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Unfinished symphony
July 27, 1953 was a historic day for all Koreans as well as Americans and all other allied nations.

On 60th anniversary of armistice
July 27, 2013 marks the 60th anniversary of the armistice agreement which ended the Korean War.

Han Heung-su, an unsung pioneer
My particular interest in the scholarly work of Han Hung-su comes from my father, Choe Nam-ju (1905-1980), a pioneer in Korean archeology whose work has not yet been widely acknowledged in Korea. The published work of Han Hung-su (1909-?), like my ..

Praise of vanity surgery
This coming winter vacation would be the best time to do it, says mother to her junior year high school daughter. Youd look nice in your year book.

Self-care is weapon against killer diseases
On July 24, around the world, people will celebrate Self-Care. Why is this important? And why should you care?

Another economic storm
Back in 1994, when many Asian economies were still growing like gangbusters, economist Paul Krugman published a provocative article, The Myth of Asias Miracle.

Open letter to President Obama
Americans might not realize it since the only Korean issue the media and politicians seem to focus on is the Norths nuclear weapons, but there are actually problems that are killing thousands of innocent lives on the peninsula each year. Extendin..

Hopes come on a train

User name Park, password The New Yorker
The New Yorker magazines awarding of a spot in its 2013 Summer Fiction Issue to Korean-American writer Ed Park is a big deal for Park. Also, it matters to me, an expat in Korea, befuddled unto desperation by the countrys electronic gadgetry. Th..

NBA is more than sport
The National Basketball Association (NBA) is about more than the sport.

Rape in the Age of Post-Reason
Late last year, the Republican-controlled House passed legislation exempting women from abortion restraints in the case of legitimate rape.

Robotic referees
On July 4, 2005, there was a Champions League final in Istanbul, which is one of the most popular soccer matches in the world.

The truth behind suicide
Korea is one of the fastest changing countries in the world. It has developed over a relatively short period of time. Despite this success, Korea is ranked No. 1 in suicide rates among OECD countries. The rate has gone up dramatically as the natio..

Two villages in DMZ
They were next door neighbors. The villagers were all friendly Koreans who wear similar clothes. They enjoyed farming festivals together and spoke with a tinge of northern accented dialect. The boys knew the pretty girls and the girls had heard of ..

Conservative youth
Korean society has witnessed a new phrase, ``Conservative Youth as young Korean are becoming increasingly politically conservative.

To be a person of keen insight
In the past, ``Time magazine has listed the greatest men in history. The majority were Renaissance men who acquired profound knowledge in more than one field. More to the point, greatness was not just selected on the basis of achievements in thei..

Walk - or run - away from Gaeseong
The South Korean government is on the verge of snatching defeat from the ``jaws of victory as it agreed to reopen the joint Gaeseong Industrial Complex.

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Mother leaves children unattended to have car sex
Man rides naked on Beijing bus
Former model tells of breast surgery to impress husband
Eva Green's nipples deemed too sexy for TV
Schoolgirl chops off friend's head and hand
Economy, credibility top voters' minds
'Groper boss' loses court bid to get his job back
Korea gives up trying to tax pastors, priests and monks
Government admits wasting $5.6 million on robot fish
'Park Geun-hye allure' gone