Monday, November 30, 2015 | 6:47 p.m. ET     
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Hanging onto president's every word
Three years into her single five-year tenure, President Park Geun-hye is garnering much attention with her comments on a range of issues, from the renationalization of history textbooks and the string of legislative bills awaiting approval at the N..

Let historians do the job
The controversy over the governments push for state-published history textbooks has raised a fundamental question: Why do we have to learn history? The answer is simple. History education aims to enable both the nation and the people to learn les..

'How's life?'

 Chaebol must change
South Korea has been overly dependent on large family-controlled conglomerates, or chaebol, for economic growth. In terms of efficiency, the chaebol-oriented policy has worked. Once among the poorest countries in the world, South Korea quickly beca..

Drama continues in NE Asia
In a previous column, I wrote about how a picture is worth a thousand words - I was referring to an image of President Park Geun-hye sharing the stage with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin at a Sept. 3 ceremony mark..

Danger of hospital infections
The health authorities have suffered another setback in their fight against Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) after the last released patient tested positive again for the virus. This will inevitably delay their plan to declare the country fr..

Mayor following predecessors
When former Seoul Mayor Lee Myung-bak announced his plan to turn an elevated road into a stream through downtown, not many welcomed the idea. Citizens were concerned about the terrible traffic congestion that the removal of the overpass would bring..

Myth about inter-Korean summit
The inter-Korean summit has largely become a political myth for most South Koreans regardless of whether they are liberals or conservatives.

New times for Korea and Northeast Asia
On a recent visit to the United States, I was mildly surprised to hear Americans inquiring about North Korea and security issues rather than K-pop singer Psys hit single Gangnam Style. Ha! The predominant perceptions about Korea have not chang..

'Curse of skyscraper'
I went to the Han River Park in Jamsil, southeastern Seoul, on Sunday night. It was nice to breathe cool, fresh air in the early autumn night two weeks before the Chuseok holiday. What caught my eye was the near-completed Lotte World Tower, which d..

Learning to forgive
The drama series "Make a Woman Cry" that recently aired on local television grabbed viewers' attention for its intriguing plot, recording an impressive 25.5 percent viewers rating.

Embracing gays
Hong Seok-cheon is a well-known gay celebrity in Korea

Chung Myung-whun's odd swan song
Conductor Chung Myung-whun has professed several times his wish to discontinue his tenure with the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra (SPO) through media interviews in recent months.

What statistics say after 70 years
Koreans often say that the passage of 10 years would change mountains and rivers. This certainly applies to the country seven decades after gaining its independence. Today is as good a time as any to take stock of Koreas progress and problems.

What Lotte owes to people
When I was in middle and high school in the 1970s, I often wondered why the National Library of Korea building stood at the foot of Mount Nam, denying schoolchildren easy access to it.

Hurdle of chaebol
The ugly family feud over the reins of Lotte Group has reignited long-simmering public anger against chaebol, or family controlled conglomerates. Politicians are capitalizing on the public sentiment to bash Lottes owner family - and some are goin..

Opposition party's self-reform
Overwhelmed in the past few months by Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, the power struggle inside the ruling Saenuri Party and the alleged hacking by the National Intelligence Service, Korea has not paid much attention to the main opposition New Po..

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