Monday, March 2, 2015 | 2:2 p.m. ET     
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Lone Star & ETS
Call it extra dues one has to pay for living in Korea or take it as a higher law.

A Toast With Makgeolli
When the presidential couple hosted lunch for Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama and his wife, Miyuki, following a summit at Cheong Wa Dae on Oct. 9, the menu included "makgeolli," a traditional Korean rice wine.

Too Many Mea Culpas
Everyone's into apologies these days. Which isn't surprising, considering that a lot of people have a lot for which they should apologize, both publicly and privately.

Zero Sum Game
Looking at the heated debate over whether to abolish elitist foreign language schools, I can't help thinking that we Koreans are never Darwinian evolutionists but rather true believers in Schumpeter's theory of creative destruction with the emphasi..

Gwanghwamun Plaza Blues
Gwanghwamun Plaza sits in the wrong place. In the middle of roads with heavy traffic, it looks awkward and hazardous.

Why We Do Story on Champix
The reason why we are insisting on covering the side effects of Champix, Pfizer's smoking cessation drug, is not to penalize a multinational conglomerate on the basis of anti-globalization sentiment.

Tears of an Elderly
Even in this age of botox, laser treatments and other nip-and-tuck surgeries, the faces of our grandparents, chockfull of white hair, creases and slow smiles, are comforting to the young. The young, either unconsciously or consciously, realize that..

Mayor Ohs Folly
Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon is emulating what his predecessor, President Lee Myung-bak, did when he was the mayor in the lead-up to becoming the holder of the nation's highest office.

Chungs Road Not Taken
President Lee Myung-bak won applause by nominating former Seoul National University President Chung Un-chan as prime minister on Sept. 3. The appointment was a winning card for Lee as it coincided with his latest centrist-pragmatist direction, show..

Why Is Sports Better Than Politics?
Politics and sports are comparable because both are based on competition and produce moments of human triumph that are so moving as to bring spectators to tears.

Apology and Struggles
Chung Mong-joon, chairman of the governing Grand National Party (GNP), has apologized to members of the GNP secretariat for what he called a "thing" he did seven years ago.

SNU Xenophobic?
Seoul National University (SNU) is Korea's top school that has served as breeding ground for the nation's leaders for more than a half century at the peak of its industrialization.

Groups Reign With Scale
Collectivism has reigned in Korea but it's especially dominant in the K-pop scene these days. Flick onto the major channels and one will find it hard to spot a singer on his or her own. The prevailing force in the K-pop scene is groups. For boy ban..

2PM Mess
Was Jae-beom, leader of the popular boy band, 2PM, wrong to write insults about Koreans on his MySpace account four years ago?

Tiger, Yang and KJ
Sports are all about playing catch-up. All records, no matter how invincible they look, are destined to be shattered someday. All sporting greats, without exception, cannot avoid the inevitable: They will eventually be caught by somebody.

Do Grown-ups Really Know Better?
There appears to be little left undone to reform our education system. Whenever a new government takes office, education reform tops their list of priorities. Liberals did what they saw best bringing equality to the system. Ditto with conservati..

Temptation of Populism
Populism, albeit sweet at first, is apt to leave behind evils in the long run. For example, should the government make all university education free to curry favor with students and their parents, the incumbents might get political gains instantly...

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