Posted : 2013-04-29 16:34
Updated : 2013-04-29 16:34

Park-Obama summit

Leaders should step off on right foot with each other

Former President Lee Myung-bak had hard times throughout his tenure because of his disastrous first summit with his U.S. counterpart. Lee invited unnecessary trouble by giving an "economic present" to Korea's biggest ally without telling his people first.

We don't think President Park Geun-hye will make similar mistakes in her first face-to-face talks with U.S. leader, Barack Obama. Yet misfortune can come from unexpected places at unlikely moments: former leader Lee might never have thought that Koreans would be so upset with the import of what he saw as "cheap, delicious" beef from America.

North Korea and its current nuclear blackmail will likely overwhelm the agenda of the Park-Obama summit on May 7, but some side items could prove thorny enough to keep them from making progress on this key issue.

A case in point is the ongoing working-group negotiations to rewrite a bilateral accord on civilian nuclear cooperation. President Park will have to persuade President Obama to relax U.S. rigidity, by emphasizing that Seoul's ultimate aim in this area is to ensure a stable supply of nuclear fuel and the safe disposal of nuclear waste, not enrichment and reprocessing for a possible weapons program.

It is absurd that Korea cannot exercise minimal rights regarding this matter while Japan, which started the Pacific War, enjoys almost complete freedom on it.

No less controversial will be Washington's reported request to Seoul to shoulder a larger financial burden with respect to the U.S. troops stationed in South Korea. The issue can't come at an economically harder moment when the United States is about to cut down on defense spending as part of its sequestration policy, while the Seoul government will face increasing fiscal demand to finance President Park's various welfare programs.

Park will need to make clear that any additional burden sharing on the part of Seoul should be linked to a corresponding commitment by U.S. forces here. Voters here will know if and when the two sides reach a tacit agreement on troop cuts or a free dispatch of forces to other regions under the pretext of "global partnership," all at the expense of Korean taxpayers.

Some minor concessions in the new nuclear agreement or even defense cost sharing will be justifiable if only the new Korean leader can sell her inter-Korean initiative, called the "Korean Peninsula trust process" to Obama and other U.S. leaders. In other words, the upcoming three-day official visit should be a sales campaign of Park's "trustpolitik" - nudging Washington, which has been content with temporary management of the North Korean crisis, into more positive engagement.

It is worrisome in this regard the two allies are revealing discord within their respective security teams between doves and hawks. Just as President Park reversed her unification minister's appeasement approach, President Obama snubbed Secretary Kerry's olive branch toward Pyongyang. President Park must first remind herself and her aides dealing with North Korea that it takes patience - an enormous amount of it - and ask Obama to help her.

President Park should be a far better diplomatic leader than her predecessor - an ability this country will need more than anything else over the next five years.

This is The Korea Times editorial for Thursday, April 18, 2013.

※ 다음에 나오는 문제들은 본 사설에 나오는 중요한 어휘들로 구성된 토익, 토플, 텝스 기출 및 예상 문제 입니다.

※ Choose the one word or phrase that best keeps the meaning of the highlighted part.

1. The impact of the devastating flood will be felt for months-and perhaps years-to come.
① supernatural
② precipitous
③ disastrous
④ eruptive

2. We have too much furniture; let's dispose of these chairs.
① throw away
② make out
③ bring in
④ take up

3. There has been no twentieth century anthropologist more celebrated or more controversial than Margaret Mead.
① imaginative
② distinguished
③ hard working
④ strong minded

4. This kind of scientific paper requires a terse style of writing rather than a redundant one.
① consistent
② concise
③ logistical
④ tacit

5. I am frequently subjected to the demand that I divulge this information.
① reveal
② dissipate
③ compile
④ integrate

[해설 및 정답]

1. [번역] 그 파괴적인 홍수의 충격은 향후 수개월간 - 아마 수년간 느껴질 것이다.
[정답] ③

2. [번역] 우리는 가구를 너무 많이 갖고 있어요. 이 의자들을 처분합시다.
[어휘] dispose 배치, 배열하다; 마음 내키게 하다, ~을 처분하다, 버리다; 매각하다
② 이해하다 ③ 가지고 들어오다; 끌어들이다 ⑤ 태우다; 차지하다; 시작하다
[정답] ①

3. [번역] Margaret Mead보다 더 저명하거나 논쟁거리가 많은 20세기의 인류학자는 없었다.
[정답] ②

4. [번역] 이런 종류의 과학논문은 장황한 글보다는 간결한 글의 스타일(문체)를 필요로 한다.
[어휘] concise 간결한, 간명한(brief, terse, succinct, laconic)
① 일관된 ③ (기호) 논리학의 ④ 암묵의, 무언의
[정답] ②

5. [번역] 나는 빈번히 이 정보를 폭로해야 한다는 요구를 받는다.
[어휘] divulge (비밀 등을) 누설, 폭로하다(reveal, disclose)
② 흩어지게 하다 ③ 모으다, 편집하다 ④ 통합하다
[정답] ①

관련 한글 기사

박-오바마 정상회담

두 지도자들은 상호관계의 첫 단추를 잘 꿰야 한다

이명박 전 대통령은 미국측 상대와의 재앙에 가까운 첫 정상회담으로 인해서 임기 내내 어려운 시간을 보냈다. 이 전 대통령은 자국 국민에게 먼저 말도 하지 않고 한국의 가장 큰 동맹국에게 ‘경제적 선물’을 줌으로써 평지풍파를 자초했었다.

우리는 박근혜 대통령이 버락 오바마 미국 대통령과 첫 대면에서 비슷한 실수를 범할 것이라고는 생각하지 않는다. 그렇지만 불행은 예상치 않은 순간에 예기치 않은 곳에서 오는 것으로 이 전 대통령은 자신이 볼 때 ‘싸고 맛있는’ 미국산 쇠고기의 수입에 대해 한국 국민들이 그렇게 화를 내리라고는 결코 생각하지 못했을 것이다.

북한과 북한이 현재 벌이는 핵 공갈이 5월7일 박-오바마 정상회담의 의제를 압도하겠지만 몇몇 부차적인 의제들은 꽤 골치 아픈 것들로 이 핵심 문제에 있어서의 진전을 방해할 수도 있을 것이다.  

※ 나머지 사설 전문과 자세한 내용 설명은 명쾌한 음성사설 해설강의에서 만나보실 수 있고 홈페이지 1면 뉴스 in News 하단에 샘플 강의도 들어 보실 수 있습니다.

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