Posted : 2008-01-31 17:14
Updated : 2008-01-31 17:14

Humanity: Us or Them?

By Teresa Hakaraia

I am writing in response to the guest article ``Troops Must Leave Iraq" that appeared in the Dec. 6 edition of The Korea Times. It seems that the entire world has exactly that very same sentiment in regards to what is happening in Iraq, but what I do question is where should the blame be put?

Everybody seems to be blaming the Republican U.S. government. But who voted them in?

A few years ago now, I read a book titled, ``Conversations with God.'' Apparently the author was sitting one day at his desk asking himself questions pertinent to his life, his society and where the both of them were heading.

On this particular day, his pen started moving freely and he believed that God was writing through his hand the answers to those questions.

The only question and answer that I remember from that book was when he asked God whether Hitler went to hell. The reason why I remember it is because God replied that Hitler went to heaven.

God told the author that if Hitler had to go to hell, then so did the entire world because Hitler could do nothing without support. How did he come to power? What did humanity do to stop it? Nothing.

The German people believed in him. They voted for him. They believed that his ideas were the way out of the deep dark pit they had been forced into after WWI. Does any of this sound remotely familiar?

God wrote that it was not only the German people that allowed Hitler to make the decisions he made, it was humanity that allowed it to happen.

Humanity did not prevent him from attaining the level of power that he needed to conquer neighboring countries, to fight wars against the allies or to kill millions of people that he deemed as ``parasites in the body of other nations."

Instead 10 million free thinking people got hold ``Mein Kampf,'' the book that he wrote in 1925 in which he spoke about his desires for both the Aryan and the Jewish races. And let's remember that WWII did not start until much, much later. Humanity knew he had these views and humanity did nothing.

If it was not for the people of the world, then the 'Hitler' that we think of as being the most evil man in the history of humanity would never have existed.

Bush has been said to be the most hated president of all time. But why would people elect someone they hate in twice.

After all, the 2004 elections which voted Bush in the second time came after it was made public that Iraq didn't have any weapons of mass destruction, after they found out that they had been manipulated every rung up from Ground Zero.

Like Hitler, Bush has one of his very own concentration camps, Guantanamo Bay. We have seen the photographs. Are we not like the Germans that knew of Auschwitz but kept quiet?

And what do we do to stop it? We laugh! We watch him on and we laugh when we see him babbling on about how he knows ``that human beings and fish can coexist peacefully," or when he tells us he has ``been trained by al-Qaida."

We laugh! But if you think about it, you might see that perhaps he knows exactly what he's managed to do and humanity let him.

The article that I am responding to says that 4,000 troops have died in Iraq and 28,000 have been injured. So it is understandable that the grief felt for those who died on 9/11 has shifted to those troops that are dying in a country whose politics and society have no direct influence on our lives.

Are we going to blame it all on the government? Or does humanity itself have to take some responsibility. As it was humanity that allowed Bush to come to power, humanity that allowed him to stay there and humanity that has done nothing to remove him. Bush has a lot to answer for, but does humanity even know the questions?

Someone said that ``politics is broken." But who really broke it? Them or us? Because there is no them and us, we are all the same. Humanity.

Teresa Hakaraia is a freelance writer, poet and tutor. The writer can be reached at
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