Posted : 2013-01-07 17:07
Updated : 2013-01-07 17:07

Park Geun-hye style

Unilateralism, secretiveness can't achieve unity

President-elect Park Geun-hye's historical role model appears to be Britain's Queen Elizabeth I. As far as personnel appointment is concerned, Park already reminds people of an imperial era when regal decisions were final and irrevocable.

For a leader who was elected on the slogans of grand unity and good communication, the start of her leadership can hardly be worse.

Despite protests from the opposition party and strong doubts even within her own ruling party, Park has neither shown any signs of replacing the extremely unpopular spokesman for the transition team, Yun Chang-joong, nor bothered to explain why she named the controversial politicized journalist, to the job in the first place.

Her appointment of key figures at the team responsible for taking over the administration was equally incomprehensible. Kim Yong-jun, chief of the transition team, only read the names of the division chiefs and their current professions, and left the room without taking questions from journalists.

In a separate news conference, spokesman Yun told reporters to write only what they had heard, neither adding nor omitting anything. ''If you try to make a scoop using your imagination, you'll end up carrying false reports." He also shifted from defense to offense, accusing the Democratic United Party (DUP) of ''opposing for opposition's sake" against Park's appointments.

Most egregious of all was the nomination of an ultra-conservative justice to head the Constitutional Court Thursday. Cheong Wa Dae said President Lee Myung-bak made the appointment in close consultation with President-elect Park, meaning the incoming leader made the decision.

Lee is notorious for his one-sided decisions that defend the establishment and dismiss the rights of the weak and minorities. For instance, he ruled it constitutional when President Lee set up a ''fortress of police buses" to block a citizens' protest march toward Cheong Wa Dae in 2008, as well as the Lee administration's infringement on the freedom of speech of an Internet commentator. On the other hand, Lee opposed the tribunal's decision to force the government to more actively work for the former sex slaves of the Japanese army as well as confiscating the assets of the descendants of pro-Japanese collaborators.

So President-elect Park has named two people regarded by their respective peers as most unsuitable for their jobs. People thought Park's selection of Yun a simple mistake, but are beginning to wonder what's in her mind now that she picked Lee, extremely biased in ideology and disqualified personally to take one of the two most important judiciary posts by often failing to keep his private and public life separate.

There are still more than 50 days left before Park takes the oath of office but the opposition DUP is poised to torpedo her most important appointment. Park has pledged to make a ''100-percent Korea." It is questionable how many of even the 52 percent who voted for her are supporting her see-nothing, hear-nothing style.

If Park continues this way when forming her cabinet and other important appointments, a disaster awaits the whole nation over the next five years.

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