Posted : 2012-03-28 19:08
Updated : 2012-03-28 19:08

Seoul plans to simplify rules for naturalization

No recommendation needed to become citizens

By Kim Rahn

The Ministry of Justice said it Wednesday it was revising regulations in the Nationality Law to make it easier for foreign residents to gain Korean citizenship. The revision will remove the current provision requiring a letter of recommendation from a high-profile native Korean.

The new rule will take effect as early as June.

Currently, foreign residents seeking naturalization are required to obtain a recommendation from Koreans who are lawmakers, heads of municipality or education offices, high-ranking civil servants, corporate executives, judges, prosecutors or lawyers.

“It was not easy for foreign residents to get recommendations from such people, and the regulation has been one of main obstacles keeping them from becoming Korean citizens,” a ministry official said.

“Taking into account this difficulty, we’ve previously accepted recommendations from mid-level officials of ordinary companies, broadcasters or public organizations. We have since decided to scrap the recommendation system for general naturalization cases,” the official said.

The ministry will collect public opinion on the revision for 40 days.

After analysis, the Ministry of Government Legislation will review the details. “We expect the new system to go into effect around June or July,” the official said.

Korea has three naturalization types ― “general,” “simple” and “special.” The general naturalization is for foreigners who have lived here for more than five years, while the simple one is for immigrant spouses or those whose parents were born in Korea. The special category is for those having specific talents, those who have made a contribution to Korean society or those whose parents are Korean citizens.

Last year, a total of 16,090 foreigners gained Korean citizenship ― 130 of them were through the general naturalization process.

Some 10,953 became Koreans through the simple process, with 10,733 being immigrant spouses. The remaining 5,007 obtained Korean nationality through the special process.
관련 한글 기사

외국인들, 한국인 추천 없이도 국적취득 가능

법무부는 외국인이 다른 사람의 추천을 받지 않더라도 귀화를 신청할 수 있도록 하는 내용의 국적법 시행규칙 개정안을 2012. 3. 28.(수) 입법예고 하였음

◇귀화 추천서 제출 규정 폐지

지금까지는 외국인이 일반귀화를 신청할 경우 국회의원·지자체장·5급 이상 공무원, 기업 임원 등 명망 있는 자의 추천을 받도록 하였음 ※ 귀화는 가장 원칙적인 형태인 일반귀화, 한국인의 배우자 등이 신청하는 간이귀화, 우수인재 등이 신청하는 특별귀화가 있으며, 추천서 제출은 일반귀화와 특별귀화(우수인재에 한함)의 경우에만 실시중임

그러나 외국인이 이러한 추천을 받는 것이 쉽지 않아 추천서 제출제도는 그동안 외국인이 한국인으로 귀화하는 데 장애가 되어 왔음 이에 법무부는 규제완화 차원에서 개선이 필요하다고 판단, "일반귀화"의 경우에는 추천서 제출제도를 폐지하는 내용으로 국적법 시행규칙 개정안을 마련하여 '12. 3. 28.(수) 입법예고함

◇기타 개정사항 그 밖에 이번 개정안은 국적회복 신청시 제출토록 하는 신원진술서를 폐지하고, 귀화허가 신청서 기재사항을 보완하는 등 그동안 국적법 시행규칙에서 개선이 필요했던 사항을 정비하고 있음 (연합 뉴스)

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