Posted : 2013-03-19 20:05
Updated : 2013-03-19 20:05

Russian firm unveils Korean mobile app

Maxim Matveyko speaks at the NARR8 application launch at Seoul Plaza Hotel, March 12. / Courtesy of Edge

By John Redmond

Russian digital content publisher, NARR8, launched its Korean version mobile application in the Asian market at the Seoul Plaza Hotel on March 12.

The NARR8 application is a digital channel which offers an extensive library of innovative and exciting multimedia content in the form of motion comics, interactive e-books and educational entertainment.

The application has 11 series in genres from horror and science fiction to popular science; from world history to superheroes and video games, and much more. The content is all serialized and comes out every two weeks in episodic format, which means every working day there's a new episode.

NARR8 creates an innovative interactive experience which allows smooth animation to bring high quality art to life with bold special effects and full audio soundtracks with a single tap of the touch screen.

The launch of NARR8's Korean version is the first Asian language and the third language offered since it was launched in Russian and English last November. Six motion comics series, with 35 episodes, are now ready for Korean users. All 11 series — including interactive books and non-fiction as well — will be localized in the next month.

"I'm very excited to offer a diverse range of high quality content in the Korean market through the launch of the NARR8 Korean version, and expect that our creative content and unparalleled user experience will generate strong interest and positive feedback in the near future," Maxim Matveyko, managing director at NARR8, said.

In describing the background for the launch, Matveyko stressed, "Korea has achieved fast growth and remarkable success in the Internet and mobile industry as Korean users tend to adopt new technologies and products actively and quickly. Hence, NARR8 launched the Korean version as our first step in the Asian market to secure a strong position for advancing into other Asian countries."

After launching the NARR8 application for iPad and iPad Mini on Nov. 14, 2012, the app secured the position of number one entertainment app in the free entertainment category, and made sixth in Top Free Overall on the iPad list.

NARR8 is free to download through the Apple App Store and Google play. All the latest news and events for NARR8 are available on its official website, Facebook and Twitter.

Digital Publisher NARR8 was founded in Oct. 2011 by Alexander Vaschenko, formerly of and Astrum Online, with initial funding of $4 million through IMI.VC Venture Company, a Moscow-based investment firm led by Internet entrepreneur, Game Insight board member and former and Astrum Online visionary Igor Matsanyuk.

Headquartered in Moscow, Russia, with satellite operations in San Francisco, NARR8 currently has over 140 employees encompassing key business functions, and features creative staff which includes veteran artists, game developers, and content creators throughout ten internally owned and operated studios. The official website is

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