made the last batch of cabbage kimchi. I bought an average-size cabbage for 2,500 won and a radish for 1,000 won then. A couple of days to Chuseok, I went to a supermarket with the hope of making some fresh ``baec..

Tilting the jar, spilling the moon
Dear Mr. Miyazaki, how are you doing? Have you done some reading of the sijo poems I sent to you? We Koreans usually have the best time to ``spill the moon by tilting the jar on and around Chuseok, the Autumnal Full Moon Day, but the moon was hid..

Tale of three fathers
There are at least two good fathers in the world former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and former Korean Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister Yu Myung-hwan.

How bad is the world?
Korea was ranked 15th on a list of the ``Best Countries that Newsweek wrote up recently based on a survey of 100 countries. How come? Is the world outside Korea so bad that the nation could reach such a high position in spite of all its problems?..

Inception a la carte
As a sunlit house is a blessing in the winter, it is as much a curse in the summer. Here is the story of a woman who lives in a sunny home. Struggling to beat the heat, she pulls down the window shades to the bottom first thing in the morning, but ..

Resolution for My Super
Dear Mr. O, when I saw you last week, I noticed an unusual lack of spark in your eyes. At first I wondered if anything happened to your beloved wife or precious son. Upon entering your little store, however, I saw your wife standing at the counter ..

Law vs. anger
When I came across the headline ``New drug test plan angers native English teachers" in the Tuesday (July 13) edition of this paper, I had to delve into the article. Why does the government plan to add a new drug test for English teachers? Do Engli..

A watermelon story
J was conscripted into the army in May of 2003. Summer arrived early that year or so he thought.

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