Wednesday, April 16, 2014 | 10:34 p.m. ET     
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Gyeongju-Istanbul Cultural Event
As a fervent lover of Gyeongju, I was delighted to learn that Mr. Naci Saribas, the Turkish Ambassador to Korea, was recently nominated as an honorary ambassador of Gyeongju city, in recognition of his outstanding efforts to strengthen relations be..

My 1st big assignment
Raindrops began to patter on my windows late Monday night. Suddenly, the image of seven junior reporters wearing raincoats, wringing water out of our hair and distributing soaked newspapers, flashed before my eyes. I forced myself to sleep.

Seoul must reinstate ousted whistleblowers
Right after the Korean presidential election of December 2012, the winners of the Transparent Society Award given by Transparency International-Korea were dismissed.

Leaders and their spouses
The first first lady in Korea was Francisca Donner, the Austrian-born wife of Syngman Rhee, the first president of the newly established Republic of Korea in 1948. As if by destiny, she accidentally met her future husband in 1933 at Leman lakeside,..

Barks that could turn into bites
We have since a few weeks ago been bombarded with North Korean threats of imminent attack and may have taken them lightly or otherwise and never thought about the dangers that lurk.

Go back where you came from
The other day, I had a conversation with a dear friend and she said, I should stop complaining about Korea. People tell me if I dont like Korea, I should leave.

Harmony in diversity
Long ago, my Provincial Superior of the religious community advised me to give more priority to the community.

Fallout shelter or wine cellar
A plump young man wearing a black comrade suit was surrounded by several army generals heavily decorated with large insignias on their shoulders and chests.

Focusing on behavior
Many people question why I write against Westerners in many of my articles. They think I should automatically be on their side because I am Western or that there are more important issues in life to discuss.

Trapped in own world
I often see some people trapped in a tiny world that they have created. They are obsessed with it, arguing that it is more valuable and more meaningful than anything else.

Proposal for the Tobin tax
On Nov. 19, 2012, in the midst of the 18th presidential campaigns in Korea, a number of lawmakers put forth a bill proposing a Tobin tax in the National Assembly.

It's still early
Suppose we had a time machine and could send some college students back to the past, 100 years ago - not the top students but students who are struggling to get by, worried about their grades but still muddling through.

Comparing three peoples
It isn't too difficult for me to distinguish the nationality of my next door neighbors in the streets of Seoul as I happen to have Chinese and Japanese cousins.

Sometimes fake is beautiful, too
My daughter lost a glove.

On washing the dishes
One of my favorite chores is to wash the dishes. Every morning, I wash them for over 30 minutes due to my wifes opulent cooking habits. The work makes me happy rather than irritated, because I know how to do it effectively.

'Putinization' of the ruble
Many feared the worst when, in February 2013, rumors began to circulate that Russian Central Bank Chairman Sergei Ignatiev, an independent-minded monetarist, might be replaced by populist economist, Sergei Glazev.

The Same Old Party
Throughout history, one can observe European powers conquering the world, dispensing misery along the way.

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