Posted : 2007-10-28 18:10
Updated : 2007-10-28 18:10

Actress Choi Most Searched online

By Bae Ji-sook
Staff Reporter

Actress Choi Jin-sil's Web page topped searches on the nation's No.1 search engine Naver last week after she posted pictures of her friend and actress Kim Hee-sun's wedding.

Choi attended Kim's wedding on Oct. 19 at a hotel in Seoul. Kim's wedding was one of the most talked-about issues in the nation, topping the same chart the previous week. As Kim did not open her wedding to the media, there was a mad rush to look at photographs on Choi's online space triggering its shutdown for a while.

Choi's mini homepage nabbed first place while Kim's ranked third. Actress Park Han-byul, who was also at the wedding as a bridesmaid, saw her Web site ranked seventh for the same reason.

Ballerina Kim Joo-won who was disciplined for her nude photos published in Vogue's October issue ranked second. The 29-year-old Korea National Ballet's chief dancer posed nude and said, ``I did it to show the beauty of a dancer's body and to draw fashion lovers' attention to ballet.''

However, her company's disciplinary committee said Kim did not abide by a provision calling for dancers belonging to the institute to give advance notification before engaging in outside artistic or commercial contracts. Kim had a third of her salary deducted this month.

Rookie actor Lee Phillip placed fourth after his appearance on TV blockbuster drama Taewangsasingi (The Four Guardian Gods of the King) on Thursday. He took part as Cheoro, who helps the main character Damdeok unify the power of four guardian gods. His fans were enamored with his excellent performance and charisma.

Pop group Wonder Girls placed fifth as their newly released song ``Tell me'' topped the pop charts last week. The song with its disco rhythm and retro atmosphere is loved by young people and adults alike.

Actress Sunwoo Eun-sook came in sixth after revealing she had divorced her long-time husband and actor Lee Young-ha several days ago. Sunwoo said the two remain friendly despite the separation. Lee and Sunwoo were married in 1981 and have two sons.

Three high school students were killed when a drunk driver hit them at traffic lights in Anyang, Gyeonggi Province, Tuesday. The 42-year-old driver Yoon had a 0.056 percent blood alcohol level when he killed three girls on their way home. The three high school girls placed eighth.

TV entertainment program ``Muhandojeon'' ranked 10th as its airing on Saturday was highly praised as a stroke of genius. When National Football League star Hines Ward canceled his appearance due to health problem, the crew made up one of their cast Jung Jun-ha to look like Ward and continued the show. The six men portraying different characters creating both discord and harmony throughout the 60-minute program is one of the weekend's favorites.
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