Friday, October 31, 2014 | 9:50 p.m. ET     
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Second draft frustrations
I got about 30,000 words into the second draft of the novel I am writing about my time in South Korea when I hit a brick wall. I realized that I am torn about what approach to take with the novel and that I needed to give it a great deal more thoug..

Out of routine
They switch their positions at school; anybody can be either a teacher or a student. Someone needs your knowledge and you also use theirs. In other words, I learn what I don't know and teach what I do. People call it "Blessed School."

A time to punch bully in the nose
North Korea has long proved itself a masterful manipulator of global public opinion. In 2013, the world has been subjected to examples of this skill, almost relentlessly.

Frank Tedesco, my Peace Corps friend
I am delighted to learn that over 50 former U.S Peace Corps volunteers and their families visited Korea for a Peace Corps Revisit at the invitation of the Korea Foundation from Oct. 13- 18.

Why Abenomics will fail
Abenomics is the buzz: Japans inflating of the market, creation of demand and incentivizing private spending through public spending is a Keynesian dream come true, i.e. debt-driven government activity with hopes of making you shop 'till you drop..

A walk after rain
I was originally going to start by writing, "After the rain I walked alone," but realized that I wasn't alone.

International disaster relief assistance
The Korean government decided to dispatch the Korean Disaster Relief Team (KDRT) with a specialized seven-member squad to Cambodia as a result of a Vietnam Airline crash in which 21 Korean passengers perished.

Cut your loss now
Let go of your lingering attachment to your loss, you would gain thousands. This is one of the stock market proverbs, which means you should lose some in order to avoid a bigger loss in the future.

Winds of three skirts
Many Japanese men have the pleasing illusion that Korean women are the most beautiful among the three oriental countries. Some Chinese men, too, have a somewhat similar fantasy. They are sweet.

Story of a gisaeng named Iltahong
"Gisaeng" was one of the lowest social classes during the Joseon Kingdom. They entertained noblemen or rich men with alcohol, dancing, singing, or playing instruments in front of them, sometimes making poems or drawing pictures.

Lunch lessons
I recently had the pleasure of hosting an esteemed medical professional from Europe. He was to be taken to lunch, shown about Jinju Castle, and generally kept in a state of curious distraction so as to attenuate any developing jetlag before he gave..

No danger of default in US
Boasting a $16 trillion-dollar economy and the world's reserve currency, America has alarmed investors as it inches toward a debt ceiling and potential default on interest payments to foreign countries. Yet fears of a default are without merit. Eve..

Children are not small adults, Mr. Hague
Did you know the terms "war" and "armed conflict" are officially different and defined by the number of people killed per year?

Dramatic Big Island of Hawaii
It has been a long time since I last visited the State of Hawaii. My previous visits to the Aloha State were confined only to Oahu, a smaller gathering place among the eight main islands. This time, however, I was given a chance of exploring th..

Control tower for national image promotion
A recent report titled "The Outcome of Regulatory Reforms and Their Limit" released by the Hyundai Research Institute shows that, as far as the standards of government regulations goes, South Korea is at the level of developing nations.

What children want to do
I still remember the fascinating moment that I experienced when I was a third grader of an elementary school in a rural area.

Taxes, taxes and more taxe
I pay my taxes like almost everyone else. I say almost since there are those who spend the greater part of their very affluent lives trying to avoid them.

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