Posted : 2013-09-30 16:03
Updated : 2013-09-30 16:03

Gangnam offers best of 'hallyu'

Four-member girl group Girl's Day, along with other K-Pop stars, will perform during the 7th Gangnam Fashion Festival.
/ Courtesy of Dream Tea Entertainment

K-pop stars, top designers to perform, present works

By Kang Hyun-kyung

Gangnam-gu Office will hold the 7th Gangnam Fashion Festival from Thursday to Sunday to provide tourists with an opportunity to have first-hand experience in fashion shows and K-pop concerts in the district in southern Seoul.

During the four-day festival to be held in COEX, visitors will be able to meet K-pop stars and fashion designers.

Boy bands SHINee, INFINITE and EXO and seven-member girl band Girl's Day will join the K-Pop concert to be held near the KEPCO building in Samsung-dong on Saturday.

The K-Pop festival is expected to draw tens of thousands of K-Pop fans from all over Asia and Europe, not to mention local fans.

Shin Yeon-hee, the head of Gangnam-gu Office, is confident that the festival will draw greater interest from tourists from China and other countries.

Boy band SHINEE will perform during a K-Pop concert to be held in front of the KEPCO building in Samsung-dong, southern Seoul, Sunday, on the sidelines of the 7th Gangnam Fashion Festival that runs from Thursday to Sunday. / Courtesy of SM Entertainment

"This year's event will be a global gathering for fashion and K-pop," Shin said. "I understand that nearly 150,000 Chinese tourists are to visit Seoul starting from Tuesday as a Chinese national holiday falls on this week. The number of tourists is expected to increase sharply as the festival coincidently takes place during a Chinese national holiday."

The district office said Gangnam has risen as the Mecca for hallyu or the Korean wave over the past decade as it housed a number of top entertainment agencies representing top-notched K-pop stars.

Coupled with the K-Pop concert, runway shows and contest to award rising fashion designers will also feature in the festival.

Tourists will be invited to attend the fashion show where 25 next-generation fashion designers will compete.

Winners of the contest will be awarded with a total of 20 million won in prize money along with internship opportunities from renowned fashion designers.

On Friday, two emerging designers, Choi Cheol-yong and Lee Seung-hee, will present their latest fashion projects at a runway show. An international fashion show, where designers from China and India and several local designers will present their work, will follow the next day.

The International Peace Marathon will signal the opening of the four-day annual festival. Nearly 10,000 marathoners, including foreign ambassadors and diplomats based in Seoul, U.S. military and personnel, and private citizens, will be joining the running event.

Registration fees collected from the participants will be sent to needy children both in Korea and in foreign countries.

Visitors will have the opportunity to taste a wide range of food as renowned chefs will be providing their dishes at affordable prices.

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