Posted : 2013-10-31 17:52
Updated : 2013-10-31 17:52

World Institute of Kimchi has new chief

Park Wan-soo
The Korea Food Research Institute (KFRI) said that Park Wan-soo was inaugurated as chairman of the World Institute of Kimchi (WIK), an affiliated organization, Wednesday.

Park became the first chairman to lead the institute for the next three years. He was acting-chairman prior to his appointment.

"Kimchi has recently been recommended for inclusion in the UNESCO list of cultural heritages, and the final decision is due in December," Kim said. "The organization and I will work hard for the internationalization of kimchi and the development of the kimchi industry."

Park studied food engineering at Seoul National University, and earned his master's from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). He received his doctorate from Iowa State University and served as research chief at the KFRI for 20 years.

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