Saturday, September 20, 2014 | 7:3 p.m. ET     
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DJ — A Man of Reconciliation
Most deaths end in a period the closure of a life and personal era. Some come with ellipses, meaning what the dead persons have done in life would be better off unsaid in death. A select few, however, end with a comma, their legacy capturing the..

Diplomatic Demeanor and Words
When former U.S. President Bill Clinton visited North Korea last week to bring back home two detained U.S. journalists, his journey was swift and all business.

Where Is Our Bill Clinton?
It was last Wednesday night. I was on night duty, just finishing up the layout of the front page with the photo of the two freed American journalists uniting with their families upon arriving at a Burbank airport in California.

Dark Future of Sejong City
The term ``Sejong'' is usually attached to grand, positive and forward-looking objects such as universities, roads and cultural centers. This practice is seen as an intention to give dignity and grace by borrowing the word from Sejong the Great, th..

Moving Day
Moving is a hassle but sometimes it accompanies just the right amount of joy that soothes an aching back and fills an empty heart.

Measures for Imperial Presidency
President Lee Myung-bak has entered his second year in office, which political observers say is the appropriate time to start a push for full-fledged inter-party talks on constitutional change.

Rain, Respite, Regret
The pouring rain has washed away the city's dirt and gloom and the sun pierces through the gray buildings with an intensity foretelling of the oncoming summer heat.

NIS Slam Dunk
George Tenet is best remembered for his famous phrase, ``the slam-dunk case."

Indifference to Demonstrations
In the past, university students led pro-democracy demonstrations against authoritarian rulers. Only after students bled on the streets, beaten by baton-wielding riot police, and were put in jails, did professors or religious leaders come forward t..

Presidents Success
Not a single president has been successful in South Korea since its modern political system began in the middle of the 1940s. Let alone success, some of them even faced misfortune with most others facing harsh criticism.

Fire That CFO
I don't mean this title exactly as it sounds. After all, a chief financial officer (CFO) at a chaebol conglomerate doesn't have absolute power to hold one exclusively responsible for any boneheaded decision.

Political Doctor
President Lee Myung-bak appears to be a political doctor, unveiling part of his way of thinking about Korean politics. According to his prescription, the political arena has been suffering from three illnesses ideological divide, corruption and ..

MBs Little Bulldozer
Chung Jong-hwan's optimism is infectious. The minister of land, transport and maritime affairs often throws off witty remarks, or bursts into a measured laughter when he parries a thrust of criticism and while mediating a dispute. His critics find ..

What If He Really Didnt Know?
Former President Roh Moo-hyun had never been on good terms with the press. Conservative newspapers showed no mercy to him when he was in office, finding faults with many of his policies.

Private Education and Teachers
Many South Koreans were puzzled in early March, when U.S. President Barack Obama urged his compatriots to look to South Korea to adopt longer school days and after-school programs for American children. ``Our children spend over a month less in sch..

Roh Moo-hyun Lesson
More than 5 million people have paid their last respects to the late former President Roh Moo-hyun at altars set up across the nation. Roh's funeral procession drew tens of thousands of people last Friday, turning the boulevard in downtown Seoul in..

Too Deep to Heal
An aide to former Chairwoman Park Geun-hye of the Grand National Party (GNP) denied a report that she may bid farewell to her right-hand man, Kim Moo-sung.

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