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Tiresome Battle Over PD Notebook
If a businessman plays a round of golf with a prosecutor, who will pick up the bill? It's the businessman. If a prosecutor goes out golfing with a journalist, who will pay? You know who.

Googles Decision to Withdraw From China
``Remember: first, you have to be in China. Second, if you are in China, you play by their rules, otherwise you will be shown to the door." These are the two main assumptions made by American and Europeans companies on doing business in China.

My Heart Goes Out to Kim Eun-hye
Kim Eun-hye was a star reporter when she worked for MBC TV. Then, she quit her job to join the current Lee Myung-bak administration as a spokeswoman.

Papa Rich and Noblesse Oblige
They each spend more than 10 million won a month in pocket money, own two imported cars of the highest quality and enjoy golfing abroad in their leisure time.

Missing the Bus Too Often
Great nations don't make a habit of missing opportunities. When they do, they are relegated into the league of ordinary nations, often with no prospect of regaining their power.

Getting Beef Soup to People
This year marks the 60th anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War.

Leave the Judges Alone
If you want to hold power for two years, be a president. For four years in power, get elected to the National Assembly on the ticket of a supermajority party. For six years, get an appointment as chief justice of the Supreme Court.

New Year, New Spirit
This year, the year 2010 is a fitting one to come after the long year of dread and hardship that we knew in 2009.

Catch That (French) Thief!
It is high time that Korean diplomats set down their glasses of French wine and show France they have a backbone.

The Winner-Takes-All World
He is the kind of drunk who stands and urinates against a wall in a back alley at night. He jabbers and yells at policemen.

Walk in a Snowstorm
Seoul had nearly a foot of snowfall Monday, a record in 70 years since relevant data first began to be collected in 1937. But, unofficially, weathermen say that it wouldn't be terribly wrong to say it was the heaviest snowfall in a century

Long Live, Ladies!
Ignorant men! Respect and serve women as the new masters of the world because your time at the helm of history is over and theirs has arrived.

Back to Childhood on Two Wheels
A couple of weeks ago, I did what I had wanted to do for a long time; I looked around places where I had spent my childhood and adolescence. I woke up early in the morning on a Sunday and pedaled my bicycle to trace back to my past.

New Year Resolutions
Turning my desk calendar to December, I found I was debating with myself over whether to make a list of New Year's resolutions for the coming year.

DP and Former Members
Those who bolted from the main opposition Democratic Party (DP) are continuing to enjoy more support than DP leaders in the Jeolla provinces, the home turf of the party.

Woman Trouble or Womens Trouble
The title may sound sexist but, if you bear me out for a while, it will be made plain that this column is not.

Wrapping It Up
There is a Korean joke that compares age and driving speed. The joke goes that life in your 20s passes by at 20 kilometers-per-hour, slow as a turtle, while your physical and mental state is turbo-charged to take control of life. Then in your 30s, ..

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