Friday, August 22, 2014 | 10:43 p.m. ET     
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Pope and his message for Koreans
For many people, Pope Francis' visit offered precious opportunities for healing. The biggest beneficiaries may have been the families of the victims of April's Sewol ferry tragedy. I hope the elderly women who, as young girls, were forced into sexu..

'Seoul Chic'
The screams from fans when G-Dragon appeared on stage on Aug. 9 in a special edition of M!Countdown held as part of KCON2014 in Los Angeles was deafening. The leader of the K-pop group Big Bang was performing solo but the fans at the 15,000-seater ..

Hazing deaths disturbingly unsurprising
How the young victims died was undeniably shocking. But their deaths were equally disturbing because they felt probable.

'Five Bandits'
The sinking of the overloaded ferry Sewol reminds me of Five Bandits written by poet and writer Kim Chi-ha.

How to face death
The polices sudden announcement about the death of Yoo Byung-eun, the de factor owner of the ferry Sewol, caught people off-guard. Despite scientific evidence submitted by investigators like DNA samples and a fingerprint, there are still lingerin..

Travelers without passports
Under what circumstances could you travel from country to country without a passport?

Old wine in new bottles
President Park Geun-hye's Cabinet minister nomination fiasco has ended up reinstating Prime Minister Chung Hong-won who had resigned over the April 16 Sewol ferry disaster. It is regrettable that two nominees for prime minister had to withdraw thei..

Park must learn from King Jeongjo
A controversy involving Moon Chang-keuk is fading following the withdrawal of his nomination for prime minister on Tuesday. He had been the focus of public attention for 14 days after he was tapped by President Park Geun-hye for the post. Surprisin..

A dose of resilience
The angst began before the game. It was over the choice among the three main channels of SBS, KBS and MBC - which respectively cast stars of the 2002 World Cup Games - to watch Koreas game against Russia in Cuiaba, Brazil.

Old habits die hard
The Sewol ferry disaster reminds me of an adage, Old habits die hard, as little has changed since the ship sank off the southwestern coast on April 16. The nation is still in grief over the worst maritime catastrophe in two decades that claimed..

President should change first
President Park Geun-hye on Tuesday unveiled a plan to create a new deputy premier post to be in charge of education, social and cultural affairs. Park's decision is noteworthy because of her willingness to further empower the Cabinet in handling th..

Age may matter this time
"Age is just a number" is a mantra that consoles many living in the ultra-modern 21st century. But against the background of the upcoming June 4 local elections, age may be more than only a number this time around. In an interesting development, th..

1997 crisis and Sewol tragedy
The sinking of the ferry Sewol reminds me of the 1997 Asian financial crisis which forced Korea to go cap in hand to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for a rescue package. The maritime disaster and the financial turmoil have much in common, gi..

They sowed the seeds of love
The sadness of the bereaved families who lost their beloved children in the Sewol ferry tragedy is beyond imagination. Some may say their hearts are broken, while others say it feels like their hearts are pierced by a dagger.

Tragic wake-up call from Sewol
It's hard to watch the news since April 16. But then again, its also hard not to watch the news when approximately 200 people remain missing from the 6,825-ton ferry Sewol in the waters off Jindo Island, South Jeolla Province.

Online retailer's foul play
The musical "Mamma Mia" featuring a cast from London came to a close at a Seoul theater on March 23 after nearly four months of performances.

Give the President a break
A man is supposed to see dirt in another's eyes, even though he is unable to see his own eyes. A woman picks up stones to change society in her 20s, raises eyebrows to change her husband in her 30s, wields sticks to change her son in her 40s and fi..

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