Posted : 2014-04-21 18:48
Updated : 2014-04-22 09:53

Ilbe members sending flowers deemed hypocritical

A group of online community Ilbe members have come under fire for having sent flowers to a crewmember and a victim of sunken Sewol ferry.

Ilbe, the website known for its members' ultra right wing political views, sent flowers with the tag saying "From Ilbe" to the hospital where the memorial service was being held for Park Ji-young, who died saving students from the sinking ship Sewol last week.

Ilbe members claim that was a gesture of expressing their condolences, but the truthfulness is being questioned since some previous Ilbe posts have been more than enough to conclude that the community members have shown nothing more than a blatant disregard to the sufferings of the victims and their family.

"The dead students went to SKY. They must feel good," read one post. Other than the literal meaning "going to sky," which is a polite Korean way of saying that the people died, sky is the acronym for the top three universities in Korea, Seoul National, Korea and Yonsei Universities.

"They are reacting in a vulgar, psychotic way," read another. "I can't even feel sympathetic to the way they are screaming and wailing," was another comment. "Just get your insurance money and be done with it," read another comment.

Non-Ilbe members are responding that the Ilbe members are just hypocrites.

"This is all the more insulting to the victims' family. They pretend to pay respects to your face and insult them behind their back," wrote one non-Ilbe member.

"Calling the victims' family ‘bugs', and then send them flowers? Their action is just disgusting," wrote another non-Ilbe member.

관련 한글 기사

일베, 앞에선 추모, 뒤에선 모욕

반사회적 커뮤니티라는 논란이 있는 일간베스트저장소(일베)가 세월호 침몰사고에 희생된승무원 고(故) 박지영(22)씨의 빈소에 근조 화환을 보내 논란이 일고 있다.

21일 박씨의 시신이 안치된 전남 목포 한국병원 장례식장 제2의전실에 발신인이 ‘일간베스트저장소 일동’ ‘일베저장소일동’이라고 적힌 조화들이 자리했다.

  일부 일베 회원들은 뜻 깊은 행동을 하겠다고 나섰지만 인터넷 여론은 냉랭하다. 그동안 일베엔 희생자와 실종자 가족을 모욕하는 악성 게시글이 꾸준히 게재됐기 때문이다.

 이러한 게시글엔 ‘단원고 학생들은 SKY 많이 가서 좋겠다’ ‘천박한 게 정신병 수준’ ‘발광하는 모습 보니 동정심도 들지 않는다’ ‘보험금이나 타갈 것이지’ 등의 댓글이 달렸다.

일베 회원이 박씨 빈소에 근조화환을 보냈다는 소식이 알려지자 오늘의 유머 등 타 인터넷커뮤니티에선 “앞에선 추모하는 척하고 뒤에선 모욕하는 일베”라거나 “유족충이라는 단어까지 쓰는 일베에서 저런 짓을 하니 역겹다” 등의 반응이 이어지고 있다. 

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