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Spring delivers many messages
When can we see the richest variety of flowers among the four seasons? Of course, it is spring. Thus, the season is often called the flower season, and it is the season delivering many meaningful messages.

A dangerous curve
Have you ever embarked upon a challenge with friends or colleagues knowing it was certain many of you would receive mediocre results? If this were known from the outset, why go down this road, right? Try telling this to fourth-year university Engli..

South Africa's Ubuntu philosophy
South Africa appears to me as a Rainbow Nation that has managed to unify its diverse cultural, racial and ethnic groups, while promoting hope and a brighter future in the post-apartheid era, as opposed to its former divisiveness based on racial dis..

Iran nuclear deal and North Korea
In comparing the U.S., Iran and their nuclear agreement signed April 2, and Washington's dealings with North Korea, there are generally two kinds of reactions. First, being skeptical, the lessons from North Korean nuclear deals imply further proble..

A blessing in disguise
We suffer misfortunes from time to time. However, some misfortunes unexpectedly turn into good fortunes, and such a misfortune is called a blessing in disguise. Consider the following cases:

Seoul Subway Line 9 extension
March 28, 2015 was an important day in my life. As an ordinary Seoul metropolitan subway rider, now old enough to qualify for free fares, I have been waiting for a new subway station to be completed adjacent to my house for 33 years, which is the a..

India's North Korean relatives
There is a mythical story regarding the marriage of a Princess named Suriratna from Ayodhya in India to a Korean King Kim Suro in 48 A.D. The Indian Princess was later known as Queen Heo Hwang-ok and a large number of people of "Gimhae Kim" clan in..

When the tiger smoked
"Excuse me, but how old are you?" I used to answer this question with the words "Older than you." But recently I have come up with another rejoinder. "Let's put it this way," I say. "I've smoked A LOT of cigarettes with the tiger."

Certain facts of life
Click. The smart key in my bag didnt seem to work, so I took it out and pressed the button to open my car. The door opened, but when I hit the start button it didnt budge. I inserted the key into the slot, thinking the distance between the slot..

The spring of changes
Its finally spring. Winter was harsh for many living in Korea and this spring in particular brings a lot of hope. This winter, almost half the adult population in Korea found they no longer had any way of enjoying a cup of coffee and a cigarette ..

A new apartheid in Japan
On February 11, the prominent Japanese author Sono Ayako wrote an opinion piece in the conservative daily Sankei Shimbun. The title was - Let them in, but maintain appropriate distance: Labor shortages and immigrants. Since learning about the ..

Salesgirl at cosmetic counter
One of my grandnieces works at a cosmetic counter of a large store where the smell of French perfume greets visitors. Department stores throughout the world place womens beauty products on the entrance floor.

Change, change, change
This March, I became a freelancer. I had worked full-time in my workplace for more than a year. I liked my job but my life was not sparkling. It was time that a change was necessary. So I decided to work at the same place, but only in the afternoon..

A matter of conscience
When I made the decision to take a job an hour southeast of Seoul in the township of Mohyeon, I envisioned greener pastures, rolling hills, a burbling stream or two, and cleaner air. I knew it wasn't the "countryside," as one person who lived there..

Conservation of forests
The Korean forests that were denuded by the exploitative Japanese colonial rule and the social disorder that followed the Korean War (1950-53) have turned green. Korea is in many ways a reforestation model for the rest of the world.

In Mumbai, no justice, no arrests
In Mumbai city where I was born, the police had an awesome reputation: A pickpocket or house burglary could be traced out in a matter of hours in that city of 10 million people based on the clues of the crime. Bombays police were often compared t..

'Miracle on the Taedong River'
The division of the Korean Peninsula by the Allied Powers in 1945 into two separate zones along the 38th parallel not only led to the establishment of two different political regimes but also two different economic systems. By 1948, the Republic of..

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