Posted : 2012-02-20 19:12
Updated : 2012-02-20 19:12

Illicit use of ’clean card’ confirmed

By Lee Tae-hoon

An investigation by military authorities has revealed that public relations officers of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), the nation’s top military decision-making body, wrongfully used a government issued credit card to buy drinks and visit a Korean style karaoke establishment.

“The military police found that the JCS public relations office improperly used a credit card last year upon a report on Feb. 9,” Kim Min-seok, spokesman of the Ministry of National Defense (MND), said.

“It is hard to give an exact figure, but it seems that they wrongfully used the card about six times.”

The Criminal Investigation Command of the Ministry of National Defense carried out the investigation following an article published in The Korea Times, titled “JCS admits improper use of clean card” on Feb. 9.

Senior officials can use the government issued “clean cards” to cover their business expenses, but are banned from using them to make payments at entertainment facilities, such as karaoke bars, nightclubs, massage parlors and casinos.

In its exclusive report, the paper disclosed that JSC officials made inflated payments at a restaurant in Yongsan, downtown Seoul with a clean card and went to a karaoke bar located next to it afterwards.

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