06-22-2007 18:46
Train Fares to Increase 4.2% From July 1

Korea Railroad (Korail) plans to raise train fares by an average 4.2 percent starting from July 1. Under the plan, KTX high-speed train fares will increase by 6.5 percent.

Saemaeul and Mugunghwa trains will also increase fees by 3.5 percent and 2.5 percent, respectively. It has been only eight months since train passengers last saw fee hikes. Last November, Korail increased the fares by an average 9.3 percent.

By train routes, passengers between Seoul and Busan will see the rate change from the current 48,100 won to 51,200 won for KTX, 39,700 won to 41,100 won for Saemaeul and 27,000 won to 27,700 won for Mugunghwa.

Travelers between Yongsan and Mokpo in South Jolla Province will see the rate increase from 40,700 won to 43,300 won for KTX, 37,000 won to 38,300 won for Saemaeul and 25,100 won to 25,700 won for Mugunghwa.

However, Korail will drop its KTX fee by 7 percent and Saemauel and Mugunghwa train fees by 4.5 percent during weekdays except Fridays. Therefore, the train fees will be cheaper than current fees during the period.

For example, KTX passengers leaving Seoul for Busan now pay 48,100 won but they may pay 47,900 won, 200 won lower than the current fee after the discount.

Also, Korail will exclude commuter trains from the fare increase and commutation ticket holders will be able to get a discount.