Saturday, October 22, 2016 | 10:26 p.m. ET     
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Sino-US big deal
As North Koreas nuclear development becomes an acute threat to the United States, China is finding it increasingly difficult to play a double game over its bellicose neighbor. While dragging its feet in joining international sanctions against Pyo..

Similarities between US, Korean elections
As the campaigning for U.S. presidential election enter its last phase, its irrefutably becoming clear that Americans may well be choosing among two candidates that they do not necessarily like. Or maybe for some voters, the choice is now easier ..

Disband chaebol lobby
In 1998 when Korea was reeling from its worst financial crisis, the Kim Dae-jung administration began to reform its main culprit, finally: the family-run conglomerates, called chaebol. The Federation of Korean Industries (FKI), their lobby organ, p..

Zero tolerance for corruption
It has been only a week since the anti-graft law, better known as the Kim Young-ran Act, went into effect; so it is too early to tell whether it is a success or a failure. The sure thing is that the nation should implement the law smoothly and fait..

Simple words, 'I'm sorry'
Choi Yun-ju lost her nine-year-old girl in an alleged medical malpractice in 2014. For more than two years since, she has struggled to revise a relevant law, according to which a government-run arbitration body could not start the mediation process..

US elections and Koreans
With the first of three debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump over now, the U.S. presidential elections are in their final stage. Few can yet tell for sure which of the two candidates will be the 45th president of the United States 41 da..

Why don't you get married?
Koreans celebrated a long weekend Chuseok holiday last week. Chuseok, often compared to American Thanksgiving, is one of the most celebrated and festive holidays in Korea. This holiday is a time of the year that reconnects and brings families toget..

It's the President, stupid
President Park Geun-hye is well known for her restrained language. At a National Security Council meeting Saturday in the wake of North Korea's fifth and latest nuclear test, however, Park said, Kim Jong-un's state of mind has gone out of contro..

Toward transparent, fair society
The controversial Kim Young-ran Act, or anti-graft law, has been the talk of the town before it takes effect Sept. 28. The Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission (ACRC), which introduced the law, has unveiled a list of 49,919 organizations who..

NK's evolving threats
This year alone, North Korea has conducted missile tests 15 times - all in violation of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolutions. The tests, which were mainly with Rodong and Musudan mid-range ballistic missiles with ranges up to 3,00..

Reconsider THAAD
I first visited the United States in 1990 at the relatively late age of 35, especially for an English newspaper reporter. Throughout the 15-day trip to do an in-depth report on the U.S. nuclear power industry, what surprised me and other first-time..

Terror on roads becoming new reality
Have you noticed a recent change in the behavior of some drivers on the road? Before and even now to some extent, Korean drivers were known for not signaling when they want to change lanes and tailgating. Lately more often than not, this reporter w..

Night college fiasco
Ewha Womans University students are continuing their sit-in to call for the resignation of President Choi Kyung-hee even after she scrapped a controversial plan to create a night college for working women.

Ramblings on Olympics
Last Sunday, I was watching a Major League Baseball game on TV while sipping my beer. My wife came to me and said, How can you not watch the Rio Olympics while our athletes are using all their strength for the nation?

Inconvenience for improved safety
One Sunday afternoon in mid-July, my eight-year-old daughter developed a high fever _ more than 39 degrees Celsius _ that refused to go down despite giving her a fever reducer. So we headed to Severance Hospital, the nearest big hospital with a sep..

Vacation, interrupted
Its vacation time, the time of the year many office workers have been waiting for. Some people have planned their summer getaway months ahead so they can enjoy the time away from their workplace under the most suitable conditions. Amidst the exci..

Corruption in the name of custom
I started my career back in 1981 covering a major government office for an English paper. A month after I began working, the lady at the pressroom gave me an envelope with 50,000 won ($45) - which could easily be the equivalent of 150,000 to 200,00..

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