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The personalities of politicians today
What are the main elements that constitute a human being? The study of this subject belongs properly to the sphere of philosophy, in which I am interested but currently have superficial knowledge of. Anyway, I have learned that a human has three ki..

Modi slips in Seoul
In an attempt to glorify the coming of Narendra Modi on the world stage, the Indian Prime Minister has been saying things that lower the status of the ethnic Indian residing outside of India. Many Indo-Canadians who are also overseas citizens o..

World Education Forum enriches multiculturalism
This week Korea hosts the World Education Forum which is one of the worlds largest education events. Certainly, the international meeting being hosted by Incheon Metropolitan City is both a privilege and a responsibility for Koreas education st..

Mt. Geumgang beckons
The Korean Peninsula has many beautiful mountains, of which the most famous is Mount Geumgang. Many Koreans dream of visiting Mount Geumgang at least once in their lifetime. After the division of the peninsula in 1945, this dream remained unfulfill..

How to get ready for IoT?
The Internet of Things is, as a writer points out in an earlier opinion, a so-called "game-changer," or put otherwise, it is a creative, destructive technology. The IoT can indeed contribute to a better utilization of resources, which has the poten..

Yoon Sang-won and Gwangju May 18 Uprising
We will leave no honors, no love, no fame. We promised to keep working on, long as we shall live streams and mountains remember though the years pass by . . . . .

First-class passengers above the clouds
Having my family in New York, I sometimes make the trip to JFK International Airport. It takes 13 hours to reach New York and 14 hours to return to Incheon International Airport as the plane flies against the westerlies.

To lighten the burden
The creaking wheel needs a drop of oil before it breaks down. Life's journey can be burdened with a heavy load that calls for a dash of humor from time to time to lighten that burden. Here are some samples that may be helpful to fellow travelers.

Will Modi respond to regional demand?
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will start a three-nation tour of China, Mongolia and South Korea this week. According to officials, the visit is mainly aimed at reviving Indias trade and economic relations with East Asian countries given tha..

Respectable leader of Uruguay
In the era of materialism, there is a tendency for people not to release their grasp on anything that they possess due to a sense of honor, wealth, power and authority. The more we possess, the more we want. On the other hand, if people don't have ..

Are you ready for the Internet of Things (IoT)?
As we stride into the ICT (information & communication technology) revolution era, it is important that we keep up with the various abbreviations that are used to describe technological processes and outcomes.

Last quarrel with a demented wife
I had only one memorable quarrel with my wife during my many years with her. She now rests in a sunny slope, overlooking the San Francisco Bay. I first met her during a student picnic in Berkeley. Her snake eyes opened wide and batted (so I thought..

The school curriculum is not all
I have taught sixth-graders English over the past two years. I spend most of the time preventing and responding to students' disturbances, not teaching. Misdiagnosis of lung cancer hindered me from teaching for nearly three months. Some boys kept o..

A chicken-friendly farmer
There is a farmer who raises about 5,000 chickens in Beolgyo, South Jeolla Province. The farmer has raised them carefully for over 20 years. For example, the man rears them to adapt to changes in the weather without adjusting temperature and humidi..

China's economy: panic and optimism
It happens at least once per year: Journalists, economists and gurus of all sorts panic about China. Either there is too much debt, or too little. Either there is too much economic growth, or too little. Either there is a real estate bubble, or the..

Political jokes
What's the difference between Christianity and North Korea? That's easy; in Christianity one is to be sacrificed for all the people, while in the North all the people must sacrifice for one man. So, a North Korean farmer who couldn't endure it anym..

Administrative capitals
I lived in Ankara, Turkey between 1996 and 2000. Istanbul is Turkeys largest city and Ankara is the capital city. In 1923, when the Turkish Republic was founded, Ataturk decided that the capital would be a small village in Anatolia that he named ..

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