Sunday, April 20, 2014 | 3:16 p.m. ET     
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Online retailer's foul play
The musical "Mamma Mia" featuring a cast from London came to a close at a Seoul theater on March 23 after nearly four months of performances.

Give the President a break
A man is supposed to see dirt in another's eyes, even though he is unable to see his own eyes. A woman picks up stones to change society in her 20s, raises eyebrows to change her husband in her 30s, wields sticks to change her son in her 40s and fi..

What it means to 'some-tada'
Spring is here, interrupting what seemed like a ceaseless winter.

Don't abandon them
News reports about the suicides of a mother and her two daughters shocked the nation several weeks ago.

Tale of two gold medalists
Short-track skater Viktor Ahn has emerged as a national hero in Russia after winning three golds and a bronze in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. No doubt he deserved the fame as he competed to the best of his ability to realize his Olympic dream.

Pompeii and Tokyo
Last Saturday, my wife and I saw the movie, "Pompeii - the Last Day," at a theater near my house. I had been curious about the new film as I still vividly remember the ancient city that I visited 15 years ago. Most appalling was seeing ash-layered ..

Bridging hallyu and history
The main building of the Academy of Korean Studies in Bundang, south of Seoul, bears its vintage on the side of its main entrance: 1977. Just before the founding of the academy.

Do we have privacy?
Several weeks ago, I got an email from a stranger. He was an expat from the United States. He wrote that he came across my information on the professional social network site LinkedIn and wanted to meet me.

Tobacco makers' responsibility
One of the recent big stories in Korea was a decision by the National Health Insurance Service (NHIS) to sue cigarette makers to recover medical expenses paid to treat smoking-related diseases.

Wolves in Wall Street
A recent Holywood movie is drawing attention as it vividly exposes some of the hidden embarrassing aspects of Wall Street. "The Wolf of Wall Street" features stockbrokers excessively obsessed with money. They rush to earn money and become addicted ..

Sexiness gone too far?
One of the main pillar's on which Korean pop stands is sexiness.

Abnormal vs. normal
What is it that separates the abnormal from the normal? Can we tell the difference between the two in absolute terms?

Better protect whistleblowers
I attended an award ceremony hosted by Transparency International (TI) Korea on Dec. 9, the United Nations' International Anti-Corruption Day.

'Stay hungry, stay foolish'
"Too much is as bad as too little."

Uncompromising leader
I was having noodles for dinner with one of my friends on Dec. 13, the day the execution of Jang Song-thaek, the uncle of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, made headlines.

Diversity over multicultural Korea
My first exposure to a different culture came in fourth grade, when I moved to New York City in the middle of the school year, and suddenly jumped to the fifth grade because of the difference in the school system. At the public school, I met classm..

Agony of tenants
An increasing number of tenants are bearing the brunt of soaring rental housing deposits despite the continuing property market slump.

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death toll: 56
Rescuers fight time to find hundreds missing in sunken ferry
Survivors of sunken ferry show serious signs of depression: hospital
Captain of sunken ferry, two other crewmembers arrested
Sunken ferry's operator involved in numerous accidents: records
Rescuers fight time to find hundreds missing in sunken ferry
Saudi Arabia to build world's tallest tower rising 1km
Gov't considering declaring special disaster zone over ferry sinking
No imperial dinner for Obama?
N. Korean leader slams S. Korea-U.S. air drill