Posted : 2015-09-02 16:33
Updated : 2015-09-02 21:41

Novartis Korea has 1st Korean leader

By Park Si-soo

Moon Hak-sun
Novartis Korea said Wednesday Moon Hak-sun was appointed as its new chief. Moon is the first Korean president of the domestic unit of the Swiss-based multinational pharmaceutical company.

Novartis is the world's biggest pharmaceutical company with sales of $51.3 billion last year, up 5.5 percent year-on-year, defeating Pfizer, Sanofi and other global drug companies. He previously served as president of Novartis Taiwan.

"Moon has worked at Novartis for more than two decades, showing impressive performances," the company said in a statement. "His ability was proven through his track record in various positions."

Moon said he was pleased to become the first Korean president of the company, adding he is committed to Novartis's further expansion in the Korean market.

"I will make utmost efforts to deepen my understanding about the Korean market and find ways to satisfy the needs of our customers," he was quoted as saying in the statement.

Moon joined Novartis in 1994 as a clinical test manger. He has since assumed various positions at Novartis Korea and overseas branches. He received a leadership award in 2012.

He earned a bachelor's degree in biology from Kyung Hee University in Seoul and an MBA from Sungkyunkwan University.

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