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Time to revive traditional values
As a continuation of globalization into the 21st century, a cultural community is flourishing among the entire global village. We see public anger brewing over the totally inappropriate handling of the Sewol ferry tragedy. We need to make concerted..

How I learned Korean

 Entering the right exit
"Help me, Lord. Please help me!" This is one of my spontaneous prayers that I often repeat before sleeping these days. "Help me, Lord!" Those young students who died recently in a ferry disaster would have cried and prayed desperately in the same m..

The disaster of sunken ferry
Korea is no longer a weak and isolated country. It now belongs among the most influential nations in the world because it has sufficient economic power to impact global affairs. The most stinging criticism of the last couple of weeks was to compare..

Returning as a contributor
I started to read The Korea Times when I was a college freshman in the distant past. I thought reading this paper everyday would help me become proficient in English. And it did. Looking back, it was an uphill struggle from Day One. My problem was ..

A letter to heaven
To my lovely child who passed away without my goodbye, As a mother, I can hardly contain my grief for the text message you sent in the last moment saying "I love you, Mom." I suffer endless anguish for not answering: "I love you too my baby."

Recollecting Dresden for reunification
The German city of Dresden is near the Czech border, lying on both sides of a broad curve of the Elbe River in southeastern Germany. It is a very enchanting city of Saxon amenities and Slavic origin. There, President Park Geun-hye proposed the grou..

Hope built on tragedy
Last year I wrote an article published in this newspaper about the work of Professor Choi Chang-won. He lives in Dili and has dedicated himself to improving the lives of East Timorese students through his teaching at the National University of East..

Wondering about a perfect weekend
Among the numerous newspapers that I read is one that starts with the letter "F" whose weekend edition happens to come with a supplementary magazine called "how to spend it," all in small letters. What intrigues me most about this supplement is tha..

The tragedy of Sewol-ho
I've always believed that a confession of love inevitably makes the person who receives it happy. This simple sentiment is often used among family members or between significant others in everyday life. "I love you, Mom." "I love you, Sister. Sorry..

Thank you Korea
I arrived in Korea in 2009, under the guidance of global circumstances, having taught English as a second language (ESL) to migrants on the West Coast of the United States, but looking for expanded options with regards to travel and culture. Nearly..

Failures grow
A team of surgeons cut into the belly of a patient with stomach cancer and removed the thyroid gland, while in another operating room of the same general hospital in Korea, doctors cut out the stomach of a patient with a malfunctioning thyroid glan..

The mind with utmost sincerity
A magpie is known to be an architect. It builds its nest on the highest knotty limbs of a tall tree as part of keeping away from natural enemies. Twigs are the main construction materials used. The nests are easily found in downtown areas. But have..

'Justice Awakening' - a must-read
One day recently, whilst listening to a sermon at a church here in Seoul, I heard a particular exhortation that I had never heard before: To "die to the American Dream." It was startling. Should we not work hard to achieve success? As I continued t..

Triple Korean leadership for peace settlement
The Korean people, North and South, are losing the most by failing to end the Korean War as a step toward killing-free unification. Korean leaders, South and North, and their political-military advisers therefore bear the greatest responsibility fo..

A fearful cancer and my life
On March 6, I was admitted to a general hospital to examine whether I had lung cancer. The nine days that I was in the hospital is a novel dotted with shocks, frustration and delight, like non I have ever experienced. I was troubled with a bad coug..

Reflections on sinking of Sewol
Since I learned of the tragic sinking of the Sewol I have been afflicted with a sadness that I cannot shake off. The news reports flashed on the TV screen of the airport limousine upon my arrival in Korea on April 16. Three hundred beautiful high s..

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