07-20-2007 16:04
Pablo Luzardo Gives Taste of Mexican Art

Mexican artist Pablo Luzardo stands beside his work "Cloudy Day" during the opening reception of his exhibition at Galerie PICI in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul on Wednesday. / Korea Times

By Cathy Rose A. Garcia
Staff Reporter

Pablo Luzardo, one of Mexico's young contemporary artists, is giving Koreans a chance to see what Mexican art is all about with his exhibition ``The Privilege of Color'' at Gallery PICI in Cheongdam-dong, southern Seoul.

The exhibit features 12 of Luzardo's bold works, depicting various images such as maguey plants, vineyards, fish and mermaids.

In an interview with The Korea Times during the exhibition opening on Wednesday, Luzardo said his paintings deals with eclectic themes such as nature and animals. He said he is also inspired by the landscapes in Oaxaca, a city in southern Mexico where he currently lives.

``I also love animals. I use animals as a way to communicate my thoughts. I use them to express my thoughts in my paintings. It's a way of communicating. They are the characters that express my thoughts,'' he said.

This is the 37-year-old artist's first time to hold an exhibition in Asia, although he has held exhibitions in the United States, Spain and France.

The Mexican Embassy had organized the ``The Privilege of Color'' exhibition, as part of its efforts to promote Mexican art and culture in Korea.

``'Privilege of Color' means the sensibility of reality brought into life with color. So it is a privilege that arises out of this sensibility and the conditions of how this created universe is colored,'' Mexico's Ambassador to Korea Leandro Arellano said.

Luzardo's works feature striking colors and layers of images. ``Gold fish'' is a vivid painting depicting fishes swimming in a sea of red and yellow, while ``Free Style Swim'' shows a mermaid surrounded by swirls of sea-blue water and bubbles.

His other works such as ``Radio Plant'' and ``Magueyes'' show the maguey, also known as the agave plant, which thrive in southern Mexico.

``These are all my recent works, but they are not all the same theme. Because I started painting, some of the works were sold so I had to create new ones. I was painting day and night to be able to complete this. It is good in a way because I can show the different concepts in this show," he said.

Arellano said he hopes Luzardo's exhibition will generate more interest in Mexican artists in Korea.

Luzardo, who is staying in Korea for the next two weeks, wants to travel more around Korea during his visit. ``I want to get influences from Korea to make new works when I return to Mexico,'' he said.

The exhibition runs until July 30. For information, call the Mexican Embassy at 02-798-1694/5 or visit the Web site, http://portal.sre.gob.mx/corea. A map for Galerie PICI is available at www.galeriepici.com.