Thursday, July 28, 2016 | 7:31 p.m. ET     
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Glocalization revisited
What is the key to success for a company when it starts conducting business in another country? There are many cases of rises and declines of foreign companies doing business here. Also, numerous domestic firms undergo similar experiences in overse..

Changes THAAD can bring
China and Russia are growing increasingly anxious over a joint decision between South Korea and the United States to deploy a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) battery here. Their state media produce reports about possible consequences of..

In defense of Na Hyang-wook
Poor fellow! The past two weeks or so must have seemed like two decades for Na Hyang-wook. Na, former chief of the Education Ministry's policy planning bureau, has become the most dissed person in Korea since the fateful dinner he hosted for two jo..

Surge of female politicians
In the chaotic environment following Brexit, female politicians came to the fore in Britain in the race to succeed former Prime Minister David Cameron. And now the countrys second female Prime Minister Theresa May is set to take office Friday. Th..

'Brexit' vs. 'Korexit'
Some Korean pundits and journalists are now talking about Korexit after Britons voted for Brexit to leave the European Union (EU) last month. Korexit, an abbreviation of Korean exit, appears to make no sense as Korea is not a member of an..

Time for 'Korexit'
Over the past two decades, neo-liberalism and its core concepts of unfettered trade, market supremacy and limitless competition have been the golden rules for Korea's governing elite. So, the Britons choice two weeks ago to leave the European Uni..

Have you eaten?
In Korea, one of the most common greetings is Have you eaten?It is not really to ask whether the person had a meal: it is just to ask whether he or she is doing fine.

One-hit wonderland
Game of Thrones, the fantasy drama series which HBO premiered in April, 2011, is currently airing episodes from its sixth season and is scheduled to broadcast its seventh season next year. NCIS, a police drama revolving around special agents..

Turning nation backward
President Park Geun-hye has a knack for putting everything backward. Under Parks governance of three-and-a-half years, economic policy has returned to the pre-1997 Asian financial crisis era, favoring the chaebol at the expense of workers. Democr..

In search of family roots
Out of curiosity about my integrity, I have been longing to know about the origin of my family. Fortunately enough, along with three others who have the same family name as mine (Shim), I recently had a chance to visit a small village in Huizhou, Z..

Why China is not trusted
China appears to have a new game plan for North Korea. As the six-party talks remain dormant, China is now trying to persuade the United States to sign a peace treaty with North Korea so the latter can choose the path toward denuclearization.

From UN chief to Korean president?
Politicians often say one thing and do another. Still people forgive them and forget what they have said and done considering the professions characteristics. If some well-known appointed officials do the same, however, the public will have an..

Total inspection
There is a heightened occurrence of the government declaring a total inspection, rather than the usual sample surveys this year. In the wake of the fleeing by an 11-year-old from abusive parents late last year, total inspections of preschoolers and..

Shipwreck and biocide woes
I still remember that Pyo Chang-won, a former professor at the Korean National Police University, described the Sewol ferry tragedy as a massacre by the state right after the nations worst maritime disaster took place on April 16, 2014.

Respond, 1998
During an unprecedented economic crisis that hit Korea in 1998, 1.3 million people lost their jobs amid massive restructuring. Now this dreaded word is again on the lips of politicians, bureaucrats, academics, managers and unionists.

Ignorance saved life
A new joke these days - when a person coughs, others say, Did you use a humidifier disinfectant? This satirizes the nation's worst biocide crisis, the toxic disinfectant scandal into which the prosecution's investigation is ongoing.

Preventing childhood obesity
The government has recently announced that it will overhaul its health checkup system for grade school students. The Ministry of Education said that the annual checkup will focus on early prevention of childhood obesity, as an increasing number of ..

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