Friday, July 3, 2015 | 7:39 p.m. ET     
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Public apologies in 1st half of 2015
The first half of the year has already passed. What for you are the most memorable Korean news stories from the past six months? Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS)? North Korean leader Kim Jong-un? The wedding of actors Won Bin and Lee Na-youn..

Prevention is better than cure
The Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) outbreak has raised the question of how well Korea is prepared to protect and treat its people from such a deadly, contagious disease.

Park in MERS crisis
When people don't know what you're doing, they don't know what you are doing wrong, says Sir Humphrey Appleby in the British television show Yes, Prime Minister, which was broadcast between 1980 and 1988. A permanent secretary and spoiled po..

'Losing' fight against prostitution
The Constitutional Court is currently holding public hearings to make a ruling on whether the country's anti-prostitution law is constitutional. The court wants to make a ruling by the end of this year, but debates could drag on another year given ..

Tourism sector needs creativity
The Shinsegae Department store in downtown Seoul has been a fixture on the citys landscape for generations. The iconic edifice first opened as a Mitsukoshi Department Store in 1929, the first such store in South Korea. Later acquired by Shinsegae..

Denial tactics
Korean politicians are infamous for categorically denying any allegations against them whenever a graft scandal emerges. They usually do not hesitate to tell lies to avoid criminal charges. A case in point is the ongoing bribery scandal related to ..

Let's not wait for Abe's apology
By refusing to apologize for Japan's atrocities during World War II during his April 29 speech at the U.S. Congress, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was once again trying to bury his head in the sand and consequently facing backlash.

Consequences of risky bets
The No. 1 rule for all stock investors is to never buy stocks with borrowed money.

Dementia, social media, compassion
A recent news from Busan caught my eye. Last Saturday, the Busan police said they located a missing 70-something woman suffering from dementia within two hours after posting her photo and description on Facebook.

Let's not forget Sewol
It was sad to see the families of the victims of the Sewol ferry shipwreck boycott President Park Geun-hye's visit to the memorial altar in Paengmok Harbor, Jindo, South Jeolla Province, April 16 on the first anniversary of the nation's unprecedent..

Shadow of 'energy diplomacy'
The suicide of a business tycoon has caught the nation by surprise. Sung Woan-jong, former chairman of Keangnam Enterprises, had been under prosecution investigation as the prime target of the much-disputed energy diplomacy projects conducted u..

In Korea, there is a common joke that while the president changes every five years, chaebol last forever. Korean presidents, in the days after their inauguration, have been vowing to reform chaebol. Several decades have come and gone, and yet, no p..

Forsythias in bloom
With my shoulders stumped against the lingering cold, yellow and micro-fine dust, I might have almost passed by that burst of yellow normally seen around this time of the year. The burst of yellow is none other than forsythias or golden bells, ..

'Corrupt mind'
It is unprecedented that a law faces review for its alleged unconstitutionality immediately after its passage. The law in question is the landmark anticorruption bill that won parliamentary approval on March 3.

Sherman and anti-Americanism
Fresh from a brutal attack, U.S. Ambassador to South Korea Mark Lippert left Yonsei Universitys Severance Hospital Tuesday, recovering from the wounds to his face and hand. In a formal and smart suit, he thanked the Korean people for their warm w..

Data breach still haunting
Last month, prosecutors indicted six former and incumbent executives of Home plus, including its current CEO Do Sung-hwan, on charges of illegally selling customer data to insurance firms. The prosecution claimed the company collected the personal ..

A new kind of young
Recently, to my dismay, my long-time masseuse retired after more than 30 years in the business. I asked her how she felt about retiring in her late 60s - when some peers in her age group are still seeking work - she said she was glad to retire, but..

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