Posted : 2011-08-07 17:54
Updated : 2011-08-07 17:54

’Fetus drugs’ from China sold here as tonics: report

Capsuled drugs allegedly made of dead fetuses in China have been smuggled into Korea and sold as tonics. Captured from SBS TV
By Kim Rahn

Capsuled drugs made of dead fetuses in China have been smuggled into Korea and sold as tonics, a television program reported Saturday.

SBS’s investigative program “We Want to Know” uncovered that some hospitals in China were selling dead fetuses along with placentas to illegal drugmakers.

The program has caused a huge stir, with many netizens and bloggers demanding a thorough investigation into the allegations that the capsules are being sold here.

The investigative journal also aired details of the production process. The producer and staff from the show disguised themselves as dealers and visited a ramshackle house in China where a woman showed them frozen dead fetuses in a freezer for sale.

Those drugmakers dried the fetuses using microwaves made for to prepare drug materials. “They dried the fetuses, ground them and made easy-to-swallow capsules just as if they were making Oriental herbal medicines. The process was taking place at a house in very unhygienic conditions,” the program reported.

Some of the drugs there were made from six-month-old fetuses and even up to eight-month-old ones were available, the drugmakers said.

Such drugs are smuggled into Korea by the Korean-Chinese. As a tonic, 100 capsules are sold at 40,000 won in China but are sold for much higher at hundreds of thousands of won here, according to the program.

An examination by the National Forensic Service of one of the capsules showed that the DNA detected from the powder in the capsule was that of a human male.
관련 한글 기사

아기 시체로 만든 ‘인육 캡슐,’ 국내유통 ‘충격’

중국에서 죽은 아기의 시신으로 이른바 '인육' 캡슐을 만드는 충격적이고, 끔찍한 현장을 SBS TV가 취재했다. 이 캡슐은 우리나라에서도 은밀히 유통되고 있다고 SBS TV가 6일 보도했다.

중국의 한 중소도시에 있는 병원입니다. 태아 밀매업자가 진료실로 들어갑니다. 마치 물건 주문하듯 죽은 태아의 시신이 있는지 묻습니다.

밀매업자가 태반 말고 그 인산(사산)한 애는 없냐고 묻습니다. 지금은 태아 시신이 없다고 하자 태반을 요구한다.

말이 끝나기 무섭게 의사는 어디론가 전화를 겁니다. 잠시 뒤, 간호사가 비닐봉지를 들고 나타납니다. 봉지를 받아 든 업자는 집으로 돌아가 냉동 상태인 태반을 녹여 물로 헹굽니다. 의료진과 업자 간의 은밀한 거래를 확인한 제작진, 이번엔 죽은 아기의 시신으로 이른바 인육캡슐을 만들어 파는 사람과 접촉을 시도했다.

너무나 평범한 가정집, 한 여인이 냉장고를 열더니 꽁꽁 언 태아 시신을 꺼내 보여준다. 주문을 받아 만든 캡슐, 그 속에 담긴 가루는 바로 죽은 태아로 만든 것이라고 이 보도는 전했다.

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