Sunday, May 29, 2016 | 8:32 p.m. ET     
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Shipwreck and biocide woes
I still remember that Pyo Chang-won, a former professor at the Korean National Police University, described the Sewol ferry tragedy as a massacre by the state right after the nations worst maritime disaster took place on April 16, 2014.

Respond, 1998
During an unprecedented economic crisis that hit Korea in 1998, 1.3 million people lost their jobs amid massive restructuring. Now this dreaded word is again on the lips of politicians, bureaucrats, academics, managers and unionists.

Ignorance saved life
A new joke these days - when a person coughs, others say, Did you use a humidifier disinfectant? This satirizes the nation's worst biocide crisis, the toxic disinfectant scandal into which the prosecution's investigation is ongoing.

Preventing childhood obesity
The government has recently announced that it will overhaul its health checkup system for grade school students. The Ministry of Education said that the annual checkup will focus on early prevention of childhood obesity, as an increasing number of ..

US presidents and the Koreas
Few South Koreans, either pro- or anti-American, would deny the profound influence U.S. presidents exert on our nation's diplomacy and economy. We need look no further back than 2000. Had Al Gore, not George W. Bush, occupied the White House and ta..

Iran as El Dorado and restructuring
Will Iran be an El Dorado for the ailing Korean economy? Spurred by President Park Geun-hye's visit there, expectations have been growing over Tehran's possible role as savior of an economy suffering from multiple problems.

Fate of Kim Jong-un
As North Koreas nuclear brinkmanship escalates, one interesting question is being raised: How long will the Kim Jong-un regime exist? The leader, whose age is believed to be between 32 and 35, has executed several figures he thought could be pote..

Tragedy is not over yet
Two years have passed since one of the most tragic - and strangest - maritime disasters in Koreas history threw the nation into shock and sadness. It was sad because the sinking of the 6,825-ton ferry, Sewol, drowned 304 people, most of them 11th..

Ownerless politics
Diverse interpretations are coming forth regarding the outcome of the April 13 general election. In elections deemed an evaluation of President Park Geun-hyes administration over the past four years, the two opposition parties, the Minjoo Party o..

Restructuring should come first
The parliamentary election is over, so now it is time to leave the factional strife over candidate nominations and partisan struggles behind and move forward to a better future.

To vote or not to vote
If government pollsters are right, up to 28.51 million Koreans will go to the polls today to elect the 20th National Assembly. This number assumes that 66 percent of the 43.21 million eligible voters will cast their ballots, including the 12.2 perc..

Working mom blues when children start school
My girl started school in March. Even years before the enrollment, I was already repeatedly told that the first month of school is the deciding period in the child's - and the mother's - six-year elementary school life. (I'm not saying parents ..

Strange election
Political commentators have called the current 19th National Assembly the worst parliament ever, extremely unproductive and dysfunctional. I will bet my bottom dollar that the 20th Assembly is likely to be even worse.

'Descendants' stirs kaleidoscopic feelings
The Korean drama Descendants of the Sun is currently all the rage, to the point that President Park Geun-hye finally commented on it at a presidential office meeting Monday. In a meeting with her senior secretaries, Park said that Descendants..

Reviving the habit of reading
Reading is an essential element of people's education and careers, and consequently, a nation's competitiveness. But more than that, reading promotes people's imagination and creativity, while entertaining them and enriching their lives.

Look ahead with anger
University campuses these days are more lively and jovial than at any other time of the year. Its not only spring flowers that brighten up the campuses of March, but fresh faces beaming with hopes and expectations for college life.

My type of AI
The match of the 21st century between top go player Lee Se-dol and artificial intelligence program AlphaGo that the world has been anticipating has begun. AlphaGo, a computer program developed by Google's DeepMind Technologies, is capable of develo..

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