Friday, July 29, 2016 | 4:47 p.m. ET     
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Age has no time for cowards
The dictionary tells us that a "coward" is a person unable to face danger, pain or hardship because he/she lacks courage. But nobody is born a coward. More likely he/she was shaped by his/her upbringing and surroundings.

Creative economy for Korea
Gautama Buddha once said, Do not believe in anything just because it is said by your teachers and elders but apply your own intellect and then accept it. Buddha's teachings were revolutionary, which spread the ideas of rational thinking and ind..

Exciting times for women's tennis
After Serena Williams Wimbledon victory on July 11, the biggest question in minds of many tennis fans was Will Serena outdo Steffi? Williams made more history at this year's Wimbledon, claiming her 21st Grand Slam title with an easy win over S..

People who seek celebrity's misery
Society seems to be brimming with people who are delighted to hear unfortunate stories about famous names. The newspapers and television stations jumped at the chance to tell us about the "Nutgate" incident involving Heather Cho of Korean Air at JF..

Attitudes toward healthy aging
Looking at pictures taken a couple of decades ago, I cannot help but notice the change in my appearance. I looked at my friends in those pictures, and I could scarcely remember what they looked like when we were young. I do not believe aging to be ..

Differences between Koreans and foreigners (2)
After The Korea Times published my article, some people agreed with most of what I said. Others might think that I was pretty biased. Besides, the producer of the Cafe Seoul podcast wanted to request an interview with me, because my article has bec..

The cuckoo in the woods
It is said that music is a good complement to a party. Likewise, when one strolls along a forest path, the singing of a cuckoo in the woods reaches one's ears merrily. Thus, I think the bird harmonizes the woods. The other day when I took a morning..

Critical thinking
The other day, while I was explaining the meanings and uses of words, I was stunned to find out that most students were not aware of the definition of critical thinking.My surprise was not that they did not know the dictionary meaning, but that..

Balanced thoughts on well-being
I don't remember exactly when it happened but "well-being" and "well-dying" have become two buzzwords in our society. Various institutions, including schools, are trying to guide and educate what well-being and well-dying is like.

Korean marriages in shambles
Until recently, when meeting someone in Korea the first question you would ask was if the person was married. The question would be followed by several questions about the spouse: how the two met, where they got married, what family background they..

My brother's photo
My youngest brother, 51, died last month from cancer. Just before his death, his wife asked me to obtain a photo of him for the funeral. On the way back to the hospital, I reflected on his life with a bitter mind.

Old political jokes
A dozen military generals were attending the People's Defense Commission in Pyongyang. Your Excellency Comrade," said a general who is known as an honest man, still wearing a large army service cap. We all know that Americans will win if we wen..

A passage to Canada
Canada is one of the G7 countries. Its citizens live in an enviable socioeconomic environment thanks to their high per capita income, adequate social security and an excellent public health plan. Canada is also known for clean cities, safe streets,..

Complementing franchise model
Yet another independent coffee shop in Masan, South Gyeongsang Province, has closed its doors for the last time. 4/7 was run by four sisters from a local family which, half a century ago, produced seven girls. Four of those seven siblings poole..

Natural conservation and national power
A month ago I visited the historic Haein Temple. It was crowded with people on the weekend. I looked around the temple and came out, feeling the presence of Buddha. I found Hongryudong Stream that runs along the Sorigil Trail next to the temple. I ..

Unending sad stories
Dear Prime Minister of Japan, my name is Kim Hak-sun. It has been five years since I first testified on the miserable stories of the comfort women-stories the Japanese government has tried to hide. There is nothing to be proud about my past, but I ..

Frida Kahlo, legendary Mexican painter
When we refer to Latin American art, Mexican artists Frida Kahlo and her husband Diego Rivera stand out among Korean art enthusiasts. My fascination for the legendary Mexican painter Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) grew after reading Frida: a Biography o..

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