Posted : 2008-12-05 15:24
Updated : 2008-12-05 15:24

Fair Investigations, Not Emotions

By Wasif Farooq

Terrorism is a constant threat to Mankind, committed by individual and states. It is a major crime against humanity. What has happened in Mumbai, the economic center of India, is extremely condemnable and no human being can endorse it under any circumstance because it was against civilians.

No religion allows such actions, yet is not the first time India or all of South Asia has faced such events. Recent examples include India and Pakistan.

Both countries' governments are struggling to establish a friendly relationship, but allegations thrown in without investigation made a bad situation worse.

I want to comment on how information on those responsible is collected.

In my opinion, phone calls and e-mails to newspapers are not reliable sources of information, and with such unreliable sources and without even an investigation, blaming someone and his or her religion is not appropriate.

For example, the North Korean regime is struggling due to its leadership crisis. Besides all the efforts made by South Korea to normalize the relationship, the North is always threatening the South to invade, which is very sad given the sincere efforts of the South.

But at the same time, the North Korean regime can play any plot and can show any video to its peoples about the so-called terrorists raising the South's slogans and showing their affiliation with the South. One can wonder how it is possible to convince them of the truth of their claims.

Another very recent example is the war in Iraq and the propaganda of weapons of mass destruction. It was later announced by the American government that were none.

Even though much has been accomplished by American people ``who believe in their great tradition of justice and democracy" about 9/11, no one can accept such behavior or actions.

Everybody who stays in touch with international media well remembers the carnage of the Samjhauta Express and Maleaga village bomb blasts in India. Pakistani and Muslim organizations were blamed and the Muslim community was subsequently targeted.

But after a thorough investigation, Maharashtra (Indian state) counter terrorism police officer Heamant Karkaray captured an Indian army colonel who was involved in all aspects of the explosion and he not only admitted his crimes but his agenda in doing so (

When a country whose army officials (more loyal than any citizen) are committing crimes against their own people, why do they need foreign executioners?

As for a ship captured by the Indian army, claims that it belonged to Pakistan are also baseless.

According to Pakistani navy vice admiral Asif Hamayon, the ship, named Alpha, is a commercial ship and belongs to Panama. One cannot accept that Indian and Arabian seas, which are controlled by the Indian navy and whose surveillance is so strong that any fisherman from the Pakistani side, if violating sea boundaries, is captured, would lose track of a ship. Any one interested may find out how many fishermen are captured by the India navy.

Interestingly, the Indian navy ignored 450 nautical miles when ships traveling from Pakistan, loaded with terrorists and sophisticated weapons, made their passage.

We should also keep in mind that among 608 districts of India, at least 231 are affected by different levels of terrorism and separatist movements. Among these, none are led by India's Muslim minority, except in Kashmir, which is an internationally accepted disputed area. Without investigation, using the term ``Islamic militant'' cannot be justified.

I just want to say that if we are interested in countering terrorism, we should investigate all such events fairly and honestly and bring all those to justice, whatever their religion or race.

Cases should be investigated with the collaboration of the international community, including the United Nations, because of their future consequences and to foil perpetrators' strategies

U.S. Security Council member nations are important because Muslims around the world did not trust the American government or its people. Also, the United Nations should play an active role, rather than that of silent spectator.

Wasif Farooq is studying in Korea and comes from Pakistan. The writer can be reached at
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