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Hong Kong Failing business community

Skeptics fiddle as planet burns
I recently debated the cause of global warming with two friends. They both contend there is no hard scientific evidence to link the rise in Earth's air and water temperatures with human behavior. I am referring to the correlation between manmade CO..

Great, graceful grace in Seattle
It was around noon when I arrived at Tacoma Airport. I had a 10-hour layover in Seattle on my way to New York, which was my final destination.

Universities must go global
Because of the falling birthrate over the past 20 years, Korean universities are in a sink or swim situation. Media reports note that about half South Korea's 352 universities, colleges and technical institutes will have to merge or close. Universi..

The bright side of technology
The last time we met, dear readers, I documented the dark side of technology. This time, in the name of fair and balanced journalism, I will explain how technology helps us.

When obsession with beauty turns ugly
"Let Me In," a reality makeover show, gives plastic surgery to women who believe their social lives are miserable because of their appearance.Almost all the participants are women, but a recent episode featured a skinny young man who had a severe m..

President must act on inquiry into Sewol ferry
I was born in 1959 in the countryside. Six years after the Korean War, South Korea had not completely recovered, but peoples migration for free living and ideological selection from North Korea to South Korea caused social unrest, and the populat..

Subsoil is alive
Every structure needs a foundation. The construction of a foundation, including the process of tunneling to build underground structures, changes conditions in the underlying soil, which may loosen or become denser. The structures weight is never..

Korea's Wild West highways

Education and human life
I read an article entitled "No teacher, no future in this newspaper on Aug. 4, 2014. Written by Choi Tae-hwan, it addressed the realities of the education in Korea today.

Korea is still 'barbaric' in some ways
The son of one of my acquaintances once made his high-profile parents apologize publicly for describing the relatives of people who died in disasters as "barbaric" because they screamed at government officials.

My painful experience in learning English
Korea did not have modern schools until the early 20th century. Before then, there had been primitive schools called "seodang."

'One Less Nuclear Power Plant'
The citizens of Seoul, led by the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) under Mayor Park Won-soon, are setting an example for cities everywhere. In April 2012, the SMG launched a program with the slogan "One Less Nuclear Power Plant," to reduce the c..

Resisting nature's mandate
The leaves of deciduous trees wither and fall before winter sets in. The fallen leaves then become compost and nourish the trees. Annual plants blossom, produce seeds and die out gracefully. In the river, salmons desperately migrate upstream to spa..

Beyond fear
I last saw my aunt at the theater, where we saw the musical "Hedwig" together. She, my mother and I attended the show and ate dinner together. My aunt had been sick for a long time, and she did not look well that day. But, as usual, she never lost ..

What are LTV and DTI?
Since April 1, when the Korean government unveiled a package of measures to boost the housing market, two English abbreviations have made frequent appearances in the headlines of newspapers, magazines and other mass media: LTV and DTI. General read..

Is this the end of English-teaching golden age?
I have fond memories of the time I spent with the English teacher community in Korea. They were a great bunch, until "English fever" started to dissipate and English teaching jobs became scarcer. With the demand for English teaching on the decline,..

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