Posted : 2013-01-13 19:28
Updated : 2013-01-13 19:28

Moon vows total DUP reform

Moon Hee-sang, left, interim leader of the main opposition Democratic United Party, speaks during a news briefing at the National Assembly in Yeoido, Seoul, Sunday. Yonhap

By Kim Se-jeong

The main opposition Democratic United Partys (DUP) interim leader vowed Sunday that the party will thoroughly evaluate its poor performance during the presidential election last month, and make meaningful reform.

Speaking with journalists, Moon Hee-sang said, The reformation will be like demolishing and rebuilding the party completely, not merely renovating it. Well thoroughly evaluate the cause of the defeat to take the victory back to us.

His statement came with the appointment of seven members whod lead the party until the party convention.

Among them are Reps. Sul Hoon, Kim Dong-cheol, Moon Byeong-ho, Park Hong-keun, and Bae Jae-jeung.

Others are Lee Yong-deuk, a former senior member and Oh Joong-gi from the North Gyeongsangs provincial party office. Two more positions are still to be filled, which will make 10 altogether.

I find them balanced and open for reforms. And theyll work hard to make big contributions to the post-election DUP that needs a total overhaul, said Moon about the appointment.

The committee will in principle lead the party until the upcoming convention where it will choose its leadership.

About the future of Moon Jae-in, the DUPs presidential candidate, the leader said things are up to him.

Although we want him to come back to lead the party, I am not sure whether he would want to do it so quickly. But, if the party needs him desperately and sincerely, hell be quick to return.

The election result has hit the DUP hard, and that made its existing division ever greater.

Some members of the party have shown their preference to Ahn Cheolsoo, Moon Jae-ins rival for liberal alliance and supporter at the presidential election, as a new blood. His abrupt resignation from the presidential candidacy triggered speculations that he had been humiliated by the candidate Moon, who was vying to be the main liberal candidate.

Ahn has been calling for total overhaul of the opposition party as a precondition of his possible joining it.

But criticism has been growing that the DUP had failed to carry out the much-touted reform despite public call, allegedly further alienating it from Ahn and his supporters. Ahn is currently staying in the United States since he arrived there on election day, Dec. 19.

Sohn Hak-kyu, a former chairman of the party, has also been cited as a promising new leader for the embattled party. He is currently on a study-break in Germany.

When the full appointment is filled, the committee will embark on a bus tour, in an attempt to shore up support across the country.

Rebuilding the party will start with admitting our shortcomings, and thats what we will be doing during this bus tour, Moon said.

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