Posted : 2012-10-09 18:44
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'Gangnam Style' hotel package to debut

By Kim Rahn

Worldwide awareness of the affluent southern district of Seoul has never been higher thanks to the ever-increasing popularity of Psy’s hit song “Gangnam Style” and its accompanying video. So it is not surprising that the tourism sector is moving to take advantage of the fervor.

The Novotel Ambassador Gangnam is offering a special Gangnam Style Package. The hotel said Tuesday that the package, comprising of accommodation and a tour of the area, will be offered from next week after it was proposed by the Australian headquarters of the worldwide hotel chain.

“Such an offer is very unusual and shows the popularity of the song there. Psy is scheduled to play in Australia on Monday, and almost all Australian media will likely cover the event. It means Australians are paying attention to Gangnam Style and the attention is expected to lead to trips to Korea, especially Gangnam,” a director at the Korean hotel said.

In Australia, there are hundreds of Novotels and they will introduce the package on their websites. “We are talking with the branding office of Novotel, which is part of the Accor Group. It says it is likely that the hotel group’s other affiliates, such as Ibis, will offer the deal on their websites,” she said.

The package will offer a half-day city tour operated by the Gangnam District Office, store coupons and discounts on exhibitions and performances at Seoul Arts Center. It will cost between 270,000 ($240) and 290,000 won.

“We plan to run the package through the end of the year, but we may extend or reduce the period according to how the ‘Gangnam Style’ fever goes,” the director said.

The district office is also taking the song’s popularity as an opportunity to promote the area.

“Besides the regular city tour programs on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, we are actively advertising that we have more options such as night tours or tailor-made ones,” a district official said.

She added that they are also promoting the package through the Korea Tourism Organization’s overseas branches where the song is popular, such as America or Europe and have been receiving many inquiries.

The tourism organization also placed a banner featuring a man doing Psy’s “horse-riding dance,” on its English website. On clicking the banner, Gangnam’s tourist attractions are presented such as beauty salons, Garosu-gil, Cheongdam fashion street and COEX Mall.
관련 한글 기사

관광업계도 ‘강남스타일

서울의 한 남쪽 구역인 강남이 이렇게 세계적으로 뜬 적이 없었다. 싸이의 “강남스타일” 노래와 뮤직비디오 덕이다. 관광업계가 이 기회를 이용하는 것도 무리는 아니다.

노보텔 앰배서더 강남 호텔은 숙박과 강남 일대 투어를 결합한 “강남스타일 패키지”를 다음주부터 출시한다고 밝혔다. 이는 호주의 노보텔 브랜드에서 먼저 제안한 것이다.

호텔의 한 관계자는 “이런 제안은 매우 이례적으로, 강남스타일이 호주에서도 얼마나 인기가 있는지 보여주는 증거이다. 싸이가 다음주 월요일 호주에서 공연을 하는데, 호주의 거의 모든 매체가 다 올 것이라 들었다. 그쪽 노보텔은 강남스타일에 대한 인기가 한국, 특히 강남에 대한 여행 수요로 이어질 것으로 예상하고 있다”고 밝혔다.

이 관계자에 따르면 호주에 있는 몇백개 노보텔 호텔이 각각의 홈페이지에 이 패키지를 소개하게 된다. 이 관계자는 “우리는 노보텔 브랜드와 얘기를 하고 있는데, 아코르 호텔 계열의 다른 브랜드에서도 소개하게 될 것 같다”라고 말했다.

이 패키지에는 강남구에서 운영하는 씨티투어 프로그램, 쇼핑 쿠폰, 예술의 전당 전시 할인 등이 포함되고 가격은 27-29만원선이다. 호텔 관계자는 “패키지를 연말까지 운영할 계획이지만 강남스타일 열풍이 얼마나 이어지느냐에 따라 변동될 수도 있다”고 말했다.

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