Posted : 2007-06-28 17:43
Updated : 2007-06-28 17:43

Hidden Amenities at Incheon International Airport

By Kim Rahn
Staff Reporter

Every day Incheon International Airport handles about 80,000 passengers, 600 arriving and departing flights, 7,000 tons of cargo, and more than 30,000 staff who work around the clock _ it is like a small city, as claimed in the soap opera ``Air City.''

The drama features incidents at Incheon International Airport, thus revealing every corner of the huge facility which ordinary passengers never see.

Some of the areas of the airport that are used in the soap opera are staff-only zones and others are tucked-away areas that most travelers have not been informed about.

For a short rest

After enjoying shopping at duty free shops, passengers get tired even before starting their trip _ the airport stretches 1 kilometer from east to west.

First class passengers are not the only ones who can use lounges: communications companies provide resting places for their members.

Those with SK Telecom's Leaders' Club card, TTL VIP or ting VIP cards, or KTF's membership cards can relax at the company lounges located on the fourth floor as well as enjoy snacks and drinks. Internet access and magazines are also available.

For a long rest

Your plane is delayed or you have a lengthy stopover time, and you need sleep.

The transit hotel ``Air Garden'' is on the fourth floor. The majority of the guests are Russians who arrive from the U.S. and are catching a connecting flight to Russia the following morning, according to a staff member of the Sheraton Grande Walkerhill, operator of Air Garden.

The hotel rate is 45,000 won excluding tax for six hours.

If you don't want to pay for a rest, you can use chairs in the terminal.

If you are searching for a quiet place to sleep, go to the fourth floor where few passengers visit. Passengers can also take a long rest at prayer rooms equipped with chairs and floor cushions. A sign there says, ``You cannot use this room for a purpose other than religious activity.'' Well, people sometimes fall asleep during prayer.

For washing and relaxation

A sauna on the first basement is available 24 hours. The price is 10,000 won during daytime and 15,000 won at night including a sleeping room. Visitors can also get a haircut and have their shoes shined.

You can also use a shower room at a massage center on the fourth floor for 8,000 won per 30 minutes. The center provides a 70-minute aroma massage for 120,000 won and a 50-minute body and foot massage for 60,000 won.

The majority of customers at the hair salon on the first basement level are newlyweds who come to the airport immediately after their wedding. There you can have your hair trimmed for around 30,000 won.

Other amenities

A nursery equipped with toys and a television is located near Gate 29.

Passengers can deposit their belongings in a locker near the nursery after obtaining locker keys using ID cards as a deposit.

There is a medical center on the first basement level. It provides treatment as well as consultation about foreign diseases and it opened a jetlag clinic last year.
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