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What is the true 'spec'?
"Upgrade your 'spec' during the winter vacation!" "How is his 'spec?'"

My views on Korea's low productivity rate
After the OECD report ranking Korea last in terms of productivity, there has been a proliferation of articles written by expats and Koreans trying to explain the low productivity rate in Korea. Of course, there is a general agreement that it has to..

Once in a while, there are times that I just feel I can't do anything by myself. I become so small and helpless that I even don't know what to do. That is when I take a deep breath and pray. Only then, am I empowered and begin again.

Jeju's April 3 incident
A full-scale Communist revolt on Jeju Island took place on April 3, 1948. Between 30,000 and 80,000 people (10 to 25 percent of the island's population) plus some U.S. military personnel were killed during fighting between various factions on the i..

The work fetish
The mathematician and philosopher Bertrand Russell wrote an influential essay in 1932 titled"In Praise of Idleness," where he envisaged a society in which people worked vastly reduced hours.

Dangerous reforms in China
The Hotel Sofitel Hyland in Shanghai is so remarkable that it could serve as a metaphor: It's decaying old, management is outwitted by reality showing no leadership at all and the staff is ill-trained.

Entertainment by means of imagination
I remember the years when I was the most active playmate in my life.

A journey to 'Down Under'
Australia is commonly referred to as "Down Under" because it is in the Southern Hemisphere,"below" many other countries on the globe. Those of us who live in Toronto have to travel halfway around the world to get to Australia. I flew over the Pacif..

In memory of Alan C. Heyman
In the course of Korea's contemporary history, certain foreigners have made remarkable contributions to our society and culture in different ways.

Blame it on Coke

 Did you look at the sky last night?
In Seoul, not many people can see the stars. Fortunately, I live in a home on a hill. So on a clear night, I can see the stars and the moon. On a starry night, I marvel at the fact that we live in this place among innumerable stars in the universe.

Construction failure
The history of construction consists of humanity's struggles against the Earth's gravity. In addition to Newton's apple, everything on earth finds stability by staying flat on the ground.

Crazy about loyalty
"Loyalty - I am making a dumb decision out of loyalty. You are making a smart one out of ambition." This is a quote from the character Maggie from "The Newsroom," an American television drama series.

Exam-free semester system
Did you ever imagine that your children when attending middle school would have no mid or final term exams at the end of a semester? Are you happy with your children's freedom from exams? Are students happy with their freedom from exams? Can you gu..

I received a phone call late at night from "S," a friend of mine who lives in the next town. She said she was in front of the elevator of my apartment building. She asked me to come out and pick up a container from the elevator when it arrived at m..

A letter from Ho Chi Minh City
An airmail envelope with unfamiliar stamps pasted on it was among the bills in the mail box. The sender was identified as Nguyen Phuong in Ho Chi Minh City, Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Lifestyle of a lady restaurant owner
The lady manages a small restaurant at one of the city libraries in Yeosu, selling meals for 3,000 won.

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