Monday, December 22, 2014 | 6:31 a.m. ET     
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Apology and Struggles
Chung Mong-joon, chairman of the governing Grand National Party (GNP), has apologized to members of the GNP secretariat for what he called a "thing" he did seven years ago.

SNU Xenophobic?
Seoul National University (SNU) is Korea's top school that has served as breeding ground for the nation's leaders for more than a half century at the peak of its industrialization.

Groups Reign With Scale
Collectivism has reigned in Korea but it's especially dominant in the K-pop scene these days. Flick onto the major channels and one will find it hard to spot a singer on his or her own. The prevailing force in the K-pop scene is groups. For boy ban..

2PM Mess
Was Jae-beom, leader of the popular boy band, 2PM, wrong to write insults about Koreans on his MySpace account four years ago?

Tiger, Yang and KJ
Sports are all about playing catch-up. All records, no matter how invincible they look, are destined to be shattered someday. All sporting greats, without exception, cannot avoid the inevitable: They will eventually be caught by somebody.

Do Grown-ups Really Know Better?
There appears to be little left undone to reform our education system. Whenever a new government takes office, education reform tops their list of priorities. Liberals did what they saw best bringing equality to the system. Ditto with conservati..

Temptation of Populism
Populism, albeit sweet at first, is apt to leave behind evils in the long run. For example, should the government make all university education free to curry favor with students and their parents, the incumbents might get political gains instantly...

We Need a Civilian Defense Chief
Defense Minister Lee Sang-hee was a good soldier with a keen judgment and strong leadership. His deputy, Chang Soo-man was a mediocre bureaucrat but with connections to those currently in power.

The Younger, the Better?
The governing Grand National Party (GNP) is expected to undergo a leadership change as Chairman Park Hee-tae said he will run in the Oct. 28 by-elections on the party's ticket.

Kim Jong-il in Seoul
Will North Korean leader Kim Jong-il come to Seoul?

DJ — A Man of Reconciliation
Most deaths end in a period the closure of a life and personal era. Some come with ellipses, meaning what the dead persons have done in life would be better off unsaid in death. A select few, however, end with a comma, their legacy capturing the..

Diplomatic Demeanor and Words
When former U.S. President Bill Clinton visited North Korea last week to bring back home two detained U.S. journalists, his journey was swift and all business.

Where Is Our Bill Clinton?
It was last Wednesday night. I was on night duty, just finishing up the layout of the front page with the photo of the two freed American journalists uniting with their families upon arriving at a Burbank airport in California.

Dark Future of Sejong City
The term ``Sejong'' is usually attached to grand, positive and forward-looking objects such as universities, roads and cultural centers. This practice is seen as an intention to give dignity and grace by borrowing the word from Sejong the Great, th..

Moving Day
Moving is a hassle but sometimes it accompanies just the right amount of joy that soothes an aching back and fills an empty heart.

Measures for Imperial Presidency
President Lee Myung-bak has entered his second year in office, which political observers say is the appropriate time to start a push for full-fledged inter-party talks on constitutional change.

Rain, Respite, Regret
The pouring rain has washed away the city's dirt and gloom and the sun pierces through the gray buildings with an intensity foretelling of the oncoming summer heat.

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