Sunday, October 22, 2017 | 12:1 a.m. ET     
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Didn't NK know of B1-B flight?
The United States validated its insistence on having a military option in dealing with North Korea last month by flying two B1-B strategic bombers along the East Coast of North Korea. These bombers had flown farther north of the inter-Korean border..

Tips for a happy kitchen
Food has become very important in Korean culture. There is a flood of TV shows that revolve around eating and cooking. By watching such shows, a person is likely to develop an interest in making something for themselves. That is how I started to ge..

North Korea's winning strategies
I dont completely buy into the idea that North Korea is capable of taking the bigger and stronger South Korea, whether it has nuclear weapons or not. Certainly, the North has gained new asymmetric power that affects the current balance of power. ..

Trump must read T. Friedman
My name is Kim Tae-gyu, the business editor of The Korea Times. I am writing you to recommend a book which impressed me. Let me begin with a distinguished U.S. citizen. I am not a big fan of Thomas Friedman, the journalist and writer of such bestse..

Preventing juvenile crimes
A recent photograph showing a teenage girl kneeling on the ground soaked in blood, beaten by her peer group shocked the nation. The 15-year old victim was abused for more than an hour by four other teenage girls who inflicted severe wounds on her f..

Modify engagement policy toward N. Korea
Will war break out in Korea? This is a question I get often these days. Like most people here staying calm despite rattling dispute over North Koreas repeated firing of missiles, I have remained largely negative over the possibility of war on ..

How US pullout could take place
To tweak Mao Zedongs phrase, few would disagree that the United States is comparable to lips that protect teeth, which is South Korea. The ROK-U.S. alliance was forged in blood when Americans came to the Souths rescue when North Korea, backed b..

US needs to talk to N. Korea
The United Nations Security Council has unanimously adopted a new package of sanctions against North Korea in response to its sixth nuclear test. The general consensus among North Korea experts, however, is the sanctions will not change the rogue n..

Would nuclear weapons make us safer?
It has become popular for Korean businessmen and bureaucrats to argue that Korea needs to have its own nuclear weapons in order to assure its security. The change in thinking has been aided by a series of high-profile editorials in the Korean media..

Rise of popular sovereignty
Popular sovereignty is not a concept often put forth in Korea. In its compressed modern history after the Korean War, a can-do spirit pushed the once war-devastated small country toward prosperity and democracy, and on that journey, popular and..

Better lives for North Korean women
I served as a judge for an English speech contest for North Korean defectors Saturday. The event gave me a rare opportunity to have a better understanding of womens lives in the North. Seven defectors, five women and two men, delivered speeches u..

Ruth Benedict was wrong on China
The unprecedentedly strong tsunami and the resultant meltdown of the Fukushima nuclear reactors on March 11, 2011, caught me by surprise. More stunning were the responses of the Japanese. Putting aside their nuclear contamination woes, they refused..

Rise of streaming media
The English dictionary defines ubiquitous as existing or being everywhere, especially at the same time or omnipresent. This description applies to the information society that the Korean government has been pursuing since it announced the..

'The Battleship Island' and Japan's apology
Controversy is brewing over the blockbuster The Battleship Island. It portrays the misery faced by the Koreans who were forced to work in the coal mines of the hellish Hashima Island during World War II. The film has attracted more than 4 mi..

Moon's N. Korea approach
North Korea is showing signs of preparing to launch a ballistic missile yet again very soon - this time probably using a submarine. The harsh reality facing South Korea is that it has few options to counter the Norths additional provocation. The ..

Asia's hot desserts now
Asian desserts are becoming noticeably more available in Korea. In my neighborhood alone, there are several stores selling Taiwanese pastries and Hong Kong drinks that were not there a few months ago. Desserts are some of my favorite small luxuries..

'People-centered growth'

By Park Yoon-bae

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Didn't North Korea know of B1-B flight?
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Singer-actor Choi Si-won apologizes for death of neighbor bitten by family dog
North Korea's top university to admit more foreign students
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