Tuesday, March 3, 2015 | 1:37 p.m. ET     
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We Need a Bush
When I was five or six years old, I had a fire-engine red, one-seat coupe with 007 written in white on its sides. I often peddled around in it, checking out my neighborhood.

Truth Submerged Under Secrecy
While I worked the night shift last Friday, I received a phone call from a woman just 20 minutes from deadline.

Who Paid for Moodys Dinners?
The other day, I stumbled upon an article in the Maeil Business Paper about how Korean officials lobbied Moody's delegation, which in turn led it, one of three global rating agencies, to upgrade Korea's national credit level.

Proposal for Museum on Dokdo
Expectations were high after Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama from the Democratic Party of Japan took office last September, following decades of rule by the Liberal Democratic Party, as he placed emphasis on Asia and relations with neighbori..

Lee Kun-hee vs. Steve Jobs
The American information technology hero has given the world iPods and iPhones. Before that, the 55-year-old born to a Syrian-born father and adopted by American parents was one of the pioneers opening up the age of personal computing in the 1970s.

Waiting for the Right Time
Sometimes, when the time is right, things that we thought would never arrive finally do. After an unusually cold winter the remnants of which we are still feeling the harbingers of spring are here. In the South, cherry blossoms are in full bl..

About Change
I recently moved to the Business Desk due to a company reshuffle.

Back to the Past
From the ghost of inflation to the specter of a property bubble, Korea has been haunted by various kinds of ghosts. Among them, McCarthyism is the most diehard and frequent phantom.

Lets Give Yu-na Long Vacation
The suggestion in the title of this article won't be as easy to fulfill as it sounds but, nonetheless, if one had tried to listen, not to what she said but what she meant during a news conference after the 2010 World Figure Skating Championships in..

Ominous Signs From N. Korea
Early in the morning every Saturday, KBS 1TV broadcasts ``North Korea Now,'' a 25-minute program that introduces propaganda clips produced by North Korea along with the latest news on the reclusive country. KBS says the program is intended to help ..

Give Back Books or Give Me Carla
Can Europe reverse the pulling force of the gravity of history and rejuvenate itself?

Intl Standard on Substitute Holiday
Many salaried workers shared the feeling that they were shortchanged by the last Lunar New Year's public holiday, as it overlapped with a Sunday. To their dismay, June 6 Memorial Day, Aug. 15 Liberation Day and Oct. 3 Foundation Day also fall on Su..

Seeing Sense
I woke up to see Seoul turned into a white fairytale land. Everywhere I looked there was snow, and lots of it, as we head to mid-March. The erratic climate personally makes me think how nature can be so unpredictable. And just like nature, how life..

Bad Apple
I don't find fault with what some say were "silly" questions that Evan Ramstad, Seoul correspondent for The Wall Street Journal, asked Finance Minister Yoon Jeung-hyun during a briefing at the Foreign Correspondents Club (FCC) on Monday.

Republic of Seoul
A huge banner reading "Welcome Redevelopment!" is often hung in front of old housing units or apartment complexes, a sign that can be seen only in Korea.

Proud President Gets C+
I wouldn't blame President Lee Myung-bak if he feels people are ungrateful for what he has done over the past two years as head of state.

Free Lunch
The adage ``There's no such thing as a free lunch'' is generally accepted as most people think nothing is free and that somebody is paying for the lunch of others.

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