Posted : 2014-07-09 11:07
Updated : 2014-07-09 16:15

Traveling in comfort and style

By Kim Bo-eun

Being well dressed is all about TPO (time, place and occasion). The bottom line is to look good, but not only should you dress appropriately, you should also feel comfortable in what you're wearing. When the occasion is travel, in particular, practicality becomes an important factor to consider.

The W team headed out to Incheon International Airport last month during the golden holiday which ran from June 4 through 8 to study how an average outbound vacationer dressed for long-haul overseas flights.

W reporters made 10 laps around the airport's departure area to find which items were commonly sported by travelers.

The following three items were widely favored by both Koreans and foreigners and might serve as a guide for W's readers on their flight preparations.


Michelle Karel, 54, and daughters- Heather, 28, and Jessica, 19- were on their way back to Michigan after touring Seoul. Michelle and Heather were each in crochet and canvas Toms, looking super comfy. "We like wearing them because they're easy on and off," they said.

Another couple wearing matching burlap and rope sole Toms were office workers Kim Da-yun, 36, and Park Jin-hye, 31. "You need to wear comfortable shoes when you travel. Plus, Toms are a lot easier to match with outfits, as opposed to sneakers," said Kim.

A young couple from Hong Kong was also spotted in slip-ons. Twenty-three-year-old college student Samantha Chung and same-aged office worker Justin Hui, wearing H&M, said the shoes are light and comfy, and appropriate for walking long distances while traveling.

Maxi dresses

Kim Yeon-kyeong, a 31-year-old office worker leaving for a week-long trip to Italy, was sporting a tribal-printed maxi dress. Kim said the style and comfort of a maxi dress make it the ultimate travel wear for her. "I add an edge to my outfit by opting for bold prints and primary colors. This is because they make me look better in photos," she said.

Visiting with her friends from China, Huang Lu, a 25-year-old office worker, stood out among a throng of people in a long, flowing blue dress. A product of Danish fashion brand Vero Moda, the cobalt blue chiffon maxi with narrow golden pleats running down from the neckline, was becoming on Huang. She said she enjoys wearing maxi dresses because of her tall and slim figure.

Son Jung-hee, a 37-year-old running her own business, heading to Bali with her friends, was clad in a denim jacket and a simple black dress coming a little below the knee. She agreed travel wear needs to be comfy.


For 30-year-old working mom Lee Min-ji, Marc Jacobs' ‘pretty nylon knapsack' fits like a second skin. "I started wearing backpacks after I gave birth_ my hands needed to be free to take care of my son," Lee said. She added she opts for backpacks made of light materials such as the one she was wearing, as opposed to heavier ones made of leather to ease the weight of the load on her shoulders.

Kim Jae-ho, a 31-year-old office worker leaving for Canada, said his Tumi backpack is great for traveling not only because it is comfortable but also because it carries many items in separate compartments.

Twenty-nine-year-old office worker Yang Woo-jin, headed for a vacation in Vietnam, said the backpack is probably the most hassle-free option of all bags.

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