Friday, November 27, 2015 | 7:4 p.m. ET     
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Catholic Church's stance on death
Since becoming Pope in March 2013, the new pontiff, Francis, has highlighted the increasing severity of income inequality, focusing on the plight of the poor, and even taking a gentler stance on homosexuality. In doing so, the pope has considerably..

Something to ponder
If you woke up this morning healthy, you are more blessed than the million people who will not survive this week. If you have food in the refrigerator, clothes on your back, a roof overhead and a place to sleep, you are more comfortable than 75 per..

We are eating oil
We are often led to believe the conflict with Islamic extremism is a result of Western aggression towards Muslims. Yet what has become abundantly clear is that most Muslims killed in the Middle East are slain by other Muslims. The real battle is ov..

Two ornamental plants of fall
The symbolic natural messengers representing this rather long fall season (other than diverse maple or gingko trees displaying their bright full foliage and colorful autumnal flower blossoms) are, in general, two ornamental grasses, namely eulalias..

The benefits of learning Korean
There are several benefits to learning Korean. Professionally, speaking Korean can be an asset. Academically, speaking Korean can open a lot of doors. Socially, speaking Korean can lead to a lot of friends and connections. Professionally, speaking ..

Adopt plain packaging for cigarettes
The recent tax hike on cigarettes, nearly doubling the price per pack, is generally considered to have been a bold move by the Korean government. It may seem less so, however, in light of the more drastic measures that have been taken in other part..

An after-school program
Hi, I have just finished a mock test in English. I found my reading comprehension ability to be advanced and easily figured out the words and phrases that I learned through your teaching of editorial ... your program was a great help to me improv..

A glimpse of dystopia
In an earlier article (Oct. 27, 2014), I wrote about Thomas More's Utopia, an imaginary place of near perfection. Another term synonymous with Utopia is Shangri-La, which was coined by James Hilton in his 1933 novel "Lost Horizon.

Fellowship enriches us all
I believe in the power of fellowship however wide disparities of age, religion and gender may be. Any challenges are overcome when we are in the same boat. Like a silk muffler worn in winter, fellowship always warms us.

China's agriculture at crossroads
In China, raising a pig costs about 24 yuan per kilogram, while importing the same pig costs 12 yuan per kilogram. This disparity sums up the state of Chinese agriculture. However, despite all the inefficiency and high costs, there is reason for op..

War seems to continue to exist
In my eight decades of life, Ive observed wars in four different countries; Japan, Korea, Vietnam and Congo, and somehow I feel like Im going to see a fifth. War is not necessarily fighting between two armed groups shooting at each other. The K..

The meaning of solitude
Human beings are predisposed to feel alienation. Why does this phenomenon happen to us? When feeling lonely, I sometimes ask myself what is the root cause, and I make an effort to find a solution. The answer to this question is usually ambiguous in..

Students are more than test scores
This time of year, as the weather turns colder, I notice a similar chill on students' faces. Korean friends have explained that this frosty demeanor is brought on by the impending College Scholastic Aptitude Test(CSAT), or "suneung." The stakes in ..

Sorrowful Sewol stories continue
Lee Ji-sun (not her real name) kisses her father's cheek, "Bye dad," she says, giving him a big smile that showed her prominent tooth. It was a cute moment, her father thought. It was 5 p.m., April 15, when a group of Danton High School students ar..

The state of some literature today
I am currently reading a book by a Japanese man who goes by the name Haruki Murakami. He is a famous writer. He has reached that pinnacle of success that dictates that he can write about what he chooses and the world awaits his next publication wit..

A goosefoot cane for centenarians
On the last day of September, the Nonhyeon 2-dong Community Service Center in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, called my house and asked me to come there and take a stick for a special purpose.

Seoul mayor comes out on gay marriage
Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon recently came out in favor of gay marriage. As I have written in this paper before, I do not care if gays marry and the subject probably affects less than 0.5 percent of this still very conservative population.

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